Mobile (carousel) on the bed

мобиль над кроваткой

Suspended toys from ancient times decorated the cradles of babies.
Rag and straw dolls, wooden birds appeared over
baby cradle is no accident. This was a deep sense of preservation
little man from the evil eye and evil spirits.

Modern man looks at the world with completely different eyes,
gives its actions a different meaning, but the tradition itself
actually came to our days. Modern parents
покупают мобиль и вместо древних оберегов крепят
его на кроватку для новорожденных, а вот для чего это делают,
read on …

What is mobile useful baby

Our ancestors had their own intuitive knowledge, but now we can
explain the need for a mobile for the baby from the point of view of science.
Psychologists studying the characteristics of the child’s development,
объясняют, зачем нужен мобиль для новорожденных: это
adaptation helps in the development of visual

For a newborn baby, the world is vague color spots.
The mobile suspended at the correct distance helps the baby
learn to focus on the subject, keep track of it,
distinguish the shape, color of the subject. By three months, children are already doing
attempts to reach the toy – this is also an element of development
of view, because the child by eye estimates the distance to the subject and
correlates its actions with this information.

Advantages of mobile (an example of the usual cheap

An example of an expensive mobile (video)

Как выбрать мобиль

Чтобы понять, как правильно выбрать мобиль на кроватку,
you need to understand what their characteristics and basic
Differences, what advantages in each of the options are available for mom and
baby A good mobile first must comply
the general requirements of quality toys.

The main requirement concerns its security for
Mobile to the crib should be strong,
all other attachments should not cause concern either. Everything
materials present in the details of the mobile must be
quality, do not exude any smell. Elements of the toys themselves
must not have external and functional defects.

The remaining recommendations are already specific options. Insofar as
mates on taste and color is not easy to find, every man
решает, какой он выберет мобиль.

Electrical or mechanical?

Mobile not for nothing has such a name. Many moms call it
device “carousel”, because toys suspended from
designs that rotate like a carousel. This movement
is provided either by mechanical plant or by energy from
elements of food. In other words, mobiles are mechanical and

  • Завода механического мобиля хватает обычно не
    longer than 5 minutes, and the range of sounds played by him
    limited: one melody sounds like a barrel organ there.
  • Электрический мобиль способен вращаться и
    please the ear with a melody up to 25 minutes. In this regard, electric
    Mobile is much more convenient for mom: no need every 5 minutes
    repeat the plant while on duty at the crib.
электрический мобиль
электрический мобиль
механический мобиль
механический мобиль

Некоторые из электрических мобилей имеют пульт управления. it
also adds convenience: you can even adjust the operation of the device
not going to bed True, to call this parameter important in
choosing a mobile is hardly possible.

Mobile Toys

Mobile toys can be removable and not. If toys
removed, the baby will be able to play with them when they are a little older.
They can be swapped, or by showing ingenuity and ingenuity,
replace with other toys.

The toys themselves can be plastic or soft. Soft pleasant
to the touch, but they collect on themselves a lot of unnecessary garbage and dust,
which can be removed only by washing. For a small child
plastic toys are more hygienic.

Toys should consist of large parts. Better if in
Primary colors will be present in the toys. Sneaky, variegated
The colors are not very suitable for babies. it связано с
features of visual perception: the child is just very difficult
will perceive color and shape. Acid colors are better not too
allow in the field of view of the baby until he grows up.


  • With the melody of the mechanical mobile all is more or less clear. She is very
    resembles a tune from a music box or a street organ, as
    The rule is always calm and pleasant to hearing.
  • An electric mobile can play several different
    recorded tunes, so when choosing such a device
    be sure to take the time and listen to them.

Melody должна быть приятна слуху, а запись – хорошего качества.
You may not always want to listen to the looped.
a piece of music, so pay attention to whether there is a mobile
mute function.

Another point worth paying attention to is
volume control. If the music can not be turned off and the volume is not
governed – think whether you are ready for what is loud
persistent sound will accompany each cycle of the mobile.
Especially when you consider that under the rotation and sounds of the mobile, many children
trying to sleep


Whose mobil is better?

Наиболее популярные производители качественных children
toys must have mobilized in their catalogs
newborns. Someone to a specific brand, and someone
chooses solely by functionality. Here are the most
Famous and reputable mobiles:

  1. Tiny Love. Its peculiarity is that besides standard functions
    mobile equipped with a nightlight.
  2. Tomy. Nice toys in the form of characters from Disney
    cartoons and night light function.
  3. Chicco. Very high quality mobile with remote control.
  4. Fisher Price. Mobile with remote control, backlight and
    additional fixtures for the table.
  5. Tiny Princess. Electric mobile exclusively for girls.
    It has the function of a night lamp and control bullets.

Whichever mobility you like, the most important thing is that
safe and properly used. Then this toy will be
radiate only the benefits for the development of the little ones and give joy and
minutes of rest to you.

See prices, full descriptions, features,
characteristics, pros and cons, read reviews and buy a mobile
можете на сайте
— мобили и карусельки

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