March 8: what to give a girl

The girls are waiting for gifts on March 8 as well as for the day.
Birth and New Year. Ask what they want, you can not: so
no surprise. And guess their desires on their own very
difficult. We will help you with this by talking about the interests of girls in
different age periods of life.

On International Women’s Day, tokens are not only waiting
women, but also young women:
girls, teenagers and young girls. They are waiting for gifts from the most
close people and believe that they will definitely be given something special.
What to give the girl on March 8? Let’s try to guess together
desires of our daughters and granddaughters.

What gift is suitable for a girl up to 6 years

For now, the girl has few responsibilities. Every day for her is
time to devote to games. Therefore, a toy –
long-awaited gift. Everyone will love a beautiful doll with a toy
furniture and a set of accessories. The little mistress will be delighted
toy kitchen and a set of dishes.

But even you can play with benefit. Give a little girl
developing toy, and even better – a game for the whole family. For
development of spatial imagination is suitable constructor, and for
the formation of figurative and logical thinking – puzzle. For девочек
up to 4 years, choose sets with large parts, and for those who
older – with small ones. This will further develop small
motor skills.

Memory, attention and thinking will help develop the desktop.
hodilki games. They must play at least two: you will
good reason to spend time with the child. In this category you can
include themed lotto, expanding horizons. And develop flexibility
will help a fun game twister.

Even at preschool age, a girl is a small woman,
which wants to look beautiful and attractive. Therefore she will
I am pleased with such a gift in the form of a set of beautiful hairpins,
rim, baby cosmetics or plastic jewelry.

How to surprise a girl of 6-7 years old on March 8

This is a special age: at the age of 6-7, the girl is already studying in the first
classroom. And now shy and shy first grader as ever
needs your understanding, attention and support. After all, the first
class is a time of change and self-organization. Children being in
unfamiliar surroundings, find new friends. But the main thing – on them
assigned a lot of responsibilities. What should parents do? To help and
to pamper! And March 8 for this is an excellent occasion. On this day, you can
to please the little princess not only useful, but also very
pleasant presentations.

If a girl is already interested in fashion, you can give her
the suitcase of a real lady. In it, she will find ornaments, hairbrushes and
hairpins to create beautiful hairstyles and a children’s makeup kit.
She will also appreciate the handbag with a long and wide belt.

Girls with a creative kind will like the kits for
needlework. Technique of execution does not have to be already
familiar for the needlewoman, if she likes to learn new things. Select
cross-stitch or bead set, good felt-tip pens or
paints and brushes with an album. Or maybe she would like to sculpt or
do crafts out of felt?

Dreamy natures like a night light with a soft light,
projecting the starry sky on the ceiling and walls. Girls will be in
delighted with the new pajamas depicting your favorite characters from
cartoons. In it, they will fall asleep, anticipating a night full of wonders
and magic.

Choosing a gift for a girl of 8-10 years

At this age, studies begin to occupy most of the day:
the number of lessons and school subjects has increased. And on the game
there is almost no time left. But she is still a child, so not
prevent her from having fun or making something of her own
by hands. The main advice – do not give the girl things related to learning
(unless she herself asked you about it).

A good gift will be a personal diary with a lock. You can
will keep secrets, and no one can reveal them. If a girl
Already dreaming about summer, you can get a little ahead of time and give her
scooter, roller skates or a new bike. For подрастающей
housewives donate a cookbook with detailed recipes and bright
pictures. Everyone will like to get a big soft gift.
a toy or a magic tree with crystals growing right on

A gift for a teenage girl 11-14 years

Turning to high school, girls come teenage
age. Dolls are interested in them less. Now they want to look like
beautiful, fashionable and stylish. And for this they need cosmetics,
high-heeled shoes and a small handbag instead of voluminous
backpack. Yes, you can fork out for ultramodern gifts.
like jewelry, expensive perfume, tablet or new
phone. Но такие подарки лучше пусть подождут до дня
of birth. March 8 – a reason to please, but not to pamper

Настольные игры — на внимание, на везение,
на аккуратность или просто познавательные — для веселых
девочек и дружной компании. Пазлы и головоломки
помогут развить логическое мышление и увлекут ребенка.

Everyone will love to get a new dress, shoes or a new one.
handbag. Win-win is a big teddy bear.

Creative nature will be pleased to receive as a gift sets for
scrapbooking, embroidery, modeling or painting on fabric or ceramics.
Curious teens you can please sets for young
scientists. After all, build a model of a water heater working on
solar power, or to grow a crystal with your own hands – this is very

What to give a young girl in 15-17 years

At this age, personality formation ends. Girl
turns into a charming girl with her own tastes and
sense of style. Yes, her main activity is still studying. But not
less time she gives to her appearance. Young girls
dream of a gift that emphasizes their beauty.

At 15-17 years old, you can give beautiful watches or jewelry. They
do not have to be expensive: in our time are popular
silver jewelry and jewelry. For девушки окажется
useful gift such as a set of care for the face or hair,
cosmetics or cosmetic bag. One of the desired gifts – a perfume with a gentle

What to give on March 8 to a girl student

A student girl who is not only interested in her own
appearance, but also, for example, a computer, suitable for a gift
capacious USB flash drive or laptop bag.

The gift for March 8 should please the girls, because this is their day.
Therefore, they need to give what they dream about, and their desires are
Much depends on age. But there is a universal gift to which
both small princesses and adult women will be happy
bouquet of flowers. Give them your favorite flowers for the holiday,
daisies, tulips or roses. For юных особ лучше выбрать белые или
pink flowers. A bouquet of red roses, leave to hand
adult woman.

Of course, parents, relatives and friends want to hand
a gift to which the girl will be very happy and will find a use for him.
Therefore, you need to choose it with special care. Reward for
it will be your eyes sparkling with happiness

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