Milk – the enemy of female beauty

Update: February 2019

Domestic publication “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” has published an interview
Natalia Zatorskaya, who is the head of the Kolomensky branch of the MSTP
Dermatovenereology and cosmetology. The story of a specialist higher
category was dedicated to the harm of cow’s milk for women, for their
beauty and attractiveness and went against the conventional wisdom about
values ​​of dairy products.

As we all used to think, milk is one of the most useful.
products that help maintain intestinal microflora and
normal bone structure. Today there was information
that it can lead to the development of chronic inflammation
sebaceous glands and the formation of acne. This is due to the specifics
work of enzyme systems and the state of the immune response

In his conversation with journalists, Dr. Zatorskaya recalls: “With
We have long established that spicy and salty dishes, seasonings,
Smoked meats, chocolate and so-called “fast food” lead to the formation of
acne and acne, especially on the skin of the face. It would seem like with
Is this related to dairy products? Turns out this connection
exists. The negative effect of milk on your beauty
due only to the individual reactivity of the organism on its

In this case, imperfections on the skin of the face may not appear.
only in adolescence when physiological
hormonal changes, but also later, in more mature years. Young
women suffer from undesirable rash much more often than young
people (see how to get rid of acne).

In general, acne develops mainly in people who regularly
receiving glucocorticosteroids and sports nutrition, with excess
weight, impaired hormonal regulation of metabolism,
constant stress.

Natalia Zatorskaya noticed that acne is not
It is a consequence of the reception of lactic acid products. She is
can be a manifestation of serious diseases, for example:

  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • hyper or hypothyroidism
  • disorders of the pituitary gland
  • and the digestive system.

Therefore, it is not necessary to independently engage in identifying the true
causes of acne. It is necessary to apply for
using a dermatologist.

Earlier, experts from the West have already spoken about
negative effects of milk on the condition of the skin. So
Joshua Zeikner, American Dermatologist, Head of Department
Hospital Mount Sinai on cosmetology, researched
hormonal components of milk.

It turned out that they affect the activity of testosterone and
therefore, enhance the synthesis of secretions of the sebaceous glands. Last thing
is one of the components in the mechanism of development of acne.
There is still no single opinion on this issue, and
additional research involving a large number

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