List of cough medicines for babies (whichcan be given to a child from birth)

With возникновении кашля у грудных детей молодые и неопытные
родители берутся за голову и не знают что делать.
Физиологическая особенность новорожденных выражается в том,
what is characteristic of them is the immaturity of the respiratory muscles,
Therefore, there is a pathology of cough drainage. In such
situations any parents wonder what to do to a child
перестал кашлять и что можно давать от кашля грудным
детям чтобы не навредить.

Attention! Before giving medication
newborns should consult a doctor! The
The review is informational.

что можно грудничкам от кашля

Весь процесс лечения кашля у самых маленьких детей должен
boil down to making the baby cool and
humid air, and above all – abundant drink, which
helps to eliminate pathological fluid loss in the body

However, in modern conditions it is difficult to deny the achievements
медицины в области фармакологических средств от кашля.
Итак, что из лекарственных препаратов от кашля
можно давать грудному ребенку.

Allowable cough medicines for babies

Currently, pediatricians are often appointed
mucolytic agents. Among them:

  1. Амброксол – представляет собой муколитический
    a drug that promotes the dilution of sputum in the lungs. This
    The medicine is effective when coughing, accompanied by viscous sputum,
    which is difficult to separate. (См статью Мокрый кашель у
    грудного ребенка ). Pleasant syrup can be given with
    first month of life baby. Доза: от 0 до 2 лет по 2,5 мг
    after meals 2 times a day. The best effect is observed at plentiful
    drinking, so you need to give more juice, water, compote ..
     According to the instructions, the syrup should not be consumed for more than 5 days.
  2. Лазолван – прекрасно помогает at мокром
    coughing, baby coughs up phlegm well. The drug is available in
    form of syrup. From the age of 6 months the child can take on ½
    teaspoons during breakfast and dinner, washed down with water or juice.
    Additionally, it is recommended to use Lasolvan for inhalation.
    Drink syrup on average 5 days.
  3. Амбробене – разрешено давать младенцу в виде
    syrup from the first month of life. Effective as a remedy for dry
    coughing, dilutes and removes phlegm. Dosage depends on the form
    release. The syrup is given to the baby at 2.5 ml, the solution – at 1 ml after
    eating in the morning and evening.
  4. Бронхикум – можно давать деткам с 6 месяцев по
    half a teaspoon in the morning and evening. The composition includes syrup from
    Thyme herbs (thyme), excellent help with dry cough. Drink
    medicine can be up to 14 days.
  5. Флуимуцил (содержит ацетилцистеин) – препарат,
    which can be given to children from 1 year in the form of granules. Also
    used as a solution for inhalation.
  6. Бромгексин для детей – назначается детям до
    six years in the form of syrup, over 6 years old – tablets. Also
    used as a mixture for inhalation.

Doses and the order of medication, diluting the sputum, are prescribed
strictly by a pediatrician.

The next group of drugs is expectorants.
means. These drugs relieve cough by separating and
removal of sputum from the lungs due to what is happening
dilution and revitalization of the ciliated epithelium occurs. Their
used in acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory organs,
in which the cough is not viscous, thick and not accompanied
difficult sputum. Mostly these drugs are presented
herbal preparations. These include:

  1. Геделикс – at упорном сухом кашле в виде
    syrup can be given from birth. Herbal preparation
    origin. Daily rate – 1 time half a teaspoon. For
    babies can be diluted in a bottle with water or juice. Desirable
    drink plenty of water.
  2. Мукалтин – в форме таблеток. Up to a year not
  3. Корень солодки – сироп назначается детям до 2
    years old.
  4. Микстура сухая от кашля для детей – разрешено
    to use from 6 months. Dilute powder (1 bag) in 20 ml
    boiled water. Give the resulting mixture 15 drops after a meal in
    4 doses per day.
  5. Линкас –уменьшает кашель, способствует
    dilution and better sputum discharge, relieves sore throat.
    Approved for use from 6 months. Drink your baby half
    teaspoon a week (you can up to 10 days).
  6. Стоптуссин — представлен в виде капель. With
    dry cough, from six months, to give after eating. Single dose
    depends on the weight of the child: with a weight of less than 7 kg, 8 drops are diluted; at
    weight 7 – 12 kg – 9 drops to half a 200 – gram glass with
    water, tea, fruit juice. Withем лекарства от трех до четырех
    once a day. A child may drink less than 100 g, but a dose of liquid
    for breeding can not be reduced.

Pediatricians and parents should be especially careful.
prescribe cough medicine for infants. Note that
кашель at ОРВИ – состояние само собой проходящее, только
it is necessary to observe a certain mode: air humidification and
plentiful warm drink. Coughing in small children does not reduce
only one absorption of various drugs.

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