Macaques help to study longevityhuman

Update: February 2019

Rhesus macaques evolutionarily associated with man have in their
�”Society” a certain hierarchy by status and circles of communication.
The study of these mammals, according to scientists, is very important for
science. The resulting information can tell something about a person as
form, give new ideas about the preservation of health and longevity.
That is why doctors from the University of Exeter (England), and
also Duke University (Durham, England) in parallel engaged
search for answers to 2 questions:

  1. How will the health and general condition of macaques affect their living
    in a large “family” with extensive communication links with
  2. How does a significant place in the monkey hierarchy affect the same

During the research of the first university, the main focus was
It is given to females of macaques. Doctors figure out how many females
is related to each of the observed mammals and
how many animals each animal communicates with.
It turned out that those rhesus monkeys that possess numerous
relatives and “friends” live 2.3% longer than not
possessing all these individuals. What is interesting is that
was observed only in young macaques. The results of the analysis were
published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


Duke University shared the discovery of the relationship between
the state of the macaques in their society and their state of health. During
The experiment has overcome two stages:

  • Combining female rhesus monkeys in several groups and observation
    for the independent formation of the hierarchical structure of each.
  • The distribution of mammals to new groups, where previously
    �”High-status” individuals now occupied a low social position
    and vice versa.

After the changes in the society of animals, amazing
changes. High-ranking macaques are less susceptible.
infectious diseases, rather than the opposite subgroup
the subjects. Their immunity has become stronger than before. Received
information allowed scientists to conclude: it is a profitable social
position has an effect on health. Science magazine made
publication of news in the next issue.

Is such a relationship possible in humans? University Doctors
say yes. After all, macaques are direct evolutionary relatives.
human species. They have high hopes that their
research will be able to help in studying the societies of people, as well as in
developing new methods to improve health in this regard. BUT
perhaps soon the secret of longevity will be revealed.

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