Mastitis in a nursing mother: symptoms andtreatment

Lactational (postpartum) mastitis is inflammatory.
breast disease that occurs during the breast
feeding. Most often, the disease occurs in primiparous women
during the first weeks of lactation, as well as during weaning.
Мастит во время грудного вскармливания вызывается
pathogens (Staphylococcus aureus and

The content of the article

  • 1 Causes of lactational mastitis
    • 1.1 Symptoms
      • 1.1.1 What not to do if you are suspected of having mastitis
  • 2 Treatment of mastitis
    • 2.1 Folk remedies
    • 2.2 Prevention

Мастит при грудном вскармливании

Causes of lactation mastitis

  1. Microcrack nipples. Entrance gate for germs causing
    mastitis, is the nipple. Therefore, any inflammatory diseases with
    microcracks in the nipples (for example, breast thrush) can
    lead to the spread of infection in the dairy
    gland. (read the article about the cracks in the chest).
  2. Unprepared nipples for feeding.
  3. The postpartum period in women is accompanied by: a) hormonal
    adjustment, b) a decrease in immune forces – which can also lead
    to mastitis.
  4. Non-compliance with basic standards of breast hygiene.
  5. Hypothermia
  6. The presence of tumors in the breast.
  7. Lactostasis. After childbirth, the breast swells severely, since
    there is a first influx of milk. At the same time, the baby can eat a little more.
    or not to take the breast at all, which leads to stagnation in the breast
    молока — ВОТ ЭТО самая распространенная причина мастита у
    nursing mother.
    We read about lactostasis


The disease is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Condensation, swelling and tenderness in the entire breast or
    some part of it (nipple, halo, mammary gland).
  • Redness of the skin at the site of inflammation.
  • Difficulty in outflow of milk, problems with feeding.
  • Повышенная температура до 380C и более. Headache
    pain, chills, weakness.
  • Enlarged axillary lymph nodes.
Symptoms мастита при гв
Symptoms мастита

Мастит трудно спутать с другим заболеванием грудных желез,
therefore, if the above symptoms are present, then within two
days you must see a doctor. At the same time, the first days are not
need to stop feeding the baby a healthy breast, and out of the chest with
mastitis should express milk until you are convinced
that there is no infection in it.

With purulent mastitis, which is determined by ultrasound,
should stop feeding the baby and healthy breasts, since
pus can also enter the healthy mammary gland through the blood.
You can only resume breastfeeding after
recovery and testing for the presence of infection in milk.

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What not to do if you are suspected of having mastitis

  • Lactation mastitis is not a reason to urgently
    Stop breastfeeding. Absolutely forbidden
    use any means or drugs to inhibit lactation,
    restrict fluid intake for this purpose.
  • In no case can the place of inflammation be heated: do not take
    hot tubs and showers, do not apply the heating pad.
  • Не следует самостоятельно подбирать себе
    antibiotics or try folk remedies.

Mastitis treatment

The effectiveness of treatment is directly related to timeliness.
necessary therapy. If mastitis began to be treated in the first 2 days
after the onset of characteristic symptoms, then surgical
intervention is most likely not needed. An operation is prescribed.
only in case of purulent mastitis. Чаще всего treatment протекает
outpatient because the mother continues to breastfeed the baby, and this
is an important factor in mastitis therapy. Termination of breast
Feeding with mastitis can only complicate the disease.

Mastitis therapy includes:

  • The most important thing at the beginning of the disease is to continue to stimulate
    outflow of milk from the mammary glands. First you need to put the baby to
    a diseased breast, since maximum emptying is more important to her.
    Straining should be regular, as it is important to reduce the load
    on the gland and prevent the emergence of new stagnant foci.
    Contraindication to the feeding of the mastitis breast can only be
    taking antibiotics that are prescribed only if others
    conservative (non-surgical) methods do not help.
  • Conducting regular manual massage from the edges of the mammary gland
    to the nipple contributes to the outflow of milk.
  • After feeding on the sick chest you need to put ice or
    hot-water bottle with ice through a fabric of ha 15 minutes.
  • For better milk outflow and removal of spasms in the mammary gland.
    before feeding take a solution of oxytocin 4 drops 5-6 times
    in a day.

All of the above (decanting, cold and oxytocin) should
do every two hours, including at night.

  • It is important to treat the external focus of infection: if there is a nipple
    cracks or inflammation, then it should be smeared with Bepanten,
    Purelan – 100 or other anti-inflammatory and healing
    ointments that you prescribe a doctor.
  • Если температура поднимается выше 380C, нужно
    take antipyretic.
  • With prolonged infectious inflammatory process by a doctor
    antibiotics are prescribed which are selected depending on
    pathogen and drink the course of 5 – 10 days. In parallel with
    antibacterial drugs prescribed drugs that oppress
    lactation. For this period, the child is transferred to the artificial
    feeding mixtures. After recovery, breastfeeding can
    will resume.

Folk remedies

капустный лист к chest при мастите

Прикладывайте капустный лист к chest

При первых признаках мастита параллельно с основными методами
treatments can help some folk remedies:

  1. Cabbage leaf applied to the sore chest for the whole day and
    night under the bra.
  2. Compresses and leaves of alder and mint. You can take dried leaves and
    soak them in boiling water for 2 minutes, put in gauze to the sick chest
    15 minutes before each decanting or feeding.
  3. Burdock leaves, scalded with boiling water,
    apply to chest for 10 – 15 minutes.


When breastfeeding mastitis is doubly unpleasant, because
brings discomfort not only to mother, but also to the child. Therefore it is important
constantly monitor the prevention of this disease.

First, the first weeks after birth definitely need
decant the milk that the baby is underweight.
Draining not
only prevent stagnation of milk, and stimulate its production.
It is most convenient to strain the breast pump, it provides more
high-quality and complete suction of milk from all ducts of the gland and
will save your time. Useful article on how to choose
breast pump and how to express breast.

— Как сцедить грудь руками >>>

Secondly, it is important to properly apply to the chest.
и менять положение при кормлении для обеспечения
uniform outflow of milk. We read how to properly apply to

Thirdly, it is necessary to treat cracks in the nipples, which
often occur in novice nurses.
You can smear nipple
Bepantenom before and after feeding or use special
nozzles on the chest for feeding.

Очень важно соблюдать гигиену: раз в день
take a shower, change bra. Make sure after feeding
there were no drops of milk on the nipples. Do not wash your breasts after
each feeding, so you can only break the protective layer of the skin.
It is enough to dip the remains of milk with a clean cloth or wipe
nipple cotton pad dipped in boiled water. Better for the soul
do not use soap, and gels with a neutral pH.

Do not panic and get overly nervous when you suspect
на мастит
, ваше эмоциональное состояние передается малышу
и влияет на lactation. Calmly carry out all medical activities
Do not delay the visit to the doctor. С застойными явлениями в chest
almost all the wet-nurse face, but far from each
go into mastitis.

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