Memories from childhood fabricated headbrain

Update: February 2019

Recently, scientists have made an amazing discovery – almost 40%
people first memories from childhood are completely fictional. No matter
just confused or not according to each other, but
that there were no such events at all.

The study was conducted by scientists from the University of Bradford
(University of Bradford), University of London (University of
London) and the University of Nottingham Trent (Nottingham Trent
University). The work was published in the journal Psychological

  • Scientists surveyed 6,641 respondents about the earliest
    memories with clarification at what age they appeared.
  • It was found that 2,487 people (38.6%) reported the first
    memories in the age period up to two years, and
    893 people reported that they remember their lives before the age of 1
    of the year.
  • But most people can’t remember the events that happened to
    they are up to 3-3.5 years old.
  • Researchers wanted to find out why many claim
    memories at that age when they just couldn’t
    to form.

People were asked to describe the memories, after which scientists
analyzed the language, content and nature of events, as well as
age of a person. Found: the older the person, the higher
the likelihood that he will report the early first memories. Also
found that the memories matched the infant
age Usually this is something related to the cribs,
the first steps, the desire to communicate before the formation of speech.


Предположение ученых следующее: ранние
memories are not fantasy, they are formed later on
children’s photos, stories of moms and dads, knowledge of the infant
period of life.

Psychologist Shazia Akhtar (Shazia Akhtar) from the University of Bradford
(University of Bradford), located in the UK, says:
�“We believe that the fictional early memories are mental
a performance that is akin to episodic memory. Consists of
memorable fragments of early childhood and some knowledge of
your infancy. Further details are added to
memories unknowingly. “

Why this happens until it is installed. It probably can
due to the fact that every individual wants to have a complete
view of your life. Positive life story favors
improve self-esteem and quality of life.

After the research another question arose: how much our memory
могла быть изменена собственным brain в других моментах. Psychologist
Martin Conway from the University of London
(University of London) noted: “The important thing is that the person who
distinctly remembers implausible memories, sure that all this
was with him. When people were told that their stories were a figment of fantasy,
they did not believe it. Brain systems that allow us
memorize, are very complex and are formed only by 5-6 years. ”

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