Medications for stomach pain, a list of pills,what is better to take

Update: December 2018

Stomach pain is experienced at least once in a lifetime by 70% of the population. Not
the secret is that not everyone immediately runs to the doctor. Modern rhythm of life
makes us look for the shortest way to a quick “recovery in
I’m building ”, which is not always associated with queues in the clinic and
records for examination. And the pain usually appears suddenly, sometimes
at night. Often she is not strong enough to call an ambulance, but in
the same time I want to get rid of it quickly.

The most available advisors in this case are on duty
pharmacist in the pharmacy and, of course, the Internet. Notльзя однозначно сказать,
what is bad But not the fact that you are lucky. ATы можете ни от того,
nor from another not to receive competent information. Like the best
medicine for stomach pain can be offered to you dear
advertised drug that you don’t need at all, but in
worst case will only aggravate the problem.

Why does the stomach hurt?

The stomach is located in the epigastric (epigastric) region,
the main part is along the middle line, the axis is directed from the left above
right down, almost in hypochondrium. The main mechanism of occurrence
stomach pains are spasms of smooth muscle fibers in the middle layer
its walls, arising as a response to various stimuli,
stretching its walls due to impaired motility, and
the effect of hydrochloric acid on the nerve endings in the bottom of the ulcers and
erosion.  The most common causes of pain are:

  • Functional dyspepsia (about 30% of all pains).
  • Acute gastritis (most common with poisoning
    substandard food).
  • Exacerbations of chronic gastritis.
  • Peptic ulcer disease.
  • Erosive damage to the gastric mucosa after taking some
  • Tumors.

In addition, if the top middle hurts, it is not always the stomach.
AT этом месте могут проявляться и боли, исходящие из желчного
bladder, pancreas, heart, pleura, esophagus, thick and
small intestine. Epigastric pain can also manifest
the beginning of acute appendicitis, radicular syndrome in osteochondrosis
spine as well as somatoform mental disorders (for example,

See homemade gastritis treatment, symptoms and treatment.
gastric ulcers, gastritis nutrition, superficial gastritis, symptoms
stomach cancer.

When it is better not to self-medicate

  • Acute, “dagger” pain (possibly perforation
  • Permanent unabated pain, aggravated by walking and
    movements (suspicious for peritonitis).
  • Stomach pain with frequent vomiting, diarrhea and fever
    (usually occurs in case of poisoning, self-medication is fraught
  • If the pain is accompanied by dizziness, palpitations,
    difficulty breathing, fainting.
  • Delay stools, gas.
  • Vomiting blood, feces black.
  • Frequent recurrent pain for several months
    (survey required).
  • Pain in the epigastric region, accompanied by loss of appetite,
    weight loss (tumors need to be excluded).
  • The tablets do not help, within a few days of improvement not
    is coming.
  • Not нужно давать лекарства от боли в желудке детям, если вы не
    sure that this is normal intestinal colic.

AT остальных случаях прием лекарств, снимающих боль,

  • As a temporary measure to complete the survey and start
    standardized treatment.
  • As a treatment previously prescribed by a doctor with a known diagnosis (in
    In such cases, prescriptions are usually written:
    requirement “).
  • As trial symptomatic treatment (for example, single
    taking an antacid is unlikely to hurt, even if it is superfluous, but relief
    the symptoms from it will give the patient and the doctor valuable information about
    presumptive diagnosis).

Approximate sequence of actions

  1. If there is a suspicion of poor food poisoning –
    wash the stomach, hunger.
  2. For pains of a spastic nature – 2 papaverine tablets or
    no-shpy, repeat after 4 hours.
  3. For heartburn – a bag of Phosphalugel or Maalox.
  4. If pain is bursting after rich fatty food – 2 tablets
    pancreatin, with nausea – motilium.
  5. Если в анамнезе – язвенная болезнь или прием НПATС, начать прием
    omeprazole 1 ton 2 times a day.
  6. Acute dagger pain, vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature –
    call an ambulance.
  7. Pain is constant, does not decrease from antispasmodics, increases,
    general well-being deteriorates – we call an ambulance.
  8. The pain decreases, but does not go away completely within a few
    days – make an appointment with a general practitioner or
    Gastroenterologist, get tested.

The main groups of drugs that relieve stomach pain


In more than half of the patients, the pain is due to spasticity.
dyskinesia of smooth muscles of the stomach wall. Spastic pains
inconstant. They then weaken, then strengthen, decrease from
exposure to heat and cause the patient to move in search
comfortable position.

дротаверинAnd here will come to the aid of drugs that
Take off this spasm. This is the best choice in a situation
when you need to remove the pain, and do no harm. Even in situations with
vague pain you should not be afraid that antispasmodics will disguise
some kind of dangerous disease (for pain with inflammation they just don’t
will work).

They are available in tablets, injections or suppositories,
because sometimes take the medicine inside during exacerbation of gastritis
can not be due to nausea.

Antispasmodics не принимают более 2-3 дней, если от них нет

Title Release form Mode of application
Papaverine Tablets 40 mg. 12 rub. ATнутрь по 1 т 5-6 раз в сутки
Solution for injection 2% -2 ml. 60 rub. ATнутримышечно по 2 мл 2-3 раза в день
Candles 20 mg. 45 rub. AT задний проход 2-3 раза в сутки
Drotaverinum Tablets 40 mg. from 30 rub. ATнутрь 3-4 раза в день
Solution for injection 2% -2 ml. 60 rub. ATнутримышечно по 2 мл 2-3 раза в день
No-shpa (original patented analogue of drotaverin) Tablets 40 mg. 110 rub. for 24 tab. ATнутрь по 1 т 5-6 раз в сутки или по 2 т 2-3 раза
No-shpa forte 80 mg tablets. 180 rub. 1 t 2-3 times
No-shpa Solution for injection 2% -2 ml. 210 rub. ATнутримышечно по 2 мл 2-3 раза в день


Analgesics – это обезболивающие таблетки и уколы, которые можно
take in cases where you are examined and the symptoms are familiar to you.
If the pain in the abdomen first appeared, the reason for it is unclear, these
drugs can not be taken, as they can disguise
a serious catastrophe.

When stomach pain can be applied
Парацетамол, он не раздражает слизистую. Apply
also combined drugs – analgesic + antispasmodic. it
Spazgan, Baralgin, Spazmalgon, Revalgin. They
Available in tablets and in ampoules with a solution.
Applyся только для снятия выраженных болей при неэффективности
myotropic antispasmodic or anticholinergics.


M-holinoblokatory rather effective with pain in the stomach, they
have a double action: they relieve spasm and inhibit secretion
of hydrochloric acid. The most famous drug of this group is
атропин (активный алкалоид, содержащийся в ягодах
and belladonna roots, datura seeds and henbane roots).

Atropine solution is currently almost not used for
relieving pain in the stomach, it is used only in the hospital,
It can not be bought just like that in a pharmacy. But some popular
gastric preparations contain belladonna extract:

  • Gastric tablets (composed of belladonna extract,
    valerian and wormwood).
  • Bellastezin (extract
    bellow + benzocaine).
  • Bellalgin (belladonna extract, metamizole, benzocaine,
    sodium bicarbonate).
  • Бекарбон (красавка+гидрокарбонат натрия).
  • Свечи с экстрактом красавки.

Another popular holinoblokator –
платифиллин. ATыпускается в ампулах, вводится
subcutaneously. It is released only by prescription.

This group of drugs for tachycardia is contraindicated,
glaucoma, prostate adenoma, stool and urine retention, pregnancy.

Синтетические холиноблокаторы – Гастроцепин, Метацин,
Buscopan, Spasmobru.

The most modern and devoid of most side effects –
это препарат Бускопан (гиосцина бутилбромид). is he
Available in tablets and in candles, at a dosage of 10 mg.
Price – from 350 rubles per pack of 20 tablets or 10 candles.

Дицетел – препарат со спазмолитическим и легким
M-holinoblokiruyuschim effect. Tablets 50 mg taken 2-3 times
in a day. The price is about 500 rubles for 20 tablets.


it вещества, которые взаимодействуют с соляной кислотой в
the lumen of the stomach and neutralize it. For heartburn and pain.
with gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), gastritis, ulcerative
diseases. AT настоящее время применяют в основном невсасывающиеся
antacids that contain a suspension of magnesium and aluminum salts:

Tradename Release form average price
Almagel suspension 200 rubles
Almagel А (соли алюминия, магния+бензокаин) suspension 240 rubles
Phosphalugel 20% gel for oral administration in single packages About 25 rubles per bag
Gastal Tablets for sucking with different flavors 170 rub for 12 tablets
  • Suspension in bottles
  • single packs,
  • Chewable tablets
  • 350 r for 250 ml
  • 26 rub for a bag
  • 220 rub for 20 tablets
Gaviscon (calcium carbonate + alginate)
  • Suspension in bottles
  • Суспензия в single packs,
  • Chewable tablets
  • 200 rub for 150 ml
  • 20 rub for a bag
  • 170 rub for 12 tablets

Antacids принимаются обычно через 40-60 минут после еды и на
night. The effect occurs after 20-30 minutes and persists for several
hours Remember, this is also symptomatic, not therapeutic.
means. That is, you can take them for several days,
but if pain and heartburn persist, examination is necessary.

ATяжущие и обволакивающие средства

де-нол инструкцияIf there is inflammation of the mucous membrane
stomach, erosion or ulcers, drugs are connected to the treatment,
possessing astringent properties. They создают защитную пленку на
surface ulcers and erosion, reduce swelling and inflammation. These
drugs are not first-line drugs to relieve pain, but
if there is nothing more at hand, it is perfectly acceptable.

К таким лекарствам относятся ATикаир, ATикалин, Де-нол,
They are taken on an empty stomach.

Drugs that reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid

Medicines that inhibit the secretion of acid in the stomach are
the world first-line drugs in the treatment of ulcerative diseases,
hypertrophic gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease.
These include Н-2 гистаминоблокаторы (Фамотидин,
) и блокаторы протонной помпы Омепразол
(Omez, Ultop), Lanzoprazole, Pantoprazole (Nolpaza),
Рабепразол (Париет), Эзомепразол (Notксиум, Эманера
Dexansoprazole (Dexilant).

If a patient has a stomach ulcer, the first remedy for pain is
these are the above drugs. That they are recommended to take “by
requirement “, that is, when the onset of symptoms of exacerbation to
refer to a doctor. In addition to the ulcers, omeprazole will always be in
first aid kit of those taking a lot of nonsteroidal analgesics for
treatment of arthrosis, osteochondrosis and other pain syndromes. The thing is
that such drugs often hurt the stomach, and that blockers
proton pump protects the mucosa from the formation of ulcers.

If the diagnosis is unknown, but stomach pains are accompanied
heartburn and increased salivation, decrease after eating, then
It is acceptable to take one of these drugs for
a few days. The most inexpensive medicine in this group is
омепразол (около 40 рублей за упаковку). AT
further examination is necessary, even if the pain in the background of his
admissions have decreased. More expensive drugs are recommended for
confirmed ulcer or GERD.

Enzyme products

Many know the situation when the pulling, tearing pains in
epigastric region appear after a heavy feast,
eating heavy, fatty foods. Such pain may appear as
in patients with pathology of the stomach, and in healthy people with

AT этих случаях хорошо помогают ферментные препараты,
containing lipase, amylase and protease in various concentrations.
They help digest food, quickly remove it from the stomach, so
by reducing the stretching of its walls and pain.

If the stomach hurts, tablets with enzymes are taken immediately.
before meals or with food. These drugs are available now.
lot. Under normal overeating, fairly inexpensive.
Панкреатина или Мезима 1-2 таблетки на прием пищи
(from 3 to 6 thousand IU of lipase).

The cost of 20 tablets of pancreatin is about 45 rubles, mezim
Forte – about 100 rubles. Более дорогие препараты Креон,
Мезим 10000, 20000, Эрмиталь, Микразим
при функциональной
dyspepsia is not needed, they are prescribed for chronic pancreatitis with
proven pancreatic insufficiency (see all
medication for pancreatitis).

Motility Improvers

It often happens that stomach pains are caused by a violation of his
motility. ATсе слышали выражение «ленивый желудок»: это когда
normal evacuation is disturbed, food stagnates in the stomach,
its walls stretch, the pressure in the lumen rises –
this causes pain. In addition to the pain of arching nature
after eating, a violation of motility is manifested by belching, heartburn,
nausea, vomiting, bloating.

AT таких случаях рекомендованы прокинетики – препараты,
improving the contractility of the smooth muscles of hollow organs. These include
Metoclopramide (Reglan), Domperidone (Motilium),
Itopride (Itomed).
They are available in tablets, in
suspensions, injections (cerrucal).

Other combination products

As you can see, to reduce stomach pain is often necessary
impact on different pathogenesis. Therefore, there are many
combination drugs combining several tablets in one pill
active ingredients. Many of them have been discussed above. Worth
mention a few others.

Гастродицин (ранитидин+холиноблокатор
dicyclomine) – inhibits secretion, relieves spasms smooth

Омез Д (омепразол + домперидон) эффективен от
тошноты и боли при повышенной кислотности и нарушении motility.

Гастрофарм – известные и любимые в народе
�”Big pills”. Contain Lactobacillus, Protein and Dairy
acid. They have analgesic and antacid action. Excluded
in any standard of treatment, but as a symptomatic remedy for
lung symptoms are quite effective. The drug is inexpensive and without
stated contraindications.

Иберогаст – настойка из растительных
extracts, has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and
прокинетическим эффектом.

Folk remedies for stomach pain

Many herbs and natural remedies have the same effects
needed to relieve stomach pain: anti-inflammatory,
antispasmodic, astringent, enveloping. In addition, some
medications for treating gastric problems were originally obtained from
plants (for example, papaverine – from poppy, atropine – from

Therefore, decoctions of herbs are quite effective for pain in the stomach as
supplement to drugs or as a major aid to those who do not like
be treated with pills. Consider folk recipes that aren’t exactly
will damage:

  • Chamomile tea. 1 teaspoon dried chamomile
    pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 15 minutes. Strain, add
    lemon or honey to taste. Drink 1 glass 3 times a day.
  • Ginger tea. Medium ginger root cut into thin slices,
    Pour a glass of water and boil for 3 minutes. Leave 5
    minutes Strain and add honey to taste.
  • Peppermint. She has in its composition menthol – natural
    analgesic. For stomach pains, it is recommended to drink mint tea, chew
    fresh mint leaves, sucking on mint candies, and also breathing mint
    in pairs.
  • Broth rice. A cup of rice to boil in six cups of water. Strain,
    drink the resulting liquid after cooling.

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