Melatonin spray sprayed on the skin soonreplace sleeping pills

Update: February 2019

Stanford University specialists have created a unique
A drug that will help people suffering from insomnia will sink
to sleep in 1 hour It contains melatonin in a minimal dose and
is a spray that should be sprayed onto the skin.

Most people working in shifts, often committing
air travel sufferers take sleeping pills
drugs that have contraindications, side effects and to
addictive (see how to fall asleep quickly). More often
these are sleep hormone medications – melatonin, which regulates
the processes of wakefulness and sleep, controlling daily rhythms.


In such tablets (Melaxen, Cirkadin) contains 2 or 3 mg
melatonin. But it is known that a person needs 100 times less
only 0.03 mg of such a hormone for a peaceful sleep. For solutions
such a problem, US scientists have invented a local spray that needs
spray on the skin.

Sprayable Sleep, i.e. sprayed sleep, is the name
A new drug that may soon become a real
a panacea for people with insomnia. In such a spray will
contain 60 doses of melatonin, that is, should be enough for 1-2
of the month. Spray is applied by 1 pressing on the valve, spraying
produced on the chest or neck. As a result, sleep comes through
50-60 minutes.

Unlike tablets with high doses of melatonin, spray
causes inhibition and daytime sleepiness. However should
remember that the body itself regulates the production of this
hormone, if you follow the well-known and obvious rules – should
be complete darkness in the bedroom, comfortable bed and pajamas, lack of
in the room of any electronic gadgets that serve as sources
artificial light.

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