List of coronavirus quarantine countries

Today, more than 150 countries of the world are infected with coronavirus. In such a short period, SARS-COV-2 infection has managed spread to the whole world thanks to its extreme infectivity and resistance to standard antibacterial as a chlorine solution. COVID-19 can serve a catalyst for a new economic crisis in the world.


What measures are taken in quarantined countries where it is detected? Coronavirus 2019 Ncov?

  • Many states close airports;
  • Mutual exchange of goods and trade ceases;
  • Travel agencies are closed;
  • The work of many private enterprises and public facilities suspended for the period of quarantine;
  • Educational institutions ceased operations; Quarantine in countries due to coronavirus

List of quarantined countries due to coronavirus. Top 10:

  • First on the list China is standing – it all started from there. In China, the most tough measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus infections. Thanks to the method of isolation of foci of infection by roadblocks and fencing all the way in the country for the first time in 5 months was not not a single new infection was detected. Recovered rates also pleasing: The total number of patients with SARS-COV-2 is 81,285 people, and cured – 74 051. According to international indicators information centers, China has recovered from coronavirusan 92%.
  • Italy is the most infected country in Europe – statistics show that Italy is not inferior in the number of infected: 74 386 patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The country has increased mortality of the older generation. Violation of the quarantine is punishable by a fine of up to 5 thousand euros, all production plants and the government stopped requests to stay at home of his citizens in any case;
  • USA – United States Economy States suffers tremendous losses due to coronavirus. Residents Quarantined States cannot pay fully medical services, so Donald Trump announced to the world that he was tired from isolation and will open the country closer to Easter. In the United States 68 351 cases of new coronavirus disease were detected;
  • Spain is the fourth country in the world in the number of cases. Spain infection counter shows 49, 515 people, but these are only identified cases. Many the sick choose to stay at home in isolation, in which symptoms of SARS-COV-2 ,. All medical facilities are overloaded infected, the country lacks preventive facilities for assistance, police patrol the streets and fine quarantine violators;
  • Germany – 41,192 infected. Angela Merkel during a conference with by the Prime Ministers of the country on March 22, 2020, adopted a law on toughening quarantine measures. The country closes public establishments, including hairdressers, cafes, restaurants and others Gourmet establishments. Citizens are asked to keep distance in 1.5 meters on the street and limit bodily contact;
  • Iran— the country was revealed 27 017 cases of the disease with the new pathogen of coronavirus. IN Iran has a shortage of medicines, and conditions for detention patients are poor. Government banned citizens traveling around the country and closed public places, bazaars, parks and food outlets. Earlier, the US offered Assistance to Iran with pharmaceuticals, to which the supreme leader of the country Ali Khamenei answered in this way: “In your country, too, is observed lack of medicines. It looks very suspicious considering recent events. Help your citizens better, not lead charity around the world “;
  • France —In the country extended the quarantine for another two months, tightening emergency measures, reports news agency “Journal officiel”. To citizens who went outside without permission will be fined the amount of 135 euros. If this violation repeats within two weeks, the amount of money can be 1500 euros, with repeated relapse, the person faces a punishment of 3,700 euros and prison term for 6 months;
  • Switzerland – 10 897 cases infection. The government tightens the regime of entry into the country: countries in the Schengen zone were banned. Also, The country’s administration is going to return home more than a hundred citizens, which are located outside the country, providing them with material help. Many companies have switched to a short work schedule. It is forbidden to hold public meetings. For quarantine violation will be punished in the amount of 100 Swiss francs.
  • Great Britain – Country closes all retail outlets and restricts the movement of people on territory of the country. Citizens are not allowed to go outside without a sharp occasion. It is allowed to go in for sports once a day. fresh air, within 1 km of the residence. You can also go out for essentials and medical In England, there are 9 529 cases 2019 NCOV infection
  • South Korea —9,241 infected. Perhaps the only country where they were not introduced emergency quarantine measures against citizens. Ministry health quarantines only those who have had confirmed diagnoses of the disease SARS-COV-2. The government did not protect the foci of infection, however, the administration managed to limit the spread of the epidemic in the country. Specialist virologist Kim Woo Chu comments on this method quarantine: “Our government is based on democracy, and hard measures to isolate people are not the most humane. ”

In the CIS countries, measures have also been taken to limit the spread of coronavirus infection. In Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, were also identified the first cases of infection, but the number of infected does not exceed the mark of 1000 people.

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