Lesson with child: applications with stickers forthe smallest

Classical application is the process of creating
drawings by sticking colored paper pieces using
glue and scissors. Such activities are very useful for the child, but also
not available for children under 3 years old, as it requires perseverance and
certain skills. To teach a child to work with paper, you can
using stationery stickers.

applikacii so stikerami

Features of working with stickers

Stickers are blocks of paper leaves of various
colors and shapes: rectangular, square, round, in the shape of flowers,
leaves, hearts, palms, etc. The leaves are partially smeared with glue,
thanks to which they are easily attached to the base. If the baby is difficult
divide the stickers among themselves, separate the leaves in advance and
attach them on the edge of the table.

The application with stickers can be practiced starting with a year old.
due to the following features:

  • safety – no small parts, as well as the need
    use glue and scissors;
  • simplicity – to create an application takes no more than 15 minutes. Behind
    this time the baby does not have time to get bored. Simple plots created by
    using stickers are understandable and interesting even for the smallest ones;
  • functionality – stickers can be attached not only to paper, but
    and wallpaper, mirrors, furniture doors and other smooth surfaces. it
    property allows you to make a variety of developmental activities with
    a child. In addition, stickers can be used several times,
    easy to “disassemble” the picture.

Applications with rectangular stickers

In addition to the stickers themselves, you will need a sheet of white
paper or drawing paper. That the task was clear and interesting to the kid,
prepare in advance the plot drawings, which will be glued
stickers. Coloring patterns or
ready illustrations in books.

  • �”Postirushka”

Draw on the sheet two horizontal lines that will be
to portray the clothesline. The child should hang on them
the multi-colored stickers symbolizing the washed linen.

  • �”Handkerchiefs”

Draw on paper cheerful people and offer the kid to give
they hand in handkerchiefs. For this you can use as
rectangular and square billets.

  • �”Grass”

The plot is the basis for the application with strips of green stickers
there may be a forest glade with mushrooms or a lawn on which
grazing cow. Suggest your child to decorate a fluffy pattern.

  • �”Striped cat”

Draw or paste on the drawing paper a finished image of a cat. Than
the larger the drawing will be, the more convenient the baby will work with him.
Kitty can stick a mustache, make it a striped color or thick

  • �”The hairdresser”

Behind рисунок-основу берется голова человечка. Paint his eyes
nose, mouth to make a funny face. Child must do
his hair with the help of strips of a sticker.

  • �”Sun”

Using a compass or any round shaped object, draw on
paper circle. To make the drawing more fun, draw features to it.
Strips of yellow sticker will personify the sun’s rays.

  • �”Hedgehog”

Make a large drawing of a hedgehog on paper and ask the kid
put it in a “coat” of needles. Under the feet of a hedgehog can stick
green grass.

Appliqués with curly stickers

From colorful stickers you can cut out any figures. For this
on a stack of 5-6 leaves, draw a stencil and cut on it
figure. Try to keep the maximum amount on it.

  • �”Starry sky”

Cut out yellow stars. On a sheet of paper is dark blue or
purple color draw the moon. Let the child stick the stars
creating a picture of the starry sky.

  • �”Rain”

On the basis of the appliqué draw a cloud and cut the blue or blue
droplets. Grab the falling raindrops with the baby.
Demonstrate how the grass grows well after the rain, sticking
green stripes at the bottom of whatman paper.

  • �”Apple tree”

Make apples out of yellow, red or
pink flowers. Draw a big tree. Baby should hang
apples on branches.

  • �”Vase with sweets”

Cut candy shapes out of colorful stickers and draw on
Watman vase image. Behindдача ребенка – сложить конфеты в вазу.
You can complicate the task by drawing a few vases and asking
baby spread candy by color. For example, in one vase – yellow,
in the other – red, etc.

When the child gets the first skills with stickers,
create complex images with it, consisting of 2-4 separate
details. The number of images that can be posted using
this material is limited only by your imagination.

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