Life will be easier without cigarettes

Update: February 2019

Few people remember, but every year in the third in November
Thursday the whole world celebrates the Day of quitting smoking. Harm from this
addiction is obvious. But not everyone rushes faster with her.
to part, despite the constant calls of the world

According to WHO, nicotine and other substances contained in cigarettes,
lead to the annual death of over 5 million active and 600,000
passive smokers. WHO’s forecasts are disappointing: if the situation with
nicotine addiction will not begin to change, by 2030
there is a risk of such deaths rising to 8 million.


Supported by the global cessation of smoking and medical oncologists.
American Cancer Society scared the public
the following data: the United States is losing more people from
consequences of smoking, rather than from car accidents,
HIV infection, drug addiction, alcohol and violent deaths.
Oncologists, of course, remind that nicotine provokes the appearance
cancerous tumors. And this is not only lung cancer, but also the tongue, larynx,
liver, kidneys, esophagus, intestines. Other less scary
smoking related illness is COPD (chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease). It reduces the quality many times
life of smokers, manifested by shortness of breath, persistent cough and
a large amount of sputum in the morning.

The addiction to smoking shortens the duration of male
life on average for 12 years, and female – for 11 years. But tie with her
it’s never too late. In this case, you will reduce the risk of formation
numerous list of diseases and postpone the time of death. Effects
nicotine withdrawal develops already in the first minutes.

After you say goodbye to a cigarette forever,
will happen:

  • After 20 minutes, blood pressure level and frequency
    contractions of the heart will begin to decline.
  • After 12 hours, the level of carboxyhemoglobin will drop in the blood.
    (carbon monoxide) due to its transition to hemoglobin.
  • For the first 9 months, it will gradually decrease or disappear dry.
    cough. Due to the fact that now nicotine does not depress work
    epithelium of the respiratory tract, it begins to better retain germs,
    dust particles. Special goblet cells produce more mucus
    for the normal operation of the epithelium. In general, this leads to an increase in
    protective properties of the pulmonary tree from infections.
  • After 12 months, the risk of CHD will significantly decrease
    (coronary heart disease), and most importantly acute heart attack
  • After 5 years, the risks of developing cancer
    tumors about 2 times. If we talk about cervical cancer, then
    his probability rises on one level with probability at not smoking
    women. It also becomes less likely to stroke.
  • After 10 years, the risk of lung cancer falls in half.

Thus, nicotine withdrawal has a beneficial effect on all
organs and systems in our body, making life easier and more interesting.
That is why you should quit smoking as early as possible. AT
older age is also important because it improves many indicators
health People who got rid of harmful harassment to cigarettes
claim that they feel taste and smell better, tolerate it easier
load, and in general their life was filled with new colors.

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