Loving Moms: Baby First Steps – 6 Tipsto parents

Your child grows, develops, is already actively crawling and confidently
standing at the support. Every parent is waiting for the moment when the baby
take the first step. Adults, of course, try to help the crumbs go,
try to teach the child to walk on their own as quickly as possible.
In this video, loving moms decided to tell what they must
you need to pay attention and give useful recommendations. Here is
our advice …

There are several universal tips for parents,
wanting to teach a child to walk, they are briefly presented in six

  1. Do not compare. Child development goes no
    the same: someone goes earlier, someone later. Every kid needs
    a different amount of time to learn how to walk.
  2. Не торопить. When and how the child goes,
    depends on his musculoskeletal system. It’s not worth walking
  3. Security. Make sure there is no house
    hazardous items for a child. Sharp corners should wear soft
    lining. We also read the article: How to secure a house for
  4. Proper support. While walking baby
    важно правильно поддерживать (под мышки поддерживать baby не
    worth it). It will be better if he begins to rely on a rolling toy,
    so he will safely learn to walk on his own.
  5. Keep calm. Baby during
    ходьбы будет часто падать, это не страшно, поэтому to parents не
    нужно вскрикивать и пугать baby.
  6. The right shoes. Even at home the child needs
    walking in the right shoes, it will improve the correct formation of the foot

Well, here is the video:


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