List of products rich in wholesomeamino acids. Which ones are irreplaceable?


  • What are amino acids? Harm and Benefit
  • Types of amino acids and their main functions
  • What foods are rich in amino acids?
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  • Table of useful amino acids in foods
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Аминокислоты в продуктах power supply — таблица поможет вам составить
balanced diet The concept of amino acids is not familiar to everyone.
Man, we have heard more about the beneficial vitamins and minerals. what
Are these mysterious substances – amino acids? What are the benefits they
bring to our body and in what products are contained? About it
it will be discussed in our article, and a special table of contents
аминокислот в продуктах power supply поможет вам в составлении
balanced diet.

What are amino acids? Harm and Benefit

Amino acids are organic compounds, those “building blocks”, of
which are protein molecules – the foundation of any living organism.
Protein is an indispensable element, the basis of our functioning
body. Protein consists of our muscles and body, bones and internal
organs, hair and nails. Hormones and bioferments are basically also
have protein compounds.

It is necessary to eat protein and foods daily
rich in essential amino acids to maintain health
organism. If we compare proteins and amino acids, the latter have
большую биологическую ценность для нашего body.

Especially important for our health are 20 amino acids, derived from
продуктов power supply, у них разные составы и много функций. Scientists
Separately allocate a list of 8 amino acids, calling them indispensable.
This means that our body can not independently their
synthesize, so they can get into the body only with food.

You will be surprised to know that animals are capable of
independent synthesis of all types of amino acids – both interchangeable and non
replaceable. That is why every person who cares about
your health, you need to competently approach the compilation
daily diet. If getting essential amino acids from
продуктов power supply затруднительно, вы можете свободно приобрести в
pharmacy dietary supplements or specialized vitamin complexes.

аминокислоты в продуктах power supply

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Types of amino acids and their main functions

Conventionally, all amino acids can be divided into two types:
irreplaceable and replaceable. Consider them in more detail so that you have
idea of ​​how important these substances are for our

  • Glycine helps the absorption of other nutrients, is
    basis for the production of hormones, affects the health of the nervous
  • Alanine promotes the synthesis of antibodies in the blood, is an integral
    part of the vitamins.
  • Valine helps to synthesize protein, strengthens the nervous system,
    affects the quantity and quality of hormones.
  • Leucine maintains normal blood sugar levels, helps
    synthesize proteins and release energy.
  • Isoleucine regulates sugar and cholesterol levels, helps
    produce hemoglobin and repair our damaged tissues
  • Proline improves the work of the brain, is involved in the work
    thyroid and hormone production.
  • Serin helps us fight infection because synthesizes
    antibodies, as well as its action helps the absorption of proteins.
  • Threonine produces collagen, is involved in digestion,
    is an integral part of tooth enamel.
  • Cysteine ​​helps digestion, affects the state
    circulatory system, as well as the quality of hair and nails.
  • Methionine fights toxins, supports brain function,
    involved in the process of hormone production.
  • Asparagine regulates the nervous system, is involved in
    exchange processes.
  • Aspartic acid – the basis for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, is involved
    в exchange processes.
  • Glutamine is the basis of our muscular system, and also
    ensures the work of the digestive system, participates in the exchange
    processes of tissues and organs.
  • Glutamic acid contributes to the production of proline and helps
    carbohydrate synthesis.
  • Lysine – the basis of collagen (responsible for the state of the vessels),
    absorbs calcium, helps the body synthesize enzymes,
    гормоны, антиbody.
  • Arginine dilates blood vessels, nourishes the body with oxygen, cleanses
    its from slags and fats.
  • Histidine is important for men’s health, and also helps
    immunity to fight viruses, forms the constituent elements of our
  • Phenylalanine helps to excrete pancreatic juice, reduces
    pain threshold.
  • Tyrosine helps hormone production, protects the brain from getting
    unnecessary substances.
  • Tryptophan – the basis for the production of hormones.
Аспарагиновая кислота
Глутаминовая кислота

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man? List of foods rich in selenium

What foods are rich in amino acids?

Our body always needs amino acids, but most of all
they are required in the following cases:

  1. Mental and physical stress;
  2. Intense sport activities;
  3. With various diseases;
  4. During periods of recovery from illness;
  5. With a lack of vital energy and strength.

Each a day you need to consume enough food
rich in amino acids. Foods of animal origin most
rich in essential amino acids. She will quickly help your
the body to compensate for the deficiency of these nutrients. However not
we should also forget about the plant sources of amino acids.
Plant foods are easier to digest and not so heavy
the digestive system, unlike the food of the animal

продукты содержащие аминокислоты

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