Meat in the diet of the child – the rules of introductionmeat lure

Until six months, children eat only one mother’s milk.
or a mixture, until this age, they do not yet need other
products. After 6 months, the child needs a much larger amount.
nutrients than those in breast milk or
mixes. From this age, the baby is gradually taught to eat cereals,
vegetables fruits. When is it time to acquaint the baby with meat?
What meat is given first? How to cook crumbs meat puree? how many
meat at one time should eat a child before the year and

The content of the article

  • 1 When to introduce meat in baby food?
    • 1.1 What is good meat for children?
    • 1.2 Can meat be harmful to children?
    • 1.3 Allergies to meat?
    • 1.4 What kind of meat do lures start from?
    • 1.5 How to make mashed meat?
    • 1.6 How to acquaint the crumbs with meat?
    • 1.7 What is good about ready-made mashed meat for children?
    • 1.8 What is the daily rate of meat products for children under one year old and
  • 2 What to look for when buying meat for children?
      • 2.0.1 How to choose fresh meat: tips
  • 3 We introduce meat lure | Life hacking for a young mommy
  • 4 Meat baby food
  • 5 Video number 2

когда ребенку можно начинать давать мясо

When to introduce meat in baby food?

Pediatricians are advised to enter the meat in the child’s menu no earlier,
than 6-8 months. 
At the same time, meat products should not
be the first lure, they are introduced after the vegetable, fruit
mashed potatoes and cereals, it is desirable to observe the interval of 2 months between
term for the introduction of the first complementary foods and the term for the introduction of meat. From here
a slight variation in the recommended time becomes clear: at 8
months, meat begins to be given to babies who have received the first food in
half a year; in 6 months you can enter the meat of those kiddies who
For some reason, they began to receive fruit or cereal foods with
4 months.

Почему раньше 6 месяцев нельзя давать детям

  1. Until this age, the children’s digestive system is not yet
    mature enough to digest such heavy food
  2. Мясной белок отрицательно влияет на работу почек
  3. Раньше шести месяцев риск возникновения аллергии на мясной
    protein is higher.

What is useful meat for children?

  • Meat is a source of protein that a child’s body needs for
  • In meat products contains the entire set of amino acids, which
    are not produced by the body, but only enter it from
  • Meat is also rich in other important trace elements – iron,
    phosphorus, magnesium, fluorine, cobolt and zinc. Interesting that
    iron contained in meat is absorbed better and faster than this
    the same element from other products of plant origin;
  • The meat has a fibrous dense structure, thanks to this,
    when kids eat it, they learn to chew food.

Can meat be harmful to children?

  • Some meats can cause an allergic reaction;
  • The use of meat products in large quantities creates
    load on the kidneys of the child and the digestive system;
  • Up to 3 years, kids do not give fatty meat products, fried meat,
    smoked sausage and sausages.

Аллергия на meat?

Pork, beef and chicken are considered allergenic foods.
(pork and beef are also fatty meats), therefore
для первого meat lure они не подходят. Meet the baby with
meat is better to start with rabbit or turkey, as they
hypoallergenic and are low-fat meats. When baby already
used to these products, you can try to enter into the diet of chicken,
tender pork and beef.

Important! If a у малыша имеется
cow milk intolerance, refuse to be introduced into the diet
beef and veal. Проконсультируйтесь со специалистом по
the question when in your case you can try to give these types of meat
to kid.

What kind of meat do lure start to?

Rabbit meat. Easiest to digest
Rabbit meat is considered. It is not fatty and does not cause allergies.
Именно с него специалисты рекомендуют начинать прикорм. itт
the product belongs to the diet, because there is practically no
fat, but it contains vitamins and minerals.

Индейку также можно предложить малышу при
first acquaintance with meat products. It has very little fat, and
it is easily digested. Turkey meat is hypoallergenic.

The best for exploring meat dishes are
rabbit and turkey. Their meat is low-calorie, lean, tender, very
rarely causes allergies. The main disadvantage is higher
cost, and buy rabbit or turkey in its natural form
(and not in canned food) can be far from everywhere.

Other meats are introduced later, being careful. let’s
consider why.

Куриное мясо – диетическое и нежное.
However, it is one of the most allergenic products, and in no case
you should not start meat supplements with chicken in children with allergies, so
more if allergic to chicken egg protein is detected. Besides, in
modern conditions chicken for meat is grown using
hormonal drugs and antibiotics that may persist in
poultry meat.

Pork. It is fatty meat. Even
buy supposedly non-greasy part (paddle, back), everything in it equally
contains fat. Allergies to pork may occur;

Beef, veal. Can cause
allergies in babies. it мясо запрещено давать детям с
milk protein intolerance.

Horsemeat. Allergy, protein-rich meat.
The main drawback is that it is rarely available.


Duck, goose and lamb – meat with high
fat content. 
Waterfowl meat contains
the refractory fats that digest the digestive system
child is not able to. These types of meat do not include in the diet of children.
up to 3 years. Kids up to a year do not offer meat broths.

Субпродукты начинают предлагать деткам не
earlier than 10 months. Exceptions are babies suffering.
anemia, they pediatricians recommend giving the liver even from 8-9 months.
By-products contain more iron, copper and manganese. At all,
opinion on the admissibility of the inclusion of the liver in the children’s menu for the last
years have changed: previously recommended liver as good
source of iron, now it is abandoned due to environmental
considerations (it is in the liver that they are neutralized and accumulated
drugs and other toxic substances contained in the feed

How to make mashed meat?

You can cook mashed meat yourself. For this
You will need a small piece of dietary meat (approximately 20
grams). After washing it, chop the meat to make minced meat. We put
it in a bowl and cook for 25 minutes. We skip ready
product through a metal sieve to achieve a homogeneous mass.
Add some mixture or breast milk to the meat and whisk
blender. Salt is not added to baby puree.

You can also boil for baby meat, cut into pieces. AT
In this case, it is recommended to bring the product to a boil, drain the water,
pour the pieces of meat with clean water and cook for about 45 minutes.

Children up to 8 months, meat is given in the form of the most homogeneous
from 8–9 months, meatballs are made from ground beef and
knead them with a fork before serving. By 10 months if available
baby teeth meatballs and meatballs can be given without
pre-grinding, it is allowed to add some salt and
add spices (dill, parsley, bay leaf). Since year introduced
steam cutlets.

What kind of rabbit meat can be given to a child. How to
prepare the meat for storage in the freezer. How to приготовить
rabbit meat directly to the food:

How to познакомить кроху с мясом?

  • Bring the meat to a homogeneous mass. To this
    to achieve, the product is well cooked, thoroughly crushed and mixed with
    formula or breast milk;
  • Before feeding the baby make sure that the mash is warm;
  • Portion for the first acquaintance – ½ tsp;
  • AT первый раз продукт ребёнку дают утром, чтобы была возможность
    observe the body’s response throughout the day;
  • AT дальнейшем мясные блюда детям дают вместе с овощными, обычно
    this is the third feeding of the day;
  • One portion of meat kids gradually increase, adding
    � teaspoon daily;
  • It is not recommended to give crumbs meat puree after storage in
    the fridge. Children are fed only freshly prepared.
  • When the baby gets used to the new taste, add the meat to the soup,
    cereals and vegetables;
  • После 8 месяцев ребёнку нужно получать порцию мяса 5 дней
    in Week. Two other days fish is offered instead;
  • AT возрасте 10 месяцев начинайте готовить фрикадельки,
    so that the child learns to chew himself;
  • Do not mix several sorts of meat until the baby gets used to
    each of them separately;
  • Some babies refuse to eat meat. AT таком случае
    It is recommended to mix the meat puree with food that you like.

Meat is given once a day every day (after 8 months 1-2 times per
week replace meat with fish). More recommended not to give
follows because there is an excessive load on the kidneys and
child’s digestive system.

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meat puree

What are good ready mashed meat for children?

In order not to cook the meat of the child yourself, you can buy
уже готовое meat puree в баночках в магазине. Give away
preference for well-known brands, which are no complaints. Meat
baby products from the store have their

  1. Пюре готовят из мяса животных, выращенных в экологически
    clean conditions on environmentally friendly feed.
  2. ATсе ингредиенты для приготовления детского мясного пюре
    are carefully selected, checked for compliance
    quality. ATсе компоненты внутри готовых пюре полезны деткам и
    match age needs.
  3. Canned food is checked for the presence of dangerous impurities and in general by
    carefully study their composition.
  4. Готовое мясное пюре не нужно готовить, а просто разогреть
    and feed the baby.
  5. The puree in jars has a different degree of grinding, it
    depends on the age group of children for which the mashed potatoes are intended
    (степень измельчения отмечена на упаковке). AT зависимости от
    recommended age (determined by labeling on packaging)
    canned foods differ in terms of grinding and technology
    preparations: homogenized – the most homogeneous, contain
    meat, water, and rice starch; puree – thicker; small and
    coarse – meat in them chopped, often contain salt,
    spices, meat broth; canned food in the form of ready meals – meatballs,
  6. Baby food manufacturers often combine meat with other
    useful products – vegetables or cereals.
  7. An opened can of canned meat can be stored in the refrigerator
    more than a day.

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baby puree shop

What is the daily rate of meat products for children under one year old and

Based on the age of the child, determine the amount of meat that
he should receive per day.

  • 6–7 months – 5–20 g.
  • 8-9 months – up to 50 g.
  • 10 months – 2 years – from 50 to 80 grams.
  • 3 years – from 80 to 90 grams.
  • 4-6 years old – from 100 to 110 grams.
  • 7-9 years – from 110 to 140 grams.
  • 10-13 years old – from 140 to 170 grams.
  • 14-17 years old – from 200 to 220 grams.

What to look for when buying meat for children?

  • When choosing beef or pork, give preference to tenderloin, this
    part contains less fat;
  • When buying rabbit meat, check the age of the animal. Good,
    if the rabbit is young (up to 3 months). To make mashed baby
    use the back of the carcass, here the meat is more tender and
  • If you want to pamper your baby with a turkey, take the breast. it
    tender, tasty and lean meat, which is best absorbed.
    The same goes for chicken;
  • Purchased meat should smell good, be homogeneous and
    elastic. If it does not smell at all or exudes an unpleasant smell,
    refrain from buying;
  • Meat freshness is easily identified by color – presence is unacceptable.
    on it is gray-brown or brown. Beef must have
    red shade, pork – pink;
  • When buying meat in the store, always pay attention to the term
    shelf life, if it is not specified or unknown, do not buy the product.
    Rate the appearance of the product. Meat should not be slippery. If a
    have the opportunity, smell the meat and make sure that he has
    there is no unpleasant odor. If a продукт упакован в
    plastic film to ensure its integrity.

How to choose fresh meat: expert advice

It is very important that the first meat supplements come
child to taste. Protein is essential for normal growth and development.
child’s body. Although animal proteins are contained and
in other products – milk, kefir, cottage cheese, fish and eggs, they are not
can become a full replacement for meat. From meat products baby
receives iron, folic acid and vitamins of group B, irreplaceable
for blood and proper development of the nervous system.

We introduce meat lure | Life hacking for a young mommy

Meat baby food

Video number 2

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