Levomekol: instructions for use, withburns, acne, during pregnancy

Update: October 2018 Levomekol Ointment – Combined
drug intended for external use. Actively
used to treat adults and children and is available in each
home first aid kit.

The drug has a dehydrating and antimicrobial
action, has proven activity against common
pathogenic microflora, such as staphylococcus, intestinal bacillus and
pseudomonas and other. The drug is characterized by a good degree
penetrating tissue without destroying biological membranes and
helps accelerate regeneration. Most importantly, the ointment keeps
its activity in the presence of necrotic and purulent masses.

Especially widely used drug found in surgery, for
decontamination and activation of reparative processes at various
wounds, traumatic injuries, ulcers, etc. And for decades
back, and now the ointment remains one of the most popular in its
segment, efficient and affordable.

Фармгруппа: Препарат для наружного применения с
antibacterial and accelerates tissue regeneration action.

Composition, physico-chemical properties, price

Ointment for external use: ktdjvtrjkm

  • Active ingredient (1 g ointment): 40 mg methyluracil, 7.5 mg
  • Excipients: polyethylene oxide-1500 and
    polyethylene oxide-400.
  • Physico-chemical characteristics: the drug is of medium density,
    has a uniform structure, painted white-yellow or white
  • The ointment is available in aluminum tubes of 40 g or
    dark color glass jars with volumes of 100 and 1000 grams. Outdoor
    packing – cardboard packs.
  • Price Levomekol: 40 gr: 95-140 rubles.

pharmachologic effect

The active ingredients of the drug have a number of
positive effects:

  • the antimicrobial effect is due to chloramphenicol, which
    has a detrimental effect on gram negative and
    Gram-positive pathogenic flora, incl. with pronounced
    resistant, for example, Staphylococcus spp .;
  • the regenerating effect is determined by the part of the ointment
    methyluracil, easily penetrating into the deep layers of tissue,
    activating the process of new cell formation and repair
    damaged cell structures. Also substance stimulates
    cellular metabolism, which also speeds up recovery
  • immunostimulating action is associated with the action of methyluracil,
    stimulating production of interferon providing antiviral
    and a number of other effects;
  • dehydrating action closely associated with regenerating
    эффектом, заключается в  выведении из тканей избытка жидкости
    and removal of puffiness;
  • anti-inflammatory effect is a cumulative effect that
    achieved by antimicrobial and anti-edema effects of ointment.

The drug belongs to low-hazard substances according to the degree of influence on


After application, it quickly and easily penetrates into the tissues. Availability
pus and necrosis do not reduce the degree of penetration of the ointment into the tissue.

Indications for use

So, what is Levomekol used for? Ointment is applied as with
preventive and therapeutic purpose.

Therapeutic indications:

  • otitis, sinusitis;
  • purulent wounds, from which mixed microflora is sown;
  • burns 2 and 3 degrees;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • bedsores;
  • furunculosis of the skin, acne and other purulent skin diseases
  • gynecological diseases: bacterial vaginosis, erosion
  • hemorrhoids.

With the preventive purpose of Levomekol possible in the presence of sutures,
cuts, wounds, large abrasions, corns, eczema and other injuries
skin integrity to prevent their infection and accelerate
regeneration processes.


The instructions for use Levomekol indicated that this
the drug should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any
component in the composition.

It is not recommended to apply ointment to the foci of psoriasis and places
fungal lesions.

Side effects

Ointment refers to maloreaktogennyh drugs
therefore, treatment with Levomekol practically does not cause side effects. AT
Rare cases of chloramphenicol in the composition of the ointment causes:

  1. redness, itching and rash at the site of application;
  2. occasionally – urticaria.


The drug is intended strictly for external use – it
impregnated with sterile gauze wipes that fill the wound
(loose) or put a thin layer, and only then cover

  • ATозможно введение в гнойные полости через катетер (шприцем).
    To the ointment has become more liquid, it is heated to 35-36 C.
    Tying up wounds should be daily, 3-4 p a day until the surface
    not completely cleansed of purulent masses.
  • In the presence of an inflammatory process in the outer part of the auditory
    the passage of the ointment impregnated with a bandage or sterile gauze, which
    enter into the auditory canal at 12 o’clock. In the same way, antritis is treated,
    introducing the harnesses soaked in the ointment into the nasal passages.
  • After opening and leaving the contents of the pimple is recommended
    lubricate the defect with skin, including, fill with ointment
    formed hole.

Drug interactions

It is not recommended to combine Levomekol with other drugs
which are also applied outwardly.


Even with prolonged use of ointment on large areas of skin
no overdose cases were observed.

Levomekol during pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn
for children

Many women are interested in whether Levomekol can be


The drug can be used for pregnant women, because it
applied externally and into the systemic circulation is not absorbed. Same
concerns nursing women. However, treatment should be prescribed.
a doctor. This category of persons most often the drug is prescribed for
otitis, sinusitis, wounds, abrasions, acne, for treatment
festering ingrown toenail.

In newborn babies, an umbilical wound can be treated with ointment, and
also pustules on the skin. Таким образом, Левомеколь for children не


The ointment is used for burns to prevent infection of wounds.
and skin lesions, as well as for the treatment of already inflamed areas, in
including, with purulent and necrotic masses.

How to smear Levomekol: before applying ointment lesion focus
treated with cold water, and then apply the ointment on the hearth
(if the burn is 1-2 degrees) or on a gauze napkin (for large
degrees). A bandage is applied for a day and then every day
ligation. If necessary, dressings change more often, but not
more than five times a day. As a rule, the treatment
makes 5-14 days.

Levomekol for acne and blackheads

In the presence of small pimples ointment can be applied to the whole
the surface of the skin in the evening and withstand a few hours.
This treatment is carried out for 2 weeks, after which the rash
the scars, which remain after

When single red acne ointment is applied to the point above
Cover with a piece of cotton for 2-3 hours. Changes specific to
inflammations, such as redness, skin tension, pass already on
the next day, and after 2-3 days the pimple is completely resolved.

In the presence of inflamed acne, the drug is applied in a thin layer on
night, on the entire skin of the face for 14 days.

Treatment of furunculosis

The ointment is effective against furunculosis, which is caused by
staphylococcus. The treatment contributes to the rapid maturation of the rod
and speed up recovery.

  • The lesion site is treated with 3% pm hydrogen peroxide or
    chlorhexidine, from the edges to the center.
  • Put ointment on a furuncle, cover with cotton and, if possible,
    secure with a bandage.
  • Conduct treatment 2-3 times a day, be sure to impose
    fresh bandage for the night.
  • Levomekol after opening the focus and the release of a purulent rod also
    is important. The wound is treated with hydrogen peroxide and in the resulting
    ointment is applied to the skin with a defect, covered with a gauze napkin, which
    также пропитывают мазью, и secure with a bandage.
  • This treatment is also carried out 2-3 times a day until the wound
    the skin will be tightened and will not be restored.

Treatment of postoperative sutures

Ointment is often used to treat postoperative sutures, in
including, after breaks on the perineum or episiotomy after
childbirth. After hygienic processing and drying of the seam area on
sterile gauze is applied ointment, which is applied to the seams.
Upstairs put on clean clothes. This bandage is about 6 hours,
then take off. Repeat daily.

Treatment of postoperative sutures проводится аналогичным
in a way. What does Levomekol help in this case? AT первую
turn, treatment is necessary to prevent infection and
accelerate healing.

Levomekol in gynecology and proctology

AT гинекологии мазь применяется при эрозии шейки матки
inflammatory nature, divergence of vaginal sutures,
bacterial vaginosis. Also, the drug is used after
прижигания для accelerate healing.

Topical treatment: ointment is applied to a swab of sterile cotton and
inserted into the vagina at night. In the morning the tampon is taken out. Such
procedures are repeated at least 7 times. As a rule, the treatment
makes 10-15 procedures.

When hemorrhoids levomekol applied to the anus
overnight, after hygiene procedures. AT случае внутренней
process localization can be used tampons soaked

Treatment of pressure sores

The ointment is effective for the treatment of infected bedsores, as well as on
with the development of necrotic phase of the process.

After hygienic surface treatment of the bedsore on sterile
a gauze dressing is applied to the entire wound surface on
several hours.


Препараты с аналогичным составом, это —  мази Левометил
(25-35 rubles).

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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