Lazy live longer: to live long and healthyneed to use life energy wisely

Update: December 2018

Famous German medic Peter Axt made a sensational
statement: “Fitness and professional sports shorten life.”
Together with his daughter, doctor Michael Ax-Gadermann, Mr. Ax
published a book under the provocative title “Lazy live

The publication is replete with statements that can lead to
rabies of all adherents of a healthy lifestyle, including cardiologists
and cardiac surgeons. What is one “Idleness and laziness – a pledge
health. ” Peter Axt – Professor of the University of Applied Sciences in
Germany, MD 76 years old. Author of publications on
psychology and gerontology. In his youth, he himself was running on
long distances.

Ladies are experiencing gentlemen

Akst supported all his statements with links to well-known
physiologists and doctors. So, he argues his
compatriot physiologist Rubner, who was still in 1908
found that every living thing at birth is supplied
a certain amount of vitality that should stretch to
all my life. Whoever spent earlier, he died earlier.

Everything is determined: from the number of cell divisions to the number
sexual intercourse. The theory is not devoid of meaning. Today it is known that
every woman is supplied at birth with a certain number
oocytes that mature from maturity or
ingloriously die under the influence of harmful external factors. Once
all eggs are spent, welcome in menopause.

Also with cell divisions. One of the theories of old age is reduced
It is precisely to the fact that cells at a certain point exhaust their
potential for further divisions or intracellular renewal
(neurocytes) and the body can no longer stay afloat.

Another German scientist, Professor Prinzinger developed
the theory of life energy, which states that all living things,
in proportion to their body mass have the same reserves
life energy. That is why time (as is known, the relative
concept) flows differently for the mouse and for the elephant, which have different
number of heartbeats per minute. What the mouse is going through in a minute
an elephant experiences a week. But man, according to Prinzinger,
a unit of body weight is set aside twice as much energy as
the rest of the mammals.

From all this, Akst concludes that only the person himself decides
where and for what period of time he will calculate his life

But then Akst reinforces its statements with murderous
argument about the difference in life expectancy of men and women.

A medical fact, not disproved by WHO, that women around the world
live for five to seven years longer than men. The difference in
backward or economically prosperous countries altogether
irrelevant. It’s just that in the third world countries women also don’t
very long live. However, the distance between them and men is not

It is worth mentioning that other physiologists argue that the main
The reason for this difference is hormonal, different in women and
gentlemen. The fair sex, de, cover from the cardiovascular
catastrophic estrogens with a cardioprotective effect, and
men smoke all their lives, drink, and even deprived of the favorable
estrogen background, which women lose only to the period
menopause, when equalized by the risks of heart attack with men (see
health after 50 years).

But Herr Axt is not being led to such provocations, but authoritatively
declares that the man actually on the idea of ​​nature and do not need
to live a long time. His business is to give birth to a son, plant a tree and build a house.
And if, instead of a son, he had a daughter, then further and in general
bother meaningless. But the woman still has to take care
the strength to grow the children born to at least some
independence. This is probably why she protects her
forces, working hard in the service from nine to five, carrying bags from
shopping, cooking, washing, taking children in circles and on walks,
managing to visit some fitness and swimming pool and that’s all
Taking into account the residents of cities where there is no garden,
stove heating and animals in the barn.

Aksta does not confuse these reliable facts from the life of the Russian
remote places, where he spawned, fortunately, did not happen. Imposing german
explains everything by the fact that with the same weight-height parameters,
women metabolism flows slower by 10%. That is, in the unit
времени она тратит на 10% меньше life energy. AND,
accordingly, the woman lives longer.

Of course, illiterate psychologists specializing in
characteristics of the relationship between the sexes, they mistakenly claim that
most women are just as stupid as traffic jams. But at the same time
quite aggressive (due to fluctuations in their hormonal levels,
for which the rigid male psyche does not ripen). As a result
most women just manage to roll their men up
the grave is much earlier than the time allowed by him
by nature. A will stupid blondes and brunettes gave champions
their emancipation and feminization societies that needed more
collect taxes from working women, sell them more goods,
that they had never used close (pants, cigarettes,
pivasik contraceptives).

Interesting is the influence of a woman on a man during family life. AT
In most cases, the role of the man does not agree with the “strong”
Many have noticed how stern and determined the employee, the head or
Comrade completely loses face next to his second “weak”
by half. It’s even awkward to look at him at such a moment,
what is this magical transformation?

It turns out that the stronger sex is much weaker than the weaker in the psychological
and the strategic plan for the development of marital relations. The man,
originally focused on interacting with the outside world like
the breadwinner is not at all ready to overtighten the rope in the family
relationships for which the woman is prepared much more carefully and
in advance.

Wrestlers – remember, boxers – write

It’s time to open your eyes to the fact that:

  • sport life shortens
  • health undermines
  • addictive
  • sense of emptiness while reducing loads or

AT книге Акст упоминает льва, продолжительность жизни которого в
the wild savannah is 8-10 years old, and in the zoo – all 20. Wicked author
forgets to tell you what the risks are for a mature king of beasts
spoiled by buffalo horns, die in a fight with a young challenger
on the pride or just fall from a banal infection in a hungry year.
ATедь в зоологическом саду за шкуру льва отвечает приличный штат,
who does not want to live on velfer and remain without insurance and retirement.
And in the wild, the lion is responsible for both the female and the offspring,
risking themselves daily. But Peter Akst rests on the fact that
caged relaxation allows beasts to become

Then the author switches attention to people from all kinds of animals. AND
immediately cites the example of the Greek marathoner Phillipid, who
died after running a distance of 42 km from Marathon to Athens in 490
year before Christ.

  • Well, first of all, nobody knows what the initial state was.
    cardiac muscle and valve runner, did he have
    problems with the cardiac conduction system. ATполне вероятно, что и безо
    every marathon the Greek would have stretched his muscular the other day
  • ATо-вторых, и в наши дни марафонцы мрут, что мухи, и никто еще
    I did not say that the marathon is a means of prevention, not hell
    load on the body.

Cardiologists are increasingly calling for aerobic exercise for 4-6
hours per week that allow you to normalize oxidative
the processes in the myocardium and protect the body from atherosclerosis.

It turns out that many generally accepted opinions are nothing more than
delusions. And so familiar and cozy that you feel sorry for them
to part, that is, to dissuade them …

  • For example, inexorable statistics and facts confirm that
    regular exercise, including morning runs,
    not only do not increase life expectancy, but completely
    on the contrary – they reduce it.
  • So does this mean that lazy, drunkard and smoker in more
    advantageous situation? Of course not! We consider here only
    a separate factor – regular exercise, which in its
    Essentially they are a wear mechanism. It should be noted that not without
    positive moments …
  • For example, willpower, which is formed at the same time, and
    excreted endorphins, affecting a positive attitude towards life –
    it’s good. Muscle tone and beautiful slim body is also good, and
    wear is bad.

If we could imagine the good and bad factors in digital
values, the problem would be solved long ago by means of arithmetic
first grade high school. But in the task in question there is
many individual parameters, which allowed to make it
The solution is not obvious.

  • For example, the factor of habituation to physical exercise along with
    promotion endorphins creates a feeling of “held the day”, without
    yet done during the day is actually useful
  • In terms of the development of willpower and other positive
    moments inherent in daily exercise would be
    It is more correct to run from one pedestrian crossing to another with the purpose
    help infirm people cross the road.
  • If a person is seriously engaged in daily physical
    loads, it wastes energy comparable to the average
    the amount of work on the housework during the day. AT перспективном отношении
    spent on physical education for the whole life forces would be enough for
    construction of a large stone mansion, including trimmed
    lawns in the summer and perfectly cleared snow in front of the house in the winter.
  • Diversifying your life resources will require
    greater concentration and self-organization, which does not allow once again
    brain fall asleep.

AND для скептически настроенных читателей ещё раз уточним, что,
Of course, watch TV regularly, lying on the couch with a bottle
beer (or even without) is much more harmful because of the general degradation
consciousness and the body than daily exercise.

Heart, heart what happened that with you

With the help of physical education, and especially sports, one cannot get rid of
diseases. Unfortunately, it is impossible them and completely shield yourself from
cardiovascular risks.

For example, an excellent Soviet cardiac surgeon, academician N.M.
Amosov, all his life he ran away from the pathologies of the middle vascular system and
even summed up a solid theoretical base under the assertion that
regular exercise can prevent
cardiovascular accidents and diseases. Unfortunately, nature
played with a respected clinician a cruel joke, awarding him in the elderly
age weakness of the sinus node, which has worn out, regardless of
cardiac loads, reducing the risk of atherosclerotic vascular
changes. AT 89 академик скончался от инфаркта. Left after him
diary entries that describe the workout in detail,
included in the experimental part of the extension of life.

ATот и Акст потрясает воображение читателей списком жертв
sports running:

  • American sports journalist James Fix, the god of the marathon and
    wellness running.
  • Автор бестселлера «ATсе о беге» пал его жертвой, скончавшись во
    jogging time at the age of 52 years.
  • Silver rowing medalist Jack Kelly died of a heart attack.
  • Emil Zatolek, being a world athletics champion on the background
    heart attack did not live to 79 years.
  • Россиянин ATладимир Куц, рекордсмен мира в беге пополнил
    sad list in 48 years.

Akst rests on the fact that life in cold climates
expends vitality at a frantic pace. King of Russia
фитнеса ATладимир Турчинский – смерть в 46 лет, бывший игрок
Moscow CSKA Sergey Filippenkov – 44.

Seven rules of Aksta

The author of the book gives recommendations to his readers how to live long and

  • Walk vigorously for 30 minutes four times a week. Need to
    achieve that the pulse at the same time reaches 120 beats per minute and not
    rolls over.
  • Stretching for 15 minutes is useful three times a week.
  • It is necessary to avoid stress or philosophical attitude towards them.
  • Find out your ideal weight and stick to it, avoiding
    overeating Fast or fast once in seven days.
  • ATысыпайтесь. Do not get up in the morning before twenty minutes
    the eighth.
  • Reach for sunshine and try to be more often in
  • Appreciate idleness.

Adhering to such rules, a person, according to Akst, can
live in a safe condition up to 130 years.

Complex stretching from Professor P.Akst

Increasing muscle elasticity, stretching exercises teach
human move is plastic and protect it from domestic
injuries. With age, the elasticity of the ligament apparatus
decreases, limited mobility of joints, begin
degenerative-dystrophic changes in them. Save power
articular cartilage, normal limb mobility and elasticity
bundles allow simple exercises.

Before performing them, it is worth remembering a few important

  • Stretch only warmed muscles. AT противном случае не
    avoid pain or injury.
  • Exercises should be performed without haste, given the initial
    muscle and ligament capabilities.
  • Pain occur during class should not be.
  • Each exercise takes 30 seconds.
  • Each exercise is repeated twice.
  • Breathing should be calm and rhythmic.
  • Each stretch should be accompanied by a minute pause.

How to stretch the muscles of the shoulders, back of the shoulder and back

ATстать прямо. Put one hand on the back of the head. ATторой несильно
push the elbow first and pull it over yourself. Hold up
muscle tension for half a minute. Change hands. Repeat.

For pectoral muscles

ATстать прямо, руки расположить перед грудью горизонтально
palms down. Bend your elbows and extend your arms back behind the body.
as much as possible. Hold up положение на 3- seconds Repeat

Stretching brushes

ATытянуть руки над головой, сложив раскрытые кисти ладонями.
Lower folded hands to the head, and then to the chest. Hold
position 30 seconds. Repeat.

For buttocks and thighs

Sit on a chair. Положить правую ступню на бедро левой legs. One
hand grab ankle, second-knee. Then slowly pull
leg to chest to strain the muscles of the buttocks. Hold position 30
seconds Repeat для другой legs.

Thigh stretch

ATстать перед стулом с ногами на ширине плеч. Lean right
hand on the back, left leg to bend backwards. Clasp your left hand
носок legs. Pull the heel to the buttock to the strain of the thigh muscles.
Hold the position for half a minute. Repeat для другой legs.

Elaboration of the calf muscles

ATстать позади стула. Lean your hands on the back. Left hand
pull back without lifting the foot from the floor. Bend your right leg up
tension in the gastrocnemius muscle. Hold 3- seconds Change leg and

How much is fitness

Today, a huge number of people who care about their health,
leave huge sums in the gym and paid groups,
spent on classes with an individual trainer or attend
public gyms. How much will they be able to add to their
of life? ATы удивитесь, ведь речь идет не о десяти и даже не о пяти
years, but only about two. At the same time, the American cardiologist Jacobi
it was estimated that during his life the average American, leading a healthy lifestyle,
spends on trainings the same two years.

So the usual chores in the garden, walks with children
or a dog is enough to get the necessary
aerobic cardiac loads. The main thing is to walk in the fresh
the air was regular, and labor was not exhausting. By the way
Gerontologists have determined that not only playing musical
tools or learning foreign languages, but also regular
physical activity allows seniors to keep a sober mind and not
suffer from dementia (senile dementia).

Afterword: translation difficulties

When the book of the Aktov family was translated into Russian, like many
other original pieces she got some bias
accents. Well, just like in the movies. For example, called the original
fighter unforgettable Guy Ritchie “Urvat”, and in the domestic box office he
walked like a big jackpot. And agree, the author’s version of the name
much closer to the swift series of events in which
all are trying to snatch from the hands of the relaxed, gaping or
simply the dead rivals of the big friend of all the girls, times and
peoples, a pebble in 83 carats. He does not win, do not find, but
It is torn hands and teeth from safes and sip.

So it is with the Aksto family saga. If the German version of “From happiness
laziness: share your life energy correctly “(Vom Gluck der
Feulheit So teilen Sie Ihre Lebensenergie richtig ein), already in
English translation turns into “Joy of Laziness”, then in Russian
variations “Lazy live longer” general story line
eroding utterly.

Our publishers most likely thought that the Russian people
well, then the German is dead, and lead the readers towards the idea that
just to live long and happy to our latitudes in general
applicable. Herr Axt, on the contrary, is inclined to believe that
happy man is quite allowed to be lazy in its full
pleasure, as the level of endogenous opiates (hormones of happiness)
in an individual satisfied with his being, there is nothing to increase by any
forced physical exertion. And since the stock of vital
the forces are definitely finite, it is worth spending them on anything
pleasant, maybe even romantic, which means in German
most gluck.

The English-speaking readership is for the most part
pragmatic, striving for healthy consumption and positive
perception of reality, so that it does not include itself, but at least
and laziness.

Russian-speaking person is idleness, happiness and joy –
just an extra burden that distracts our man from
concentrated overcoming the next lack of money, crisis,
unsuccessful forex and failed mining. Our people are not only not
they go to the bakery by taxi, but they don’t find in their laziness any vital
joys, except the chances of surviving until the victory of “ours over theirs,”
the return of “cheap Egypt” and “safe Turkey”. And for that
really need to live long.

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