Meals (menu) 6-month baby: introductioncomplementary foods

Согласно рекомендациям ATОЗ в возрасте 6-ти months
A healthy baby is as ready as possible for feeding. Although the main
source of all vital substances continues
to stay mother’s milk, the body does not have enough energy,
vitamins and trace elements. Kidney’s digestive system
physiologically ready for digestion of coarser food. More
Moreover, its use can cause the release of specific enzymes,
which have a positive effect on gastrointestinal motility

The content of the article

  • 1 ATозрастные особенности — почему с шести months?
    • 1.1 Прикорм при грудном feeding — с чего начать в 6

      • 1.1.1 Products for the first menu
      • 1.1.2 ATкусовые предпочтения ребенка
    • 1.2 Recommendations for prikorma with artificial
  • 2 Sample menu for the day for a 6-month-old baby, taking into account
    introduction of complementary foods. Feeding mode for 6 month old baby
  • 3 Summary
  • 4 Our history of feeding (6 months)
  • 5 How to feed a child at the age of 6 months. Tips for parents –
    Union of Pediatricians of Russia

прикорм с 6 months

ATозрастные особенности — почему с шести months?

Many mommies mistakenly believe that if to saturate the baby
их молока недостаточно, то пора переходить к введению complementary foods и с
2-3 months. Indeed, what can harm a pair of tea
spoons of applesauce or “such a useful” carrot juice? On
in fact, this is a completely wrong point of view. Digestive
the baby’s system is unable to digest anything except mom’s
milk In case of insufficient lactation, the pediatrician should pick up the child.
adapted milk mixture. ATведение раннего complementary foods чревата
for the crumbs of such unpleasant consequences as:

  • indigestion;
  • diathesis;
  • food allergies (which can persist for long
  • subsequent development of obesity.

On the other hand, late feeding is also harmful: it will lead to:

  • mental retardation and physical development;
  • risk of developing deficient conditions (rickets, hypotrophy, anemia,
  • protein-calorie deficiency.

Организм малыша до 5 – 6 months не приспособлен к
digesting any food except breast milk and
адаптированных молочных смесей
, которые используют в
cases of insufficient lactation. Но возраст 6 months – это
average value. Accurate information on whether the baby is ready to
введению complementary foods, может предоставить только наблюдающий его
development pediatrician. Children do not grow according to an exact pattern, each
малыш индивидуален: один готов к прикорму в 5 months, другой
only 9. The main factors that your son or daughter
It’s time to start feeding foods are:

  • The baby is completely healthy:
  • He is interested in food from the diet of those around him.
  • ATес малыша увеличился с рождения в два раза;
  • Breast milk is not enough for baby: it is increasingly
    applied to the chest;
  • The baby sits confidently without support;
  • Gradually extinguishes the ejection reflex (regurgitation).

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Прикорм при грудном feeding — с чего начать в 6

The basic principles that should be followed
введении complementary foods для малыша на грудном feeding:

  • Feed can be entered only if the baby is completely
    healthy: no disorders of the digestive system (constipation, diarrhea),
    increase in body temperature, was not and will not be vaccinated for 5 – 7
    дней до и после планируемого complementary foods;
  • The extra dish must be given to the child when he
    hungry, then breastfeed;
  • The consistency of the dish should be as homogeneous and liquid as possible.
    temperature is moderately warm. Especially useful to cook vegetables on
    steam and grind them then in a blender (or wipe through
    strainer). With this method of cooking in vegetables is better.
    vitamins and nutrients are preserved;
  • Feed the crumbs should be with a spoon and always seated
  • A new product can be given to a child only once a day. Onчинать
    It should be from 0.25 – 0.5 tsp. AT течение двух недель порцию
    should be increased to 150 g, which will replace one breast
  • New dishes are introduced gradually. Next product can
    use in the diet after the body adapts to
  • Constantly monitor the state of the child, his reaction to new
  • Одновременно с введением complementary foods приучайте кроху к
    5 tirazovomu food with intervals of 4 hours between

Products for the first menu

ATыбор первых блюд для complementary foods зависит от особенностей
the body and condition of the baby: if there is a problem of weight loss, then
it is better to start with gluten-free cereals: corn, buckwheat or
rice If a child has a tendency to constipation, then with vegetable and
fruitsых пюре.

On первых этапах блюдо должно состоять из одного вида продукта:
не стоит смешивать в одном пюре или соке два вида овощей, fruits
or berries.

Лучшие продукты для первого овощного complementary foods
cabbage of all varieties, the most useful of which are cauliflower and broccoli,
potatoes and zucchini (especially if the baby has constipation). Then
you can enter green pea. Painted fruits and vegetables (red
apple, dark grapes, carrots, beets, pumpkin) offer baby
a little later.

No need to add sugar in fruit purees, and salt in vegetables.
In vegetable puree add half of the yolk, vegetable oil
(olive or sunflower), starting with 1 drop and bringing to 1 tsp.
for a full portion of mashed potatoes (150 g).

Since the kidneys of a child are not fully formed up to a year,
In any case, do not give the baby meat broths, which include
a large number of purine bases. For soup it is better to use
vegetable broth.

The most useful way of cooking vegetables is steaming and
grinding in a blender or through a strainer. With such a heat
A higher amount of vitamins and other substances remain in processing.
beneficial substances. Mashed potatoes must be made liquid, the baby is not yet
adapted to swallow rich food.

Kashi for a child of 6 months (starting to give porridge
single component, gluten free. Such species include buckwheat,
rice and corn porridge) are boiled first from one type of cereal. Through
three weeks can begin to mix cereals. Pre them
It is recommended to grind in a coffee grinder and then cook. For
cooking both water and breast milk are suitable. It is useful to add to
ready-made porridge melted butter.

scheme of introduction of complementary foods from 6 months breast вскармливание

scheme of introduction of complementary foods from 6 months breast

ATкусовые предпочтения ребенка

Be very attentive to your desires and taste preferences.
the very crumbs. If some dish is unpleasant for him and he turns away
by no means insist on the spoon. Give up on time from
this product. It can be re-offered after 3 or 4
of the week.


Do not force the child to forcibly eat the entire portion of complementary foods. AT
In this case, the baby will suck less milk from the breast, which
will lead to a decrease in its production and the extinction of lactation. Also this
may cause aversion to the new dish and poor appetite in
the future.

It is necessary to feed the baby with breast milk as long as possible.
It remains the main food for up to a year, a source of growth hormones and
antibodies that form the child’s immunity. Remember that the main
the task of feeding is not a transfer to the common table, but the formation
natural eating behavior. Therefore not so important
whether the products and their number of recommendations. Need to
take into account the desire and crumbs. If parents will not pursue the goal
observe the quantitative portion of baby food, then active
the interest in food will be preserved and the thoracic will not be supplanted
feeding. AT этом случае переход к питанию с общего стола будет

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Рекомендации по прикорму при искусственном feeding

Babies who for one reason or another eat
adapted artificial mixtures, feed is introduced a little
before: from 4 – 5 months. It is necessary to do this by prior
recommendations of the observing pediatrician and taking into account his advice. ATведение
complementary foods in such early terms are due to the fact that for
the full development of the growing body is not nutritious
substances derived from mixtures.

The feeding mode corresponds to the infant feeding mode on
грудном feeding. First, vegetables are also injected into the diet.
fruit purees. AT 6 months искусственники переходят уже ко второму
stage of feeding – dairy (depending on the tolerance of milk) and
dairy-free cereal with oil, diluted with water, juices,
cottage cheese, yolk, meat and fish puree.

Artificialists may be prone to obesity, therefore not
overdo semolina. In addition to high nutritional value, it is
Essentially not useful. With frequent use of this cereal
Significantly increases the possibility of such states
like anemia or rickets.

When adding meat and fish dishes to the menu, you can use
ready canned food (meat purees), intended for children, but
wiped or blended in the home
puree conditions. The first meat mashed potatoes are made from rabbit meat, turkey,
veal or chicken. (когда давать ребенку мясо — правила
introduction of meat complementary foods)

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the introduction of complementary foods from 4-5 months artificial or смешанное вскармливание

the introduction of complementary foods from 4-5 months artificial or
смешанное вскармливание

Примерное меню на сутки для 6-тимесячного младенца с учетом
introduction of complementary foods. Feeding mode for 6 month old baby

This regime adhere to the European nutritionists and

For ребенка на естественном feeding:

  • 06:00 – Breast milk.
  • 10:00 – Vegetable puree – 25 – 30 g. Breast feeding.
  • 14:00 – Porridge or vegetable puree + supplementation with mother’s milk.
  • 18:00 –Пюре fruitsое – 25 – 30 г + докорм breastfeeding
  • 22:00 – Breast milk.

For ребенка-искусственника:

  • 06:00 – Adapted mix (milk or sour milk).
  • 10:00 – каша на молоке со сливочным маслом и пюре
    из овощей или fruits
  • 14:00 — суп (из овощей), пюре из овощей с добавлением
    vegetable oil and yolk halves, freshly squeezed juice from
  • 18:00 — молочная смесь или творог, печенье
  • 22:00 — кефир или адаптированная смесь.

ATремя приема пищи может быть варьировано в зависимости
from the usual for the baby day regimen, but a gap of 4 hours between
meals must be followed.


ATопреки тому, что материнское молоко – это неоспоримо лучшая
food for an infant up to a year old, feed should be introduced into
the ration is already from 6 months, and for the artificial men – from 4 – 5. Before
it is not necessary to feed the baby at the proper time. Many moms
it seems that by this they will provide the body with more
nutrients, although in fact the kid’s digestive system
на ГAT до полугода еще не готова к употреблению новых продуктов.

From 6 months feed is administered gradually, without stopping to feed.
breastfeeding New products give small portions, thereby accustoming
and adapting the child’s digestive tract to an adult
menu. From 6 months baby is transferred to 5-time feeding with
4-hour intervals.

Attaching the crumbs to the common table, it is important to strictly follow the regime
кормления и основным принципам introduction of complementary foods. Reasonable
recommendations taking into account the development and health of a particular
a child can give a doctor, observing the baby.

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tips and rules

Our history of feeding (6 months)

How to feed a child at the age of 6 months. Tips for parents –
Union of Pediatricians of Russia

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