Learning a child to walk: why notrush

No need to rush the development of your child. Even if he
will go a little later than his peers, he will still go. Why not
you need to hurry and what not to do parents read in the article …

Your baby takes the first steps, but scares a frightened flop.
on the floor? So, the crumbs already have a desire to move.
on their own, without the help of adults, but something else interferes. Can
help him learn a new kind of movement, but specifically
focus on getting the child to go quickly, not
worth it. Tell us why.

учим ребенка ходить

The first steps of the baby is a real achievement. One closer to the year
exhibit the ability to move independently, others are not
lack of self-confidence for another 2-3 months. There is no
strict standards and pediatric canons. Both tots can
considered sufficiently developed. Nature will set a date when
Your child will take the first timid step. The task of the parents is not
make the child walk no matter what.

Parents, especially parents of the first child, want the baby in everything
showed genius. The first word said before others, before
I began to sit, stand and take the first steps. To speed up the process,
they ask for advice from pediatricians, educators, older people
generation, experienced in raising children. But much more important in this
the question to be patient, wait for the physiological readiness
baby to start walking – everything has its time, everything should
go on as usual. This way you do not harm health.
child and give him the opportunity to do the first important in his
life steps.

Can ли стимулировать первые шаги

Of course, to encourage the kid to make his
The first steps and confidently went, you need. For this fit
Exercise with a new toy. At a distance of two baby steps
Stretch him a bright toy. The short way will be done, if not
the first time. Scarce sees mom’s hands, sure nothing
bad will not happen. And the interest in getting a doll or
the machines will surely make him take these few steps.

But to walk long in the room, holding the child by the handles,
�”Developing” in him the ability to walk, you should not (as recommended
experts). It is believed that a person from birth is able to master himself
major physiological processes. Ability to walk laid
в нем природой. Try to “make” the way around the room, keeping
baby hands, do not. He will handle it himself when he comes
time limit Physiological processes cannot be accelerated
artificially. Everything has its time: a little earlier or a little later,
than his peers, but your toddler will learn to walk. Every kid
develops in its own way, and no need to rush it. Leg strength
appears gradually. At first it is enough to stand for long,
relying on furniture, then the crumb will go relying on various
items, furniture in the room. Потом — уже сам будет преодолевать
short distances.

What not to do when a child learns to walk

Do not rush the development of your child. Even if he пойдет позже
peers, he will cope with this 100%, without risk to health.
Why should not parents do?

1. Strongly take care of the baby and deprive him of his freedom of action and
of choice


Notльзя лишать малыша возможности свободы действий и of choice. Not
It is worth rushing to him every time he falls, you shouldn’t
every time support the baby when he tries to rise and
give him whatever he asks. It is better to create a situation when
which the child wants to get to the toy by doing
few steps. When he will be able to self
decisions, development will not be inhibited. Otherwise you will
inhibit the development of the child, not giving him the opportunity
to think independently to make a decision and act.

2. Leave in the crib and playpen for a long time

Находясь долгое время в кроватке или манеже, карапуз
trying to stand, clutching the side. The child gets tired quickly.
Notравномерная нагрузка на ножки способна вызвать деформацию стоп и

3. Hope the baby will walk with the walkers

Modern walkers – a real development complex. Light and
maneuverable, they allow the baby to fearlessly and quickly
move around the house. But they are not only beneficial, but
may harm the baby. You have to push off the floor
feet, and this is a serious load on the legs and with such movement
Foot can be deformed. Instead of learning
ходить ровно, ребенок будет стараться присесть, так как
walkers allow it. Thus, walkers can postpone
that moment when the child will independently go on a few

4. Buy shoes earlier
is necessary

Boots and shoes baby need only after the start
confident walking. Mistake to think that shoes will simplify the ability
move independently. Wait for the first steps to small
distance, and then accustom legs to shoes. For now you manage
booties for babies.

5. Put the baby on his feet specially

If the toddler prefers crawling means to walk
he is still early. It is important that the time of the first steps coincides with
physiological, biological development, were taken into account genetic
features Healthy legs with a well-formed foot
sure to go, albeit later than expected
relatives. When you put your child on the legs, there is
danger of disrupting the formation of the foot.

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How to teach a child to walk? Teaching a child to walk
by myself

Ребенок ходит в 9 months. Is it necessary to rejoice?

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