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первый прикорм - несколько советов

Children, even their own, grow fast and need a lot
strength and energy. When a child reaches six months
mother’s milk is not enough for further development and growth,
because it is trite not able to satisfy the need
growing body in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The
факт означает следующее – особое внимание нужно уделить
nutrition baby, which lacks milk (or mixture). Is required
something substantial – this is called complementary foods.

What does feeding mean in practice?

These are products that differ in consistency, composition, and quality.
from breast milk. These are juices, cereals, vegetables, fish and meat purees,
cottage cheese, yolk, vegetable oil.

The reasons for the introduction of complementary foods are: development and training
digestive tract, stimulation of intestinal motor activity,
teaching the child to new tastes, the need for
getting enough fats, proteins, and
polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Схема введения прикорма

Схема введения прикорма

Конечно, можно покупать готовые пюре, которые продаются в
stores. It is enough to buy such a jar, open and immediately give
to kid. And to be completely sure that the child will never
will please. The only disadvantage of this choice is the high price.

Useful tips for moms about lure


It is rational to begin feeding with juices, vegetables and fruits. And
introduce one type of fruit or vegetable, gradually adding others
Components. Vegetable lure can satisfy the increasing
the growing body’s need for carbohydrates and fiber.

That is why most young mothers prefer to cook
own lure – as soon as 6 months have passed, then
start cooking potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Everything cools
тщательно перетирается и дается to kid. Such a simple “menu”
checked for centuries …

After the child learns to eat fruits and vegetables,
porridge is gradually introduced. Lure start with a small dose –
half a teaspoon, after which the child is given the usual

The consequences of too early introduction of complementary foods can be
regurgitation, discoordination of swallowing movements, food allergies,
constipation, diarrhea, risk of obesity.

The manifestations of late feeding include growth retardation, constipation,
anemia, refusal of solid food, impaired taste development

The timely introduction of complementary foods will allow the baby to avoid all
of the above problems and grow healthy to your joy

Here you can watch a video about the baby

Подробная статья о первом прикорме: когда
вводить первый прикорм (со сколько месяцев, с чего начинать,
rules and tips) 

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