London Quarantined

Countries with coronavirus infections took tough measures. UK is one of the “hot” points “COVID-19, where quarantine has been set since March 23. Here you are only allowed to leave your home to buy food and medicine, walking pets, short-term physical education. Social distance must be at least two meters. No meetings allowed more than two people. According to statistics for April 9, in the United kingdom recorded over 60 thousand cases of infection, more than 7 thousand deaths from COVID-19 and about 300 выздоровлений.The British lead an active lifestyleНесмотря на всю опасностьglobal pandemic situation, the British neglect warnings and even pleas of the government. To compatriots seems to have been unsuccessfully treated by Queen Elizabeth II, infected Coronavirus Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Minister Health Matt Hancock.
A couple of days ago in London, a truly spring the weather is +20 degrees Celsius, which “provoked” the British to forget about all sorts of prohibitions and enjoy the little joys of life. IN Kensington Park people bask in the sun and sunbathe on the grass, children, companies, cyclists and runners scurry around. Virtually no protective masks. It’s hardly worth talking about compliance social distribution.
High Street Kensington’s main shopping street is teeming with bursts in supermarkets.
In Battersea Park on the Thames – a family pastime: sunbathing, picnics. Young people have fun in their own way – gatherings on the lawns, games. Looks like hopeful in this case. only on the self-discipline of the British.

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