Minute training in intensive modereplaces the usual 45 minute

Update: February 2019

Most people involved in sports, at least once
missed training due to lack of free time.
Researchers from McMaster University of Toronto came
concludes that only a minute of intense training can
replace the 45-minute workout in a regular, more relaxed

Of course, this is not yet fully confirmed information;
check carefully but it proves previous results
of research: it is better to make the workout shorter, but
quality than long, but ineffective (see cardio training in

Even before this time, scientists have investigated similar phenomena and
concluded that lengthy workouts that supposedly
increase endurance, many people go to harm. Scientists decided
study the effect of interval training. For this, they invited
27 men who had not previously engaged in any physical
loads and divided them into three groups: enhanced training,
medium workout and routine.

There is one nuance here that needs to be understood. Under
the phrase “one minute of intense training” really means
10 minutes, which includes warming up, the actual minute is special
load and relaxation.  However, it is significantly less
the usual for all 30-60 minutes that are so hard to find in your
tight schedule.

vbyenyfz nhtybhjdrfParticipants of the first group trained by
to the following scheme: first, they warmed up 2 minutes on
exercise bike, then walked 3 sprints lasting 20 seconds
each with a short break, then 3 minutes of gradual decrease
intensity of training and in conclusion 2 minutes of training in
обычном mode. Representatives of the second group trained in the usual
mode 45 minutes. Training was carried out three times a week.

At the end of the experiment, scientists measured the performance of the heart,
lungs, insulin perception and compared them. Conclusions were
startling: despite the dramatic difference in time (4.5
times) indicators for all participants are almost the same. it
proves that now you do not need to postpone training for another
day, everything can be done today.

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