Little-known benefits of breastfeeding

Breast-feeding очень полезно для мамы и ребенка –
it is a fact. In this article, we will not repeat well-known things,
better tell you about the beneficial effects of breastfeeding,
which were identified relatively recently by the results
Research 2016-2017

Little-known benefits of breastfeeding

Once pediatricians even recommended artificial
feeding, but these times are long gone. Now all doctors
are of the same opinion: there is no more healthy food for an infant,
than mom’s breast milk. Breastfeeding brings invaluable
the benefit of the woman herself, with objective reasons for refusing
it is extremely small.

At one time, a lot was said about maternal
milk is rich in nutrients, vitamins, protective
antibodies that are necessary for the child. Proven to be the best
пища для новорожденного, об укреплении психологической связи
a lot has been said between a woman and a baby during breastfeeding,
although manufacturers of artificial mixtures and tried with all their might
to disprove this. But what else is so useful breastfeeding?
The answers to this question will pleasantly surprise you.

Improving child behavior

In June 2016, scientists made an unexpected conclusion: a long
breastfeeding (provided that it is not combined with supplementation and
feeding) has a positive effect on the behavior of the child in the future,
making it more calm and obedient.

The study was conducted in South Africa, where scientists
analyzed the development of 1,500 children. It turned out that
babies who were exclusively breastfed before
6 months old, at the age of 7-11 pleased parents with approximate
They made adults blush by 56% less often in
compared with babies who have been breastfed for less than 1 month.

According to scientists, it is possible that such a big difference
provokes many long-term consequences. After all, children
who behave badly, often have low self-esteem and
school failure. Reaching adolescence, they are more often
show a tendency to asocial behavior, violations of the law,
mental disorders.

Of course, you can not be called breastfeeding only, but
perhaps even the main factor that influences behavior and
the nature of the child in the future. Yet a certain role is he here
is playing.

Treating Asthma Symptoms

Bronchial asthma is one of the most common
chronic diseases to which children are subject. Moreover, its causes
still not fully understood. At the moment it is known that
some babies have a genetic predisposition to
disease: fatal factor can be a variation of the gene in the 17th
chromosome. Swiss scientists in September 2016 made the discovery:
It turns out breastfeeding helps in the treatment of symptoms
bronchial asthma.

Were carefully analyzed the data of 368 infants. Everyone has
babies underwent genetic testing, and their mothers researchers
asked to keep lactation diaries, noting the days when children
there were symptoms of the respiratory system.

As a result, it turned out that babies with a modified gene in
chromosome no. 17 on breastfeeding days risk of symptoms
asthma decreased by 27%. Until scientists can explain exactly how
mother’s milk helps prevent an asthmatic attack, but,
perhaps this will be known later, as planned
continue research in this area.

Stroke risk reduction

Breastfeeding is beneficial for both the baby and his mother. This one more time
proved the results of a study in China, which was conducted in the summer
2017 г. Ученые выяснили, что грудное вскармливание помогает
women reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular pathologies and
stroke in the future.

Data analysis of 289,573 Chinese women showed that those who fed
breast, then 8% less likely to detect stroke and 9% less often – disease
heart and blood vessels. For women who continued breastfeeding
feeding for 2 years or more, risks decreased accordingly
by 17% and 18%.

According to scientists, these results are due to the fact that
lactation helps recycle accumulated during pregnancy
adipose tissue. It literally updates the entire metabolism in
the body. The health benefits of nursing mothers also come from the fact that
they have to lead the “right” way of life, more carefully
monitor the quality of their food and discard harmful

Prevention of multiple sclerosis

This disease can be confused with atherosclerosis due to the similarity.
titles. Only multiple sclerosis is more serious.
pathology. It develops against the background of “wrong” immune responses.
systems leading to the destruction of myelin – the nerve sheath, which
ensures the normal conduct of nerve impulses. As a result
various neurological disorders are formed. Since scientists so far
did not find effective treatment for multiple sclerosis, disease
gradually progresses, making the person an invalid.

If atherosclerosis affects mainly the elderly, then disseminated
women are more prone to sclerosis middle-aged. results
Studies published in July 2017 show that
that breastfeeding helps reduce the risks of developing this

Scientists investigated 433 healthy women and 397 patients scattered
sclerosis. All of them filled out questionnaires, answering questions about
pregnancy and lactation. It turned out that у тех из них, кто кормил
breastfeeding for at least 15 months; risks of multiple sclerosis
were 53% lower than women who continued breastfeeding
only 4 months or less. It is worth noting that the result was
cumulative: 15 months could be “divided” into two feeding
or more toddlers, but even in such cases the protective effect

How and why lactation helps mother avoid scattered
sclerosis, scientists themselves do not yet understand. It remains to hope that
future research will help find answers.

Relief of pain after cesarean section

Spanish scientists in 2017 studied the factors affecting
the appearance of pain after cesarean section. They polled 185 young
moms who had this operation in the period 2015-2016.
The researchers asked women to talk about the pains that they
felt a day after operative delivery, after three days and
in 4 months.

Participants were also asked to fill out questionnaires in which
including the need to answer questions about lactation. It revealed,
that moms who have breastfed for at least 2 months have chronic pain
disturbed 3 times less.

Formation of the correct microflora in the intestines of a child

The intestinal microflora of the baby begins to form from the moment it
birth In 2017, scientists from Los Angeles decided
check what role breastfeeding plays in this process, and
conducted the largest study on the study of this issue.
As a result удалось установить, что 30% полезных
microorganisms that live in the colon, baby
gets through breast milk, and another 10% – from mom’s skin
In addition, breastfeeding continues
promote the growth of the right microflora even when
the grown-up child begins to translate into solid food.

results этого исследования стали очень важными, поскольку
helped to better understand how intestinal microflora is formed
newborn and how to influence this process.

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Breast-feeding: преимущества и секреты

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