Medicines for worms for children – how to getchild worms

Update: December 2018

Helminths or worms are several groups of different parasites,
which, when released into the human body, feed on
host secreting toxins and even damaging the internal organs
human – lungs, liver, muscles, gastrointestinal tract, brain,
eyes. According to modern research, infection
The population of the planet is 25% of various forms of worms.

The most widespread of them are nematode worms.
– enterobiosis (pinworms) and ascariasis (roundworm), which most often
affect children, especially preschool and primary school age.
In recent years, there are several opinions and hypotheses about the relationship
development of serious diseases, such as oncology, with
helminthic invasions in humans.

The presence of parasites in the growing body is also very negative
affects the health of the child, it is a violation of learning
nutrients, minerals, vitamins, intoxication of the body
leads to a negative effect on the nervous system, on all
organs and tissues. How to remove worms, which drugs from worms for
children the most effective and safe? About this our article.

Test for the presence of parasites in a child or adult

To make sure that you or your child is at high risk
infection with various worms, you can answer the following questions.
If the answer is doubtful, consider it negative if
positive sum them up:

  • There are skin rashes
  • Often there is dizziness, headache
  • Often there are stool disorders – constipation, diarrhea, flatulence,
  • Often nausea
  • The child sleeps restlessly, screaming in his sleep
  • There are marked swelling of the legs.
  • Lymph nodes are enlarged
  • Periodically there is an itch in the anus
  • There are allergic reactions – allergic cough,
    allergic rhinitis, neurodermatitis, bronchial asthma
  • Periodically there are abdominal pains that are self
  • Constantly felt tired, sleep does not help
  • There is bitterness in the mouth
  • The child attends kindergarten, in the adult work in the nursery
  • Disturb pains in muscles without load
  • There is a low temperature without cold symptoms.
  • The mucous membranes and skin began to turn yellow
  • In a dream, grit the teeth or girls enuresis
  • Animal related work
  • Sometimes eat unroasted meat with blood or dried fish,
    sushi, veal lard
  • Decreased appetite or vice versa increased, but
    significantly reduced weight
  • Often eat raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, not
    scalded with boiling water

With a result of 7 positive answers – you need to pass
blood tests, feces on the eggs of the worm (three times), scraping on enterobiosis
(three times), blood test for giardiasis and other parasites. In case of 15 and
more positive answers – a high probability that you have
helminthiasis, and what specifically, a parasitologist can establish.
In our article Worms in children, symptoms and treatment can be found.
in more detail about the types of helminthic invasions and their manifestations, as well as
Pinworms in adults, symptoms, treatment.

What is the best cure for worms for children?

The best cure for worms is that which is active.
in relation to the helminth that is found in the patient. AT
First of all, you should contact a parasitologist and on the basis of
data analysis, find out what kind of helminths parasitizes in
body, then the doctor will prescribe treatment, choosing the exact remedy
which will effectively act on this type of parasite. (see all
possible worms tablets). ATсе противогельминтные средства
have a pronounced toxic effect, therefore, without appointment
The doctor is not safe to use them.

The main drugs that are in the arsenal of doctors for treatment
нематодозов и рекомендуемые ATОЗ на сегодняшний день — это
Мебендазол (торговое название ATермокс, ATормил), Пирантел
(Helmintox, Nemocid), Levamisole (Decaris), Albendazole (Nemozol,
ATормил). AT России еще используется самый малотоксичный препарат —
Piperazine, however, it is weakly effective.

  • Anthelmintic agents are considered safe if
    observed correct dosage.
  • The dosage of the drug is determined only by the doctor, and she
    may differ from that indicated in the instructions for the drug. For example,
    ATермокс может быть назначен с большей безопасной дозировкой.
  • With a powerful worm infestation in a child or adult doctor
    will schedule a comprehensive antihelminthic course when used
    2-3 combination of drugs taken with
  • Antihelminthic drugs have contraindications, they can not
    take for pregnant women, children with disorders of the nervous system,
    diseases of the blood, liver, cancer, etc.

Drug for the prevention of worms

Sometimes doctors recommend preventive treatment for a child from
worms 1 time in half a year, especially preschoolers visiting children
gardens, because the imperfection of diagnosis (of 10 scrapings,
handed over by the child every morning, maybe 9 negative, 1
positive), easy transmission, lack of skills
personal compliance hygiene at this age suggests
helminths in the body of babies. But some doctors categorically
against any treatment with toxic drugs without establishing
accurate diagnosis, which also seems to be correct.

If a child has no complaints, he has no nausea, he has
healthy complexion, not pale, no itching in the anus, good
eating, gaining weight – do not expose once again
toxic effects of drugs. But if you suspect
enterobiasis is high, the child has some symptoms
pinworms, even a negative analysis can be
the reason for taking pills from worms for prevention, or rather treatment
helminthiasis, which is likely to exist.

How to remove worms in children and adults?

If pinworms are detected in one person in the family, the treatment should
made to all family members. Как вывести child worms? With
pinworms and roundworms depending on age, weight of the child and
adults, the following drugs are prescribed for the severity of the invasion. AT
our list we start with the safest and finish
strong drugs for worms of a wide spectrum of activity:

Piperazin for children in suspension, adults in tablets

Пиперазин Пиперазин цена до 30 руб. Have this
cure for worms a narrow spectrum of activity, it acts only
on pinworms and ascaris, and not killing, but causing paralysis
helminth musculature. Disrupting the function of the neuromuscular system
ascaris and pinworms, it acts only on adults, eggs and
larvae this tool does not destroy. As only happens
paralyzing ascaris, but not death, then toxic substances,
they do not poison if they are exterminated
organism, and paralyzed worms just go along with feces.
(see Symptoms and treatment of ascaris in children and adults)

Piperazine is considered the most low-toxic agent, and
незначительной инвазии, чтобы вывести child worms, у
pregnant women, it is better to use this drug. However, with
powerful infection with pinworms, its reception may be insufficient.
The decision on the expediency of its use is taken
by the attending physician. Side effects of Piperazine – maybe
the occurrence of nausea, headache, diarrhea, spastic pain in
stomach, with renal failure – tremor, blurred vision,
hallucinations, muscle weakness, euphoria.

Pyrantel – for children from 6 months

Пирантел от глистов  Analogs of the drug:
Пирантел (30-50 р), Немоцид, Гельминтокс
(80-120r.), Kombantrin. One of the best drugs for worms in children
– Pyrantel acts on helminths with enterobiasis, ascaridosis,
necatoriasis and hookworm. With острицах и аскаридах достаточно
a single dose of the drug and its repeated use after 2 – 3
weeks, during this time, you should always iron
underwear child, strictly observe personal hygiene, change clothes
2 times a day. Side effects – abdominal pain, loss of appetite,
vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, headache, insomnia,
dizziness, confusion, itching, skin rash.
Contraindicated for use in pregnancy, with violations
kidney function, children under six months and women with breastfeeding.
Pyrantel – shown for children under 2 years old, under 3 years old, since the rest
drugs are used only for older children and adults.

Mebendazole – for children over 2 years old

Лекарство от глистов у детей  Analogs:
ATермокс 90 руб. ATеро-Мебендазол, Мебекс,, ATормин
20 руб., ATермакар, Термокс Have this препарата для детей и
adults a wide range of anthelmintic activity, it is shown
not only with pinworms, ascaris, but also with mixed invasions, with
trichinosis, ankylostoma, trichocephalosis, strongyloidosis,
teniasis The side effects of this remedy are abnormal liver function,
abdominal pain, nausea, with high doses – vomiting, dizziness,
diarrhea (see medications for diarrhea), fever, rash,
skin itch, hair loss, anemia, leukopenia, eosinophilia.
Mebendazole is contraindicated in pregnancy, children under 2 years old, and
lactation, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis.

Albendazole – for children over 2 years old

Немозол  Analogs: Немозол (120-150
rub.), Sanoxal, Helmodol, Albendazole, Aldazol Albendazole
is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic agent
indicated for use in enterobiasis, clonorchosis, hookworm,
skin migratory larvae, necatoriosis, hymenolepiasis,
toxocarosis, strongyloidosis, teniasis, ascariasis, trichinosis,
giardiasis in children, gnatostomiasis, capilliosis, trichinosis, etc.
invasions. Это очень сильное, эффективное средствоэтого  против
worms also has marked side effects, such as –
dry mouth, heartburn, stomatitis, nausea, flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea,
hepatitis, abdominal pain, constipation, insomnia or drowsiness,
confusion, headache, convulsions,
головокружение,  дезориентация, снижение остроты зрения,
hallucinations, impaired blood formation, fever, dermatitis (see
dermatitis ointment), itchy skin, urticaria. The drug is contraindicated
children under 2 years old, pre-pregnancy period, pregnancy,

Levamisole – for children over 3 years old

Декарис   Analogs:  Декарис
(70-90 rubles) Levamisole is shown with ascariasis, necatoriasis,
hookworm. AT некоторых случаях его назначают и при смешанной
invasions, and with pinworms. Among the side effects of the drug
the following stand out – vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache,
insomnia, abdominal pain, dizziness, cramps. With длительном
the use of possible violations of the liver, kidneys, flu-like
syndrome, impaired speech, allergic reactions, stomatitis,
nervousness, hallucinations, arthralgia. Dekaris contraindicated for children
up to 3 years, pregnant and lactating women, people with renal or
liver failure.

Since the death, worms emit a large number
toxins, medication can give a very violent intoxication,
therefore, in addition to the main antihelminthic therapy recommended
after the child has taken drugs for worms in a day, hold
therapy with erostimulants such as Polysorb, Polyphepan,
Activated carbon. However, they should be drunk no earlier than
day, otherwise the effect of anthelmintic drugs will be weakened and
treatment ineffective.

In addition, antihistamines should also be taken,
such as Tsetrin, Zodak, Zyrtec, Clarissens, Larotadin, Erius (see
allergy pills), this modern drugs possess more
prolonged action, do not have a sedative effect and children
from 1-2 years old they can be taken in syrup or drops.

From folk remedies for removing worms in children, you can
probably use only pumpkin seed because tansy flowers
children under 12 years old are contraindicated, and pumpkin seeds are tasty, and
have a pronounced anthelmintic property. About how best
get rid of worms folk remedies, read our
Article Pinworms in children, symptoms and treatment.

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