List of all medicines, heartburn pills

Update: December 2018 Heartburn is a common symptom of diseases
internal organs – the digestive system. Main cause
the occurrence of heartburn is gastro-esophageal reflux, that is,
throwing into the esophagus the contents of the stomach containing hydrochloric acid.
Since the mucosa of the esophagus does not have such a natural
physiological protection, as the gastric mucosa occurs faster
inflammation of it in the chest, sour or burning
bitter taste in the mouth (see bitterness in the mouth – causes).

It is clear that in order to get rid of persistent heartburn, one should
determine the cause of its occurrence and treat the underlying disease,
its caller. However, in this article we will talk about medicinal
remedies that simply help reduce the unpleasant symptom
таблетках from heartburn.

Causes of Heartburn

Strong and frequent heartburn is one of the major
symptoms of gastritis reflux. Also for diseases like
stomach ulcer, diabetes mellitus, diaphragmatic hernia,
gastritis often occurs heartburn. Other provocative factors
the development of such discomfort also include:

  • Obesity, overweight
  • Heartburn is a frequent companion of pregnancy, especially in late
  • Taking some drugs – NSAIDs, theophylline,
    аспирин и etc.
  • Smoking, алкоголь
  • Overeating, especially fried, oily, spicy and sour

And since in inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal
tract, high acidity of the stomach contributes to inflammation
esophagus, the basis in the fight against heartburn – is to reduce
acid concentrations in the stomach. What heartburn pills are the best
what are the contraindications, side effects, benefits and

Antacids – drugs for heartburn, reducing acidity

There are several groups of heartburn remedies, one of the most
most popular and safest – antacids, these are drugs
aluminum, magnesium, because these substances neutralize the acid.

The habit of individual patients quickly and cheaply to quench heartburn
пищевой содой – в корне неправильна и опаsleep. Yes. Heartburn first
extinguished (acid neutralized by alkali), but further released
large amounts of carbon dioxide, which is very annoying
gastric mucosa and stimulates an even greater release of acid. Even
One-time use of soda – the wrong tactic.

Taking antacids is therefore considered more appropriate, they
neutralize acid more slowly than soda. Action of all antacids
almost the same, they differ only in price, name,
by the manufacturer. Since aluminum preparations contribute to the development
constipationов, а препараты магния — поносов, лучше принимать гидроокись
aluminum and magnesium, then the side effects are neutralized,
however, it is very individual and diarrhea may occur.
или constipationа при их приеме. How to quickly get rid of heartburn?

Antacids are considered the best remedy for heartburn in the composition.
complex therapy of the underlying disease causing it.

Be sure to contact your doctor in cases where, except
other symptoms or discomfort bother you with heartburn:

  • Heartburn has become a frequent symptom and you have never consulted.
    about this at the doctor
  • Weight loss has occurred
  • Vomiting, high body temperature, weakness
  • Difficulty in swallowing food, frequent attacks.
  • Periodically there is heartburn, the cause of which
    you do not know and self-treatment does not help, or even
    worsens the situation.

Currently only nonabsorbable antacids are used.
since the first drugs (a mixture of Bourget, magnesium oxide) is not only
absorbed into the blood, but also gave, like soda, the effect of ricochet
increase acidity. Non-Absorbable Antacids:

  • aluminum hydroxide + magnesium hydroxide: Almagel, Maalox,
    Almagel A (+ anastezin)
  • aluminum phosphate: phosphalugel
  • magnesium-aluminum bicarbonate: Rutacid, Taltsid
  • Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate: Rennie
  • magnesium, aluminum and silicon compounds: Gelusil varnish
  • magnesium carbonate + bismuth subnitrate + sodium bicarbonate:
    Vikair, Vikalin.
Таблетки from изжоги

Aluminum and Magnesium Hydroxide

These heartburn pills reduce the increased acidity in the stomach.
to a physiological level, and also reduce dyspeptic
disorders caused by an excess of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice.
The gap between taking these drugs and other drugs
means not less than 2 hours. Antacids are not recommended for children under 6 years old,
after 6 years use with caution. Analogs with the prices of 2018:

  • Almagel (price 320 rubles)
  • Gastal (150-300 rubles)
  • Maalox (120 suspension, tab. 200 rub),
  • Gastracid (110 rub)

Aluminum phosphate

  • Phosphalugel (150 6 pieces. 340 rub 20 pieces)

This is a gel for oral administration. Drug Phosphalugel can
use both in diluted form in 0.5 cups of water, and in
pure form. Иногда возможно развитие constipationа, при этом следует
increase the amount of fluid consumed per day.



  • Рутацид  (170 20 шт. 320 руб 60 шт.) Тальцид, Тисацид

These are chewable tablets, contraindicated in children under 6 years old and with
renal failure. Use of antacids and any pills
from heartburn during pregnancy is possible only on the advice of a doctor.
When taking large doses may develop diarrhea.


 Calcium and magnesium carbonate

  • Renny (150-370 rubles) chewable tablets

Contraindicated in children under 12 years old, these chewable tablets from
heartburn during pregnancy is considered safe in recommended
doses. While taking all antacids, including Rennie,
с  антибиfromиками — фтрохинолонами, тетрациклинами, препаратами
iron, cardiac glycosides, etc., decreases the absorption of these

Calamus rhizome + buckthorn alder bark + bismuth subnitrate
+ Magnesium carbonate + Sodium bicarbonate

  • Vikair 10pcs. 20 rub. 50 pcs. 110 rub.
  • Vikalin 50pcs. 160 rub.

Provides astringent, mild laxative, antacid,
antispasmodic action. Contraindicated in hypoacid gastritis,
pregnancy, lactation, renal failure, children. During
admission feces acquires a dark color.

Relcer  Relcer

  • Relcer 20 табл. 320 rub. suspension 370 -480 rubles.

Antacid in combination with carminative drugs (simethicone,
aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, dry licorice extract).

Relcer — это антацидный препарат с веществами, снижающими
flatulence. Contraindicated in children up to 10 years old, during pregnancy and
lactation. Side effects: stomach cramps, constipation, vomiting, violation
renal function, osteoporosis, allergic reactions.

The advantages of using drugs – antacids for heartburn:

  • These heartburn medicines are sold freely in pharmacies without
  • They should not be taken for preventive purposes, but only in
    as a symptomatic treatment, directly with
    the occurrence of discomfort

Disadvantages of antacids:

  • Short-term effect of drugs, a maximum of 2 hours
  • Side effects of antacids may occur – diarrhea and
  • These heartburn remedies do not cure the cause of its occurrence and
    accordingly do not protect against relapses, repeated bouts of heartburn
    и  рефлюкса
  • Антациды —  для беременных женщин показаны в редких
    cases as recommended by the doctor (Rennie), children under 6 years of age or even up to
    12 years old they are contraindicated
  • These funds influence the effectiveness of other
    medicines that should be considered when using
  • Frequent and prolonged treatment with these pills can
    contribute to the violation of mineral metabolism, uncontrolled reception
    they are not allowed.

Heartburn Antisecretory Medicines

These are agents that reduce the production of acid, their use.
possible only on doctor’s prescription, when neither antacids, nor
dieting does not reduce the frequency and intensity

The advantages of drugs that reduce the production of acid:

  • Longer duration of action of these agents than antacids,
    till 8 o’clock therefore reception is carried out once a day
  • Также эти средства продаются без recipe
  • Considered effective and relatively safe.
    by means
  • Prevent heartburn recurrences when taken regularly
  • For the treatment of heartburn in children, special suspensions are produced,
    convenient to use.


  • The effect does not come immediately, as when taking antacids, and after
    about an hour
  • These drugs have more serious side effects and in rare
    cases can occur depression, headache, hepatitis, diarrhea and
  • As well as antacids, they have an impact on safety and
    effectiveness of other medications taken simultaneously
  • During pregnancy and lactation such heartburn medications

Proton pump blockers  Омепразол

Omeprazole – this drug reduces stimulated and basal
acids, regardless of the nature of the stimulus, analogues:

  • Omeprazole (price for 30 pieces. 20 mg. 80 rubles), the cheapest
    таблетки from heartburn.
  • Omez (30 pcs. 20 mg. 180 rub)
  • Losek Map (14 tab. 20 mg. 360 rub),
  • Orthanol (28 pcs. 20 mg. 150 rub.)
  • Ultop (28 tab. 180 rub),
  • Gastrozol (28 pcs. 20 mg. 90 rub.)
  • Omitox (30 pcs. 20 mg. 140 rubles)

Рабепрозол Хайрабезол— более эффективные средства, чем омепаразол,

  • Rabeprozol (14 pcs. 120 rubles)
  • Noflux (20 mg. 28 pcs. 850 rubles)
  • Ontime (20mg. 10 pcs. 650 rub)
  • Sulebex (20 mg. 14 pcs. 480 rub),
  • Pariet (Belgium 20 mg. 14 pcs 1900 rubles),
  • Hairabesol (20 mg. 15 pcs. 540 rubles),
  • Beret (20 mg. 14 pcs. 380-450 rubles)

Эзомепразол  — analogues:

  • Nexium (price 20mg. 14 pcs. 2200 rubles), Эманера
  • Emanera (20 mg. 14 pcs. 230 rub.).

Heartburn goes away after 5 days of taking esomeprazole. At reception
of these agents in a dose of 40 mg in a month, 80% have healing
reflux esophagitis, and after 2 months in 93% of patients.

Histamine H2 Receptor Blockers

Гистак  This group of drugs has anti-ulcer
action, inhibits the secretion of acid and reduces the amount of gastric
juice, therefore, is applied only by prescription, course and
dosage according to indications.

Ranitidine – has more pronounced side effects
такими как сухость во рту, боли в живfromе, constipation, рвfromа, артралгии,
аллергические реакции, головная боль, бессонница, тахикардия и etc.
Smoking reduces the effectiveness of histamine receptor blockers.

  • Ranitidine (20-50 rubles)
  • Ranisan 60 rub.
  • Gistak (20 pcs. 40 rub)
  • Acyloc (for intravenous infusion 230 rub.)

Фамfromидин Квамател— при единовременном приеме с антацидами,
containing magnesium and aluminum, decreases absorption of famosan and
Ranitidine, so their reception should not be simultaneous, but only
with a break of 2 hours.

  • Kvamatel price 20 mg. 28 pcs. 150 rub.
  • Famotidine – 20 pcs. 20 mg. 15 rubles, 30 pcs. 20 mg. 40 rub.

GI motility stimulants

GI motility stimulants, также можно использовать для
getting rid of heartburn, they have no effect on acidity, but
help reduce reflux symptoms and also reduce
nausea, having an antiemetic effect.

Domperidone  Мfromилак

This drug is used to treat functional disorders.
Gastrointestinal tract, it increases the duration of peristaltic contractions of the stomach,
while slowing down the process of gastrointestinal emptying accelerates it, as well as
increases the tone of the lower esophageal sphincter, thereby reducing
vomiting or nausea.

  • Domperidone 10 мг. 30 tab. 180 rub.
  • Passage 10 mg. 10 pieces. 120 rub.
  • Domstal 10 mg. 30 pcs 300 rub.
  • Motilak 10 mg. 30 pieces 230 rub.
  • Motilium 10 mg. 30 pieces 550 rub, suspension 570 rub.

How to get rid of heartburn – general recommendations and

  • Nutrition

Overeating, alcohol abuse, sour
products, fried, fatty, canned, smoked –
усиливает развитие heartburn. Especially not desirable action
Provide fried and fatty foods because they last longer
linger in the stomach, stimulating the production of acid.

It is best to eat more often and little by little, after eating
it is desirable to move, not to take a horizontal position in
for at least 1 hour, dinner should be no later than 3-4 hours before
sleep. The more fiber in the diet, and complex carbohydrates – bran,
cereals, pasta the better.

They help to neutralize excess acid and beneficial
affect the work of the digestive tract. Ambiguous action also on the development
heartburn is having milk. In small quantities his reception brings
relief by neutralizing acid, but with a significant amount of milk,
Conversely, acid production increases as excess calcium
stimulates pepsin release, so to consume this product
should be treated with caution.

Moreover, it is desirable to use it separately from the reception of another
food, especially those with diseases of the pancreas. (see what
you can eat with pancreatitis, diet with stones in the gall 
bladder that you can eat during gastritis)

  • Caffeine

Coffee, strong tea, and instant chicory – negative
affect the esophagus and stomach, and if you notice that after their
receiving heartburn or nausea occurs, then reduce them

  • Smoking

Nicotine contributes to the development of heartburn and enhances its
intensity, contributing to damage to the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach
– give up this bad habit

  • Medicines

Many drugs have a destructive effect on the mucous membrane.
ЖКТ, особенно НПВС, аспирин и etc., их применение должно быть только
prescribed by a doctor.

  • Clothes, work, sleep

Strongly tightened belt on the pants or tight, slimming
odezha creates stress on the stomach from the outside, additionally provoking
heartburn. Avoid work or movement, with frequent bending, force
gravity can contribute to the ingress of food and acid into the esophagus,
что также нежелательно и вызывает heartburn. If you have heartburn
at night, for prevention it is better to use a higher pillow,
at least 15 cm from the body, this is convenient for a mattress
put a cushion of towels.

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