Memo to moms to communicate withpediatrician

Among young mothers, there is often talk about
bad pediatricians. Such discontent is not uncommon now, but in what
his true reasons? Do you know how to talk with children
a doctor?


Faith or mistrust?

Patients are primarily people, and therefore attitudes towards
everyone’s medical staff is different. One may like that
a doctor from whom others are in shock.
Unquestioned trust in a doctor is a lifeline
specific person or a visit to the reception on the recommendation of friends.

In most cases, there is mistrust. Unclear
why, but many moms prefer to visit the district
pediatrician “for show” and do not even take seriously appointed
their therapy. At the same time they prefer to treat their children in paid ones.
clinics. Why do you need a policy then? This “piece of paper” gives you the right to
free medical assistance.

Know how to ask

The standard situation is that the mother leaves the pediatrician’s office,
realizes that she did not understand anything of the above and begins
�”Walk” through the expanses of the Internet. And especially on the forums. Expensive
mummies! The forums are the same people as you, but not
specialists. Exclude a similar situation from your life.

Need to be able to ask. Ask any question
which worries you. Feel free to clarify, especially such
moments like:

  • the essence of the diagnosis;
  • possible consequences of the disease;
  • methods of treatment.

Be sure to ask about the lifestyle that
should lead the baby during the illness:

  • is it possible to visit crowded places;
  • Do not adversely affect swimming;
  • sleep mode, etc.

By the way, the doctor must answer all your questions. And this
The obligation is fixed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Phrases to help you:

  • Be kind, tell me more.
  • Doctor, we are very worried about this, could you
    clarify some points?
  • We understand that reception time is limited, but explain to us
    please, what does this diagnosis mean.

Take note! The doctor should not draw conclusions on
the results of the actual inspection. He must ask
about your child’s behavior and physical abilities at home

Getting ready to visit the doctor

You are a mother, which means that the slightest change in
well-being or mood of a child. Going to visit a child
Doctor, it is important to tell him everything in detail, then setting
diagnosis will not cause difficulties. Therefore, before going to the pediatrician
you need to prepare a little, namely:

  • умение-общаться-с-врачом

    Spend some time watching the crumbs. Try
    during this period do not do other things so that nothing
    lose sight of. Then you can figure out what you
    alerted, and with confidence tell the doctor about your
    observations and suspicions.
  • All the symptoms that you notice in a child, you must
    voiced by a pediatrician. Detailed story about the baby – half the success
    at statement of the diagnosis. Let the pussy cough just once, about
    this still can not be forgotten.
  • Moms who only talk about anxiety and doubt
    perceived by doctors as anxious persons who can and
    to come up with too much. Begin the story with the good points
    tell that the baby already knows and knows. Then in the eyes of a pediatrician you
    you will not be disturbing, but observant mom, who in
    able to distinguish the slightest change in the development or behavior

Try не задавать вопросов из серии «напоследок».
Any question asked at the door after the reception is over will entail
a piece of advice to come again.

We voiced all doubts and worries

Life without the Internet is not the same. Noticing any deviations in
the child’s well-being or mood, mothers immediately “dip” into
open spaces of the worldwide network and begin to diagnose themselves.
Remember the following:

  • Do not search for answers on the forums, better voice your concerns
    to the doctor.
  • Only an expert and only with personal inspection is able
    make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Stop being in doubt, just have a good talk.
    with your doctor and ask him about everything in detail.
  • Any good doctor is able to dispel your doubts is not easy
    in words, but also to confirm them in practice. It seems to you that baby
    can not hear? An experienced specialist can prove it to you
    not this way.

Additional counseling

Any doubts? Try to find an alternative opinion.
Address to other doctor, and it is better to several. Then the picture
will be clearer and you will be sure that everything is done

So as not to torture the baby once again with all sorts of analyzes and
procedures, take in your clinic history and copies
all analyzes. You have the right to this, defend him in case
of necessity.

Note! Do not refuse to accept
prescribed drug, if not indicated in the annotation
the possibility of its use for the age category of your baby.
Often there are no other analogues of such drugs, their safety
confirmed by the positive experience of taking medicine in younger children
age category. Why is it not in description? Yes because
that the instruction text is approved by many authorities and its change
– too expensive procedure for pharmacological
the company.

Violated rights?

If this happens, do not panic.
The action algorithm is quite simple:

  1. With a calm voice and even tone, remind medical
    personnel about their rights and, accordingly, their duties. Any
    screams and tantrums can be further interpreted not in your
  2. Does not help? Calm again. We go to the head doctor
    Polyclinics (or departments) and write a complaint. Don’t forget it
    describe in detail the essence of the situation and indicate which rights were not
  3. If this does not work, we begin to attract employees of the MHIF,
    insurance company that issued you a superior policy
    health care institution and even the prosecutor’s office.

In all these instances, it is advisable to write a detailed written
complaint with a request not to “lower” the issue for consideration by your

Trust forums less

A lot of noise in the network was caused by the story of the misguided mother, who
instead of going to the doctor, “went” to the forum. As a result of this
�”Treating” her 4-month-old daughter died. You want to repeat this
a mistake? We have already said that the forums are the same people as you.
You can’t call them experts, so why trust them
expensive? In addition, most accolades are customized.
and are written specifically to raise the rating of a particular clinic.

In fairness, we note that some of the reviews written
real people. But the perception of the same event in
all different, so the same hospital alone will be scolded, and
others to praise. And some young mothers are not able to
to distinguish good deeds from beautiful “candy wrappers”. For example, mommy
well fed in the hospital. Positive emotion and comfort overshadowed
minor health problems crumbs, but the review she still leave
positive. And in another hospital, nannies are not
stand on ceremony, but kids are all healthy. But mom was
psychologically uncomfortable, so she writes negative about workers

Do not trust the health of your child to dubious people.
and their equally dubious advice.

What needs to be clarified?

First of all, any mother should know the name.
diagnosis made to the child. In addition, it is worth checking out
doctor following points:

  • what symptoms does the disease manifest itself specifically in your
  • which studies and analyzes can confirm or
    refute the diagnosis;
  • possible causes of the disease;
  • how often the pediatrician has encountered such a disease on
  • nature of the further development of the disease that will
    occur with the child and what the consequences may be;
  • what drugs the doctor is going to treat the child, what
    they have analogues and why we will treat with this
  • what side effects may occur while taking
    designated funds;
  • the effect of prescribed drugs on the digestive system,
    интеллект и эмоциональное равновесие child;
  • are there any other ways to treat the disease besides
  • in the appointment of expensive research is to find out
    in addition to the cost, why this test is needed, how to prepare and
    how much time does it take that the child will feel and
    possible effects of the study;
  • best and worst predictions.

Learn about preventive measures for other family members. Special,
if you still have children. And in some cases it is worth to voice your
desire about consulting a narrower specialist
profile. You can also insist on carrying out additional
studies such as ultrasound or MRI. In addition, your pediatrician does not
there should be a drop of indignation at the check
the diagnosis. Self-respecting doctor responds adequately
on the patient’s desire to hear another opinion.

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