Learning to express the chest with your hands

Every nursing mom at some point in their “career”
feels the need to express milk. Of course we have to
easier than our mothers and grandmothers, whom the Soviet punitive
pediatrics forced to squeeze “dry” after each feeding.
Today there is enough information on the proper organization of feeding.
breastfeeding, which does not need routine pumping. And yet
менее, иногда знания как сцеживать грудь могут принести
tremendous benefits.

Как сцеживать грудное молоко руками

Why express breast

Milk decantation from the breast can be of two types: for the sake of
breast or for milk.

Breast decimations are needed when
(production) of milk exceeds the demand (needs of the baby). Milk
enters, and no one to suck it. Perhaps mom is at work or
breastfeeding is over. For the prevention of mastitis
decant need without fanaticism, only when there is discomfort
(seals), only to the disappearance of this discomfort. Can not
forget that milk will come as much as was spent.

A goal is also possible – lactation support. If there is no milk
consume, its quantity will steadily
to decline. Сцеживать грудное молоко вручную можно вместо
sucking or parallel to him if the baby sucks ineffectively. Rule
�“Supply-demand” works the same way here. More often and more abundant
decanting – the more milk will be produced again.

Milk sapping aims at one goal – getting the product
power supply. They are needed when there is demand (baby), and supply (mother and
her chest) is missing. Again, mom is at work decanting for
relief, but the baby stayed home and wants to eat. So he needs
leave the food, which is first to get.

How to express your chest with your hands


You can skip this stage if the goal of the manipulation is to avoid
stagnation, because such pumping is done on the tide, when the chest
bursting with milk and it starts flowing from the first

Exception: if there is already lactostasis, and it is difficult to set it apart. AT
In this case, it is necessary to stretch the mammary gland for 15 minutes before decanting
neat circular movements-rubbing tips of 4

массаж груди

Massage the breast before decanting the milk (Click for

AT остальных случаях следует сначала вызвать прилив. For this
There are many ways, but for each woman there are some
of them will work perfectly, while others will be completely

  • You can take a warm shower or just put a warm wet
    towel to the chest;
  • It facilitates the return of milk and a warm drink for 10 minutes;
  • Bend over and shake your chest;
  • Do a breast massage;
  • Думайте о малыше, о его голосе, запахе (если его нет
    beside). This psychological technique helps a lot.

Probably the easiest way to pump milk is to give a breast.
the child, so that he worked on it, and at this time she herself would express
the other breast, as the tide comes simultaneously in both glands. AND
no one else will cause milk as well as his “master.”

Step-by-step instruction

First, prepare a clean container under the milk, wash your hands,
take a comfortable position.

  1. Clasp the areola with your palm so that the thumb rests on top, and
    all the others below.
  2. Slide down the thumb
    top down in the direction of the areola and back, not
    taking away your finger from the skin.
  3. Help yourself with your lower fingers, gently squeezing your chest.
  4. When you see jets, not drops, this is a sign that everything is done
  5. Gradually move in a circle, moving your palm to decant
    other milk lobes.

Фото инструкция: (все картинки

The thumb is on the areola above the nipple, and
указательный и средний — под соском
надавливайте в сторону грудной клетки как бы
grab milk-filled ducts that lie beneath
соедините пальцы вместе
потяните вперед, сцеживая молоко в емкость

ATидео: Как сцеживать грудное молоко

Pumping Technique by Marmet

The pink arrow movement is very important. ATначале вы как бы захватываете млечные синусы, которые lie deep under the areola, and only then roll on them пальцами.

The pink arrow movement is very
important. ATначале вы как бы захватываете млечные синусы, которые
lie deep under the areola, and only then roll on them
Если давить и вытягивать сам сосок, молоко будет decanting is much more difficult - it stays deeper in the depths груди

Если давить и вытягивать сам сосок, молоко будет
decanting is much more difficult – it stays deeper in the depths

ATажные моменты

ATнимание: При сцеживании грудного молока
hands, fingers should not fidget on the skin, and they stand on one
place Это во избежание потертостей груди.

  • Первые несколько минут во время сцеживания грудное молоко
    it can be allocated very little – drop by drop, it is very important not
    stop pumping and after some time the milk
    побежит струйками.
  • When the milk stops flowing, you can slide your fingers to another.
    position or go to the second chest (and then from her again to
  • Сцеживать одну грудь нужно  не менее 5-6 минут, пока
    milk will not stop flowing; then move on to decanting the second.
    Proper and full pumping takes about 20-30 on average.
    minutes Не пытайтесь сцедить молоко за меньшее время.
  • При сцеживании руками не нужно прикладывать больших усилий
    and do not squeeze the chest very much.
  • Not necessary strongly pull down and squeeze the nipple – this is not
    поспособствует поступлению молока, а наоборот, может принести
    to cracked nipples.

If you experience pain while expressing, then something is not going
So. Do not continue to avoid injury.

ATажно! If you are expressing for the first time,
consult with your doctor or consultant first
breastfeeding to show you how to properly
to decant

Beginner nursing mothers always want to squeeze out milk from
nipple completely, even if theoretically they know that there may
be only remnants. AND все-таки иногда кажется, что оттуда хоть
something is flowing, while the torments of the chest itself may be
completely barren. Just do not imagine that you do not have
milk, and leave the nipple alone. If you recently gave birth or just
you have never decanted before, at first you may not be easy –
the chest must be “rassed”. AT этом случае вам может быть неприятно,
even if you do it right. Just before you start.
pumping, spend 15 minutes on a massage (can be combined with
shower), and things will go much easier.

Of course, there is a risk to run to the store for a breast pump,
who seems to do everything himself. It is worth pressing the button (well
or crush a pear), a liter will miraculously pour out of your chest
milk … If you think so, disappointment is inevitable. ANDз
breast pump will also be difficult to remove
milk, like your hands. However, hands are much more careful. From frequent
breast pumps can swell and areolae can grow in
size, while your own hands have no
side effects.


Как правильно хранить сцеженное молоко:

Грудное молоко нужно хранить в закрытой емкости, при
room temperature about 6-8 hours, and in the refrigerator up to 2
days. Very detailed on storage of expressed milk.
в этой статье. ATажные нюансы при
сцеживании: что вам обязательно нужно знать
мы написали

Далее:  Как сцедить грудь
breast pump?

Manual decanting of breast milk – how to do it right?
Tips for parents – Union of Pediatricians of Russia

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