Medications for hypertension can affect memoryelderly patients

Update: February 2019

Excessive pressure reduction using antihypertensives
drugs in elderly patients increases the risk of developing disorders
memory and even death. Such a conclusion was made by scientists of the Berne and
Leiden University. Research published on the website
Swiss educational institution.

Use of antihypertensive drugs to reduce
blood pressure in patients over 60 years old – common
A practice that allows people to prolong life and prevent serious
complications of arterial hypertension. В категорию elderly patients
different people fall: someone cannot serve himself as early as 70
years, while others are perfectly without external help and
remain at full memory in 90 years. Medical recommendations are the same.
for all: patients over 60 need to reduce systolic
pressure to less than 130 mm. New research has shown that
This approach may be harmful.


Experts have studied the state of health of 600 city residents
Leiden is over 85 years old. Patients with dementia were in the sample.
and other serious diseases found in
specialized institutions.

Comparing information about the cognitive function of people with treatment
drugs to reduce pressure, the scientists concluded:

  • antihypertensive therapy may increase the risk of death
  • and accelerate memory loss in the elderly.

Moreover, the more intense the pressure decreased, the higher
mortality and more serious deterioration. The most pronounced relationship was noted.
in a group of frail patients with serious illnesses.

This work confirmed the theory that was put forward earlier:
general approach to treatment, without taking into account the diversity of health status
elderly patients, следует пересмотреть, поскольку создается
additional threat to the lives of patients. Purpose
drugs for lowering blood pressure in elderly patients
should be carried out only after examination and evaluation of possible

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