Memo for a young mother: 13 “tips” thatdon’t listen

The new mother has a fragile psyche. She is very vulnerable
and often worries, even if it seems to us that there is no
no reason. She may have peace and sleep only because
that someone made a harmless remark to her. What to say about those
well-wishers who are always ready to poke a mistake in the nose and
teach how to properly deal with the child. Do you need
listen to these tips and whether all the teachings are so
are you good

советы молодой маме

For most moms, especially very young ones, the first year of life
child is a continuous exam for compliance
�”Positions” of the parent. Examiners in this case are not only
family members and doctors, but also outsiders who for some reason
decided to share personal experiences regarding the upbringing and care
малышом (кормление, пелеonние, купание). And at the advisers
so different views on these issues that they directly contradict
each other.

Your mother tells you how to properly and how often
to apply the baby to the breast, but from the first days of life she fed you
�“Baby,” and the mother-in-law constantly quotes Spock. Spouse’s sister
family expert is the highest qualification just because it works
nurse in the neurosurgery department for adults. A neighbor with
three children – an ardent supporter of natural parenthood. And all
advise, lecture and point out mistakes.

Rule one – do not listen to everything they say
even if your advisor has more experience than you and looks very

1. It is necessary to weigh the baby daily before and after feeding.

Listening to this advice, you will lose peace of mind. BUT
excitement leads to the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream, which suppresses
the action of oxytocin, a hormone involved in milk production.
Anxiety with haste can also be transmitted to the baby.

The weight of the baby increases unstable. He pisses and poops, eats
and spit up. And for one feeding, he can suck more
milk, and for another – less. Usually kids eat a lot after
walking, bathing or bedtime. BUT после пробуждения
their appetite does not have time to break out, so feeding after sleep
– this is rather a way to communicate with mom, to be closer to her.

Weighing the baby is enough once a month, and if
doubt a good increase – once a week. Do it on
the same scales (most moms do it at a reception

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weight in newborns?

2. A good mother should breastfeed no less
of the year

The fact that breast milk is the best that mother can give to a child,
it’s true. But breastfeeding should be fun.
not only baby, but his mother. Otherwise, nothing happens. Not
you need to give the breast to the baby just because your mother wants it.
Not вините себя, если вы кормите его качественной смесью. You same
spend a lot of time with him and do not deprive him of bodily contact with

3. A child cannot be accustomed to a pacifier, otherwise it will deteriorate.

Previously, dentists and orthodontists were really against
dummies, which, in their opinion, contributed to the wrong
формированию biteа. But now they themselves advocate their
using. Only they recommend not for ordinary (round).
nipples, and special (drop), with a slightly sloping top.
Using an orthodontic pacifier is a good prevention.
underdevelopment of the lower jaw, because for its capture a child
should push the lower jaw forward.

The baby in the first months after birth sucking reflex
prevails over all others. You can satisfy him by giving
after feeding the soother. A sense of proportion is important here. Growing and
a developing child needs to know the world, tasting everything that
falls into the hands. He will need to learn to express and
control emotions and produce your own voice. BUT
for all this it is necessary that his mouth be free.

According to some experts, it’s better the baby sucks
little finger Then he will have to pull him out of his mouth to take
objects hugging and learning to crawl. And adults will not be able to
use this “pacifier” to make the house quiet.

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4. In order for the child not to be dependent and capricious, he needs to be given

Today, science knows more about children than at the time when everything
tried to imitate Dr. Spock. For harmonious growth and
development, children need not only a strict daily routine and proper
food, but also attachment to close people, care and human
heat. Scientists have proven that meeting all requirements
a newborn that he expresses through crying
development of a sense of security. BUT именно оно формирует у малыша
such qualities as independence and self-confidence.

In the first three months of life it is especially important to respond
незамедлительно on любой плач новорожденного. Sure to
берите его on руки! One kiddie enough to calm
hear my mother’s voice, and others need to be constantly worn on
hands, in a backpack or sling. It depends on the temperament of the baby,
psychological atmosphere in the family, as well as the internal state
moms. Поэтому оon, как и все другие члены семьи, должны быть
calm. BUT может ли сохраняться спокойствие, если красный от
onтуги малыш истошно ревёт в кроватке, а его мама, onслушавшись
�Of the “councils” of elders, sits in the bathroom and, to the sound of water, convinces himself
that all this is an important condition for the formation of an integral

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hysterical babies

5. You need to walk with your child every day and in any weather.

Прогулки on свежем воздухе, особенно за городом или в лесопарке,
очень полезны как для малыша, так и для moms. Но во всём нужon
measure. Если on улице крепкий мороз, вряд ли кому-то захочется on
picnic. Not вините себя, если вы не пошли гулять потому что on улице
противonя изморось, сильный ветер, метель или изнуряющая жара… Вы
same mother, not a viking.

6. The first supplements must be entered in 3 months.

Примерно 20 лет onзад педиатры рекомендовали разнообразить меню
baby already at 3 months of age. From now on, it must
enter vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and other products. Одonко
studies that have been conducted in the last 10–15 years have shown
that the introduction of most products in the diet of the baby up to 5 months,
increase the risk of developing allergies. Especially dangerous in this regard is fish,
eggs, some vegetables and fruits, and foods containing
gluten. Today, WHO claims that the best nutrition for an infant is
6 months is breast milk.


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шпаргалка для молодых мам

шпаргалка для молодых мам

7. Еда, приготовленonя дома, полезнее баночного прикорма из

Not ищите себе оправдания, если вы решили, что будете кормить
ребёнка детским питанием из магазиon. Puree cans has
сбалансированный состав, просчитанный on основании потребностей
kids of different age categories. It contains exactly as much
proteins, vitamins, sugar, salt and other components, how much can
learn baby. If you combine baby food with breast
вскармливанием — это вообще идеально. If you feed a crumb
mix, then store “purees” you can always diversify
with something of your own: a piece of fruit, home-made curds, baked puddings or
размятыми яof the yearми. But surely baby food from cans is safer for
child than adult food from the common table.

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8. Bathing must precede night sleep.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding this issue. Some kids love
splashing in the bath in the evening, and others in the afternoon (and still others love
take a shower). Все дело в том, что вода on младенцев действует
differently. Одних оon успокаивает и расслабляет, а других — бодрит.
Поэтому вам лучше зonть, когда купать ребёнка. It is only important that
bathing was not immediately after meals. And the more you do not need to wait
onступления ночи, если малыш испачкался, или ему хочется охладиться
on a hot summer day.

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9. To bring the temperature down by bathing the baby in water
температура которой on 2о ниже той, что показывает

Мнение педиатров сходится on том, что это небезопасный и
ineffective method of dealing with heat. Increased body temperature –
это защитonя реакция организма, помогающая быстрее справиться с
a disease. But too high a temperature (above 38
о для младенца) опасon, поэтому не должon
go unnoticed.

Sometimes body temperature rises from overheating. It happens,
if the baby is too warmly dressed. Put the thermometer in 30 minutes
после того, как снимете с него лишнюю одежду (оставьте on нем боди
or a diaper to prevent a large loss of moisture, which can
even cause dehydration). If the temperature remains high,
child 2 months or more, give him a febrifuge
(Children’s Paracetamol or Nurofen). If that doesn’t work, then
вызывайте врача on дом. Also, medical care is needed when
diarrhea and vomiting and if the baby is two months old.

10. A child must walk “large” at least once.

The frequency of stools in infants varies greatly.
And that’s fine. Одни детки опорожняют кишечник до 7-8 раз в
a day, and others 2-3 times a week. Это не зonчит, что у малыша
Problems. Но симптомы запора вы должны зonть. These include dense
стул горошиonми и боль во время дефекации (ребёнок плачет).

Eliminate constipation, which happens, for example, after the introduction
прикорма, можно с помощью кругового массажа живота или гимonстики.
BUT если малыш кроме грудного молока пока ничего не ест, то маме
should check your menu. Для младенцев on искусственном
feeding in this case shows special infant formula, in
состав которых входят пищевые волокon — пребиотики.

11. The sooner the child is accustomed to the pot, the better.

So that the baby can independently maintain hygiene and cleanliness, he
should at least be able to control his body, in particular –
the muscles of the anus and sphincter rectum. Но осозonнный контроль
onд ними формируется примерно к 2 of the yearм (плюс-минус несколько
months). Современonя педиатрия сравнивает раннее высаживание
ребёнка on горшок, которое так пропагандировалось ранее, с
training This is unnatural, because such an approach is not
takes into account the individual growth rate and development of the infant.

Хорошо, что времеon, когда одним из условий приёма малыша в ясли
was his ability to use the pot alone, already gone.
Одonко onши бабушки и мамы ещё вспомиonют страшилки о том, как
children who do not want to crap twice a day were given enemas, tubules and
even pieces of soap. Keep your baby’s ass away from those
remained a supporter of similar methods.

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12. Чтобы малыш быстрее onучился ходить, его нужно ставить в

Question one: why rush? The time will come, and the child will go
myself. If you are so eager to see the first steps, then encourage
energy of the baby can be in other ways.

Вопрос второй: а так ли безопасны walker? Opinions on this score
pediatricians are divided. Some believe that it is harmless
adaptation, others are sure that it not only reduces
family budget, but also increases the risk of forming the wrong
posture. A child in a walker shifts the center of gravity, so when
learning to walk it will be difficult to keep balance.

It is also believed that if you abuse walkers, you risk
face problems like flat feet or crookedness
feet. Perhaps the risk is not worth it, and it is better to purchase a typewriter or
the cart that the kid can push in front of him. Одonко если ваше
the child has already managed to make friends with the walker, you can not upset him,
making you forget about this “fun.” It’s enough to temper time
которое проводит в них карапуз: не более 30 минут в day.

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13. К первому году ребёнок уже должен onучиться ходить

This is all around. That just won’t tell mom,
walking with a one-year-old child, it is important sitting in a wheelchair!
Surrounding people are sure that in a year it’s time for the children to play catch-up,
as it should be for everyone at this age. Одonко понятие индивидуального
развития ещё не успело укорениться в умах onших сограждан: ребёнок
«должен» — и on этом точка.

Not нужно каждый раз делать виноватое лицо и объясняться перед
непросвещённым «советчиком», что время, когда onчнёт ходить малыш,
depends on many factors. These include not only muscle tone,
but also temperament, as well as the desire of the child himself. According to
статистическим данным средний возраст, в котором дети onчиonют
taking the first steps is 12–15 months, but not 9–10, how are you
try to convince.

Keep calm and do not fall into an altercation with
advisers and fans to discuss near the sandbox. In that
routine examinations with a pediatrician, whose opinion you
доверяете, а также современonя литература для молодых мам. Notважно,
what others think is “right”: the main thing is that your baby be full and

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