Mexidol: instructions for use tabletssolution, indications, contraindications, side effects

Update: October 2018

Mexidol is in the group of commonly prescribed drugs in
neurological practice. Active ingredient of the drug –
ethyl methyl hydroxypyridine succinate:

  • Prevents and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals
    on tissue and cells
  • Protects cell membranes from the action of various toxins
    of nature
  • Increases overall hypoxia resistance, has
    anticonvulsant action
  • Mexidol is quite effective in treating various types.
    hypoxia, as well as circulatory disorders in acute or chronic
  • Mexidol therapy leads to improved memory, improved
    cognitive function and learning ability.
  • It has a good effect in the treatment of uncomplicated depression,
    because it increases dopamine production.
  • It is a drug of choice for the treatment of vegetative dystonia,
    abstinence syndrome, atherosclerosis (see statins with high
    cholesterol), drug addiction.

Mexidol increases resistance to the action of pathological external
factors and oxygen-dependent states such as stress,
conflicts, shock, insomnia, hypoxia and ischemia, head injuries
brain, mental and physical overload, brain disorders
hemodynamics, intoxication (ethanol, psychotropic stimulants and
others). Slows down the process of cellular aging.

Фармгруппа: Препараты для лечения заболеваний
nervous system – antihypoxants and antioxidants.

The composition of the drug

Mexidol is available in two medicinal formulas: solution in
vials intended for intravenous and intramuscular
routes of administration, and oral tablets.

Mexidol tablets, 125 mg

Mexidol solution, 5%

125 mg Ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate 50 mg Ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate
Auxiliary components: sodium carboxymethylcellulose,
lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate
Auxiliary components: 1 mg of sodium metabisulphite, and
water d / and up to 1 ml
Shell: titanium dioxide, opadry II white, alcohol
polyvinyl talc

Release form, price

  • Mexidol tablets: biconvex, round, with a shell
    from white to white and cream color, 125 mg, No. 30, No. 50. Price:
    Mexidol № 30 – 200-250 rubles, № 50 – 330-380 rubles.
  • Mexidol solution: colorless or yellowish transparent
    liquid in glass ampoules with volume 2 and 5 ml № 5, № 10, № 20, №
    50 (for hospitals). Price: № 5 — 380-460 руб, № 10 — 380- 480
    rub, № 20 – 1440-1500 rub.

pharmachologic effect

According to the instructions for use Mexidol is characterized by
complex pharmacological action, has antioxidant,
adaptogenic, nootropic, membrane stabilizing,
cerebroprotective, anxiolytic, vegetotropic,
anticonvulsant action:

  • Inhibits fat peroxidation, activates antioxidant
    system, accelerates mitochondrial synthesis of energy, improves
    cellular energy metabolism.
  • Activates protein and nucleic acid synthesis inside
    cells, accelerates the enzymatic reactions of the Krebs cycle and recycling
    glucose, promotes the synthesis of ATP and its accumulation inside
  • Restores cell membrane function and structure, modulates
    membrane-bound enzymes, improves the interconnection of brain structures
    and synoptic transmission.
  • Improves cerebral hemodynamics, incl. microcirculation
    positive effect on blood fluidity, limits ischemia
    brain and stimulates reparative processes.
  • Improves immune system function, suppresses adhesion
    platelet count.
  • Lowers low-density lipoprotein and cholesterol
    promotes regression of atherosclerotic changes in


Mexidol tablets

Mexidol solution

  • Rapidly absorbed and distributed in organs and tissues, in
    the average is retained in the body for about 5 hours.
  • Metabolized by the liver.
  • Intensively excreted in the urine for 4 h in the form of metabolites,
    part – in unchanged form. The percentage of metabolites and
    unchanged form has individual variability.
  • After the injection is determined in the blood about 4 hours. Metabolized
    the liver.
  • Excreted from the body with urine into glucuronic conjugated
    form, a small part is displayed in an unchanged state.

 Indications for use

  • Minor Atherosclerotic Cognitive Function Disorders
  • Vegetative dystonia
  • Anxiety disorders with neurosis
  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Mexidol tablets

Mexidol solution

Consequences of acute disorders of cerebral hemodynamics in phase
Acute cerebral hemodynamic disorders
Easy TBI, effects of TBI TBI, consequences after TBI
Encephalopathy (mixed, post-traumatic, etc.) Encephalopathy
IHD (in the treatment complex) Acute myocardial infarction (in the treatment complex)
Condition after acute antipsychotic intoxication Acute antipsychotic intoxication
Asthenic conditions, prevention of somatic diseases in
conditions of extreme mental and physical stress
Primary open-angle glaucoma (in the treatment complex)
Stress exposure factors Acute necrotic inflammatory processes in
abdominal cavity (in the treatment complex)


Acute renal and hepatic failure, increased
sensitivity to active and auxiliary substances

In view of the insufficient study of the effect of the drug,
Mexidol tablets are not used to treat pregnant and lactating
women, as well as children.

It is prescribed with caution to patients with high and low
values ​​of blood pressure and hypertension with crises.


Mexidol tablets

Mexidol solution

Is ingested in a single dose from 125 to 250 mg three times a
during the day
Introduced intramuscularly or intravenously (jet injection 5-7
minutes or drip 40-60 drops in 1 minute). For
infusion Mexidol diluted in 0.9% NaCl solution.
The initial dose is prescribed with 125 or 250 mg with a single dose.
or twice a day, gradually increasing to
Acute cerebral hemodynamic disorders: 10-14 суток по 200-500
mg intravenous drip 2-4 times / day, the next 2
weeks: 200-250 mg intramuscularly twice or thrice a day.
Treatment is stopped with a gradual decrease in the dose of the drug in
for 2 days.
TBI and effects of TBI: 10-15 days intravenous drip
the introduction of 200-500 mg 2 to 4 times a day.
The maximum daily dose of 800 mg. Encephalopathy: 14 суток внутривенно струйным
or drip injections of 200-500 mg once or twice a day,
the next 2 weeks in / m at 100-250 mg / day.
The duration of treatment from 5 days to 8 weeks. Mild cognitive dysfunction and anxiety disorders: 14-30
days intramuscularly at a dosage of 100-300 mg / day.
Repeated courses are recommended in spring and autumn periods. Acute myocardial infarction: the first 5 days intravenously
100-150 ml for 30-90 minutes, the next 9 days – in / m. Introduction
Mexidol (in / in and / m) produce 3 times / day every 8 hours from
calculating a daily therapeutic dose of 6–9 mg / kg body weight. Maximum
single dose – 250 mg daily 800 mg.
  Open-angle glaucoma: 14 days intramuscularly at a dose of 100-300
мг/сут 1-3 раза в during the day.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome: 5-7 days intravenous
by drip or intramuscularly in a dose of 200-500 mg
twice or thrice a day.
Acute antipsychotic intoxication: 7-14 дней внутривенно по
200-500 mg / day.
Acute swollen pancreatitis: intravenous drip method and
внутримышечно в дозе 200-500 мг трижды в during the day.

Mild necrotic pancreatitis: intravenous
by drip and intramuscular injection in a dosage of 100-200 mg
трижды в during the day.


Moderate severity: intravenous drip route
at a dose of 200 mg three times a day.

Heavy course: 800 mg 2p / day, then 200-500 mg 2 times / day,
gradually reducing the dose.

 Side effect

  • Gastrointestinal tract: individual dyspeptic symptoms, in / in
    Introduction – dry mouth, tickling and metallic taste.
  • Other: allergic skin reactions, drowsiness.

Overdose: likely to develop drowsiness and sedation.

special instructions

In patients with bronchial asthma with high sensitivity to
sulphites are likely to develop severe reactions. During the period of therapy
Mexidol should be careful if necessary.
driving vehicles and performing work requiring precise

Drug interactions

It is combined with all drugs for the treatment
somatic pathologies. Potentiates the action of tranquilizers,
analgesic anticonvulsant and antiparkinsonian

Analogs of Mexidol

Mecipridol; Medomeksi; Neurox; Metostabil; Cerecardum;
Mexidant; Mexiprim; Mexicor; Mexicin; Armadin.

  • Mexicor

5ml 20amp. 830 rub.

  • Mexiprim

30 tab. 200 rubles, 60 tabl 330 rubles, 10 amp. 2 ml.360 rub.

  • Neurox

10 amp. 2 ml. 340 rub.

  • Cerecard

10 ml. 10 pieces. 290 rub.

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