Mobile and educational games for two yearschildren

2 years old is a crucial stage in the development of a child. In that
aged children are extremely curious and absorb information
like a sponge. Therefore, it is important during this period to inculcate the baby
useful knowledge and skills. To a large extent this contributes

подвижные игры

Features of the development of a child of 2 years

When picking up games for a baby, parents should focus on his
age physical and psychological features. By two years
the child, as a rule, achieves such success in development:

  • walks confidently, jumps, plays with the ball;
  • openly demonstrates his desires;
  • distinguishes contrasting sizes and shapes of objects, their properties
    (temperature, weight, texture), knows the primary colors;
  • knows the names of surrounding objects, makes sentences from
    2-3 words;
  • distinguishes intonation of speech and tonality of music, can move
    in time and sing along;
  • collects a simple designer, draws lines with crayons,
    pencils, felt-tip pens.

At the age of two, children are just starting to acquire skills.
games, so parents should take on the role of organizer and
assistant. So that the baby does not lose interest in the games, you should not
impose entertainment on him when he feels bad about something
upset or hungry.

Logical games

You need to start developing activities with the most simple games,
gradually complicating tasks with positive results.
Two-year-old child with the help of logic games can be grafted
following skills:

  • comparison, sorting items. Contribute to their development
    puzzles, sorters, inserts. In addition to store toys, you can
    use household objects (footwear, socks, gloves) for games.
    Mix identical objects in a pile and have your child disassemble
    them in pairs;
  • difference in shape and size. This requires the same
    objects of different sizes (matryoshka, pyramids, cubes) that
    the baby will fold in ascending-descending order;
  • numeric comparison (many-few). For the game you can use
    identical objects (apples, cubes, cars);
  • logical thinking. Make up for the child simple
    riddles descriptions without complex words and turns. For example, “Fluffy,
    with a mustache, tail, claws, meows and preys on mice. “

To interest the child, do not leave him alone with
a toy. Watch his actions, and if necessary
tell me or help him. Successes baby must necessarily
accompanied by praise from your side.

Early development. Развивающие игры для children. Development
logic and thinking of the child. Game: “Guess what?”


Outdoor games

The physical development of the baby is no less important than mental.
Movement exercises at this age contribute to the formation
vestibular apparatus, responsiveness, general motility. With
If you want, even a simple daily exercise can be turned into a game.
Do it with fun music and try to constantly make
variety in exercise.

Play with the baby in “catch up”. Build on the floor different
obstacles from pillows and soft toys. Catch up with each other
crawling on all fours. Double benefit can be obtained by scattering
apartment toys. By putting them one by one in a box, the child is not
only get exercise, but also accustomed to order.

Separately, it should be noted ball games. They can roll
or throw each other, throwing a goal, playing football.

Active outdoor games are very useful. Take care of
that the child is dressed in comfortable clothes for the season. Baby
sites provide tremendous opportunities for physical
development of the baby. All kinds of stairs, slides, horizontal bars contribute
development of strength, dexterity and courage. With этом взрослые должны всегда
be near for safety net.

You can take disposable plates on the street and make one of them.
bumps on which the child will be happy to jump. Even
the baby will simply collect leaves, throw stones at the target or run
on the street, depicting a bird, such activities will benefit for him

Try to find time every day to play with your child, because
It is in childhood that the foundation for comprehensive development is laid.

Leisure with parents – we play outdoor games

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