Lose weight after childbirth – fundamentaltips

Proper nutrition

Very many mothers make a serious mistake, sitting down on a strict
диету с целью быстро похудеть after childbirth. Is it dangerous. Should
just replace harmful and high-calorie foods with less
high-calorie. For example, fried potatoes can be replaced by

You will need about 2000 kcal per day. 500 you will give with
milk baby. Your diet should include:

  1. Lean meat, fish;
  2. Cheese (also low-fat, 10-15%);
  3. Fruits vegetables.

From these products, your body will extract the necessary proteins,
calcium and vitamins.

Especially during breastfeeding, give up sausages,
fried, smoked and fat (full list of products).

As soon as breastfeeding is over, limit yourself
up to 1600 kcal per day. Remember that dramatic weight loss immediately after
childbirth can adversely affect the baby!

During a strict diet you feel deprived and sad,
and you can easily break loose.

  • Vegetable stews (and salads), cereals, yoghurts, kefir,
  • Еще вам потребуются растительные белки. Them you can
    get by eating nuts and legumes.
  • Give up the sweet and flour. The sense of such products
    no, they are of no use to you or the baby.
  • Drink more fluids – water and juices. On the day you need to drink
    not less than 2 liters. Небольшой секрет: напитки лучше
    drink cold. The fact is that the assimilation of a cold body
    spends more calories.
  • Drink green tea, which improves the work of metabolic processes,
    that helps burn calories.

It is necessary to eat often, but gradually – no more than 250 g at a time (fractional
food every 2-3 hours). Try not to eat 4 hours before

Fasting days

эффективное похудание after childbirth


Парочка разгрузочных дней в неделю поможет быстро сбросить

Protein fasting days:

  1. Take 400 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, add 200 g to it
    fruits and / or berries. Can be whipped in a blender.
  2. Two soft-boiled eggs with a slice of cheese can be part of
    fasting day.
  3. You can also cook 500 gr. chicken (without skin).

be healthy

  • Take your time in the gym, better start walking with a stroller
    in the fresh air. 20 minutes is enough for a start. Such a walk
    burns about 160 kcal, uplifting, well influences you
    and baby.
  • At 6 weeks after pregnancy, you can go on a light diet, and
    also start simple workouts. After feeding
    can do dancing.
  • At 5 months after pregnancy, you can do an easy run,
  • You can buy hulahup or jump rope. You will spend 15 classes
    minutes, but they will help get rid of excess weight.

Postpartum depression

The main enemy of a good figure is postpartum depression.
Constantly annoyed for no particular reason, overworked,
seize depression with ice cream and chocolates, which
deposited in the sides.

Try replacing sweets with fresh fruit. They are not a bit
worse, but they will not harm your figure.

Читаем о послеродовой депрессии и как с ней

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No envy!

Do not look at celebrities. Remember that they are surrounded by the army
nannies and nutritionists. Stars do not breastfeed children, quickly shed
weight, because it requires their careers. But if you will
starve, the consequences can be terrible:

  • Your milk may disappear;
  • Metabolism is broken;
  • The immune system will weaken.

Заключение: Итак, чтобы сбросить вес
after giving birth, you should move more, and there is little, but often.
Eat healthy food, forget about harmful, fatty and high-calorie.

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