Milk lowers blood glucose

Update: February 2019

If you use milk for breakfast, it will reduce the level of glucose in
крови на весь day. Such data was presented by a group of scientists headed
with Dr. Douglas Goff from the research department
Universities of Guelph and Toronto. The results of the work are published in
Journal of Dairy Science.

Every year the number of patients with impaired metabolism
(obesity and diabetes) increases dramatically.
Doctors are sounding the alarm, and scientists are looking for diets and foods to combat
these diseases (see diabetes diet and obesity diet).
Indeed, both obesity and type 2 diabetes can
�”Win” the right nutrition and lifestyle.


В  последнем контролируемом двойном рандомизированном
a blind study, scientists analyzed the effects of increasing concentration
whey protein in milk, which is used along with
high carb breakfast.

It turned out that the digestion of casein proteins and whey,
present in the milk leads to the release of gastric
hormones that slow down the digestion and increase the sense
saturation. Also, drinking milk for breakfast kept
low blood glucose concentration even after lunch. Similar,
but a weaker effect was observed if milk was consumed on

Dr. Goff and his colleagues confirmed the importance of consuming
milk for breakfast to keep blood sugar low and
slowing down the digestion of carbohydrate foods. Importance of healthy
breakfast has always been emphasized, but this study showed that
Be sure to include milk in your breakfast ration.

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