Marina Romanenko: how to raise a boy andgirl – what’s the difference?

To bring up a boy from a boy
man, and from the girl – a real woman, they need to lay
different qualities and use different techniques and approaches in
nurturing. From the video you will learn:

  • How to punish a child, and whether to do it at all;
  • How to show love to a child that does not grow into his
  • How to get the child to fulfill the requirements, not
    injuring and not demeaning his dignity;
  • Should I respect children’s opinion, and why;
  • Should I pity the child, and where are the verges of pity and
    weakness of character;
  • How to behave in situations where the child does not accept his
    gender (boy considers himself a girl or
    vice versa);
  • What to do in cases when a child rejects one of

Topic: how to raise girls and boys every day
to grow happy women and men. Marina tells
Romanenko is a psychologist, the creator of the “Academy of Professional
Parenthood ”, business coach and mother of four children:


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