Lazy child: how to deal with children’s laziness andhow to teach children to work

Great if your child is a good helper,
who, without a reminder, clean up the room, takes out the garbage,
removes toys, walks with the dog. However, not all moms and dads like that
lucky. Some parents struggle daily with little ones.
�”Lazy”, annoyed and sometimes breaking off at the cry. Where does it come from
baby laziness? How to teach a lazy child to work?

The content of the article

  • 1 What can be hidden behind the laziness of the child?
    • 1.1 How to teach children to work – the advice of psychologists
    • 1.2 Parents’ opinions from the forums
  • 2 Video: My baby is lazy! What to do?

ленивый ребенок

What can be hidden behind the laziness of the child?

Psychologists claim that laziness in children does not appear on empty
place You may see the real reasons for this annoying
behavior, if you carefully look at your baby.

1. Lack of motivation

Remember, with what burning eyes children are engaged in what they
like. But as soon as adults turn homework into
tedious duty, boring and monotonous chores, the child
interest disappears, and any occupation becomes a burden.

2. Temperament

Psychological features and individual characteristics
personalities are what babies are born with. Little
the phlegmatic is slow, and it seems from the outside that he wants nothing
do. However, it is useless to customize it, it will work in
own pace Sometimes lazy kids are considered choleric,
who love to play, but consider cleaning up toys boring
by occupation.

3. Uncertainty in their own abilities

Sometimes for laziness there is a reluctance to learn something new,
fear of failure. If a child is not self-confident,
shy, psychologically dependent on parents, he often
scared of new responsibilities and occupations. Even adults don’t want
to do those things in which they feel unsuccessful.
However, they justify themselves, and the kid is labeled

4. Overwork

If the daily routine of children is too dense and saturated
(kindergarten, development center, swimming pool, dance circle), laziness
appears due to elementary exhaustion.

ребенок переутомился

In addition, laziness can be a response to a shortage
gaming activity and motor activity when parents
want to bring up a prodigy. In this case, the preschool child
pass in continuous learning, and his needs for games and
constant motions are not satisfied. There is a banal
psychological fatigue that flows smoothly into reluctance

5. Excessive custody

Sometimes adults themselves teach kids to be lazy, limiting them
independence at an early age. �”Why have you taken so long
do you dig? Давай помогу»
, – постоянно говорят мамы и бабушки и
begin to clean up for crumbs toys, feed, dress him. Of course,
seniors do it much faster and more accurately. However,
they make it a habit for a child to wait for other people to
do all the work for him.

So, children’s laziness does not appear out of nowhere, most often its
form, cultivate and feed parents and other relatives.
Creating “greenhouse” conditions that prevent children from making and
correct mistakes, take initiative, choose interesting
classes, adults thereby raising the sluggard. But still,
Do not despair – there is a solution. In a situation with children’s laziness,
as with other educational and psychological problems,
Prevention is much better than cure.

How to teach children to work – the advice of psychologists

1. Personal example

Kids learn new things by imitating their parents. If baby with
early childhood sees that mom and dad are not happy with home
responsibilities, he will copy their behavior, just
dismissively responding to parental assignments. Therefore not
it is worthwhile for children to show dissatisfaction with their work, otherwise
you will not be able to inculcate in the child a love of labor.

2. Promoting initiative


Do not strive to fulfill all responsibilities for your children, give them
the opportunity to enjoy independence. Especially it concerns
three to four year olds who are especially interested in doing the same
the same as the parents. So forget the words “do not bother me,” “you still
small”. If the child wants to wash the plate, pour the bed on
Dacha, do not interfere with him. Moreover, he should do the work himself, let him
even it will take half an hour instead of your five minutes. But at the crumbs
There will be a reason to be proud of yourself.

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3. Creative approach

Иногда детям не хватает вдохновения, чтобы act. To
convince the baby to put the toys in places, some parents
resort to “gingerbread” (cartoon, treat) or threaten “whip”
(punishment). Psychologists believe that this approach kills desire.
work. Instead, they advise turning such uninteresting
occupation, like cleaning, in an exciting game. For example, collect
cars and dolls race. Or hide in the middle of toys
some little “sekretik” and try to find together

4. Reasonable criticism

To не отбить у baby всяческое желание трудиться,
discard non-constructive criticism. Better understand why
your child can not cope with school lessons, can not learn
poem for matinee. Give the kid advice – what he needs
make sure that the next time he did it. And yet, not
call children lazy and caddies, this is not you just do not teach
them to work, but also lower their self-esteem.

5. Domestic responsibilities

Try to secure for the younger generation certain
errands, moreover, they must be specific and truly
necessary, but not invented with the educational purpose.

So, children of 3-4 years can:

  • clean toys behind you;
  • help with table setting;
  • dusting;
  • dress, wash and brush your teeth.

A child of 5-6 years is already able:

  • clean up your own room;
  • put your clothes in place;
  • take care of your beloved pet;
  • make and spread the bed;
  • look after your younger brother or sister.

In 7-9 years old children are able to:

  • vacuuming;
  • independently going to school (of course, with my mother’s
  • wash the dishes;
  • help grandmother in the country;
  • make sandwiches.

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Opinions of parents from the forums


mashkin29 мне кажется, ленивых детей
can not be …. бывают ленивые родители :) которые не сумели заинтересовать своего baby, найти с
dialogue, bring the need for what they want from him … and all this
starting from the 6th month of age approximately, and after 3 years and
generally late. how old are you and since when is he lazy? for what

alenkin92 Дети часто быстро загораются
and then go out. they don’t like to do the same, boring,
uninteresting job.

Полина Сейчас много таких детей, которые
ничего не хотят do. And we are to blame for this, parents. We are not
we restrict their sitting at the computer, we do not spend with children
enough time. And children just copy their parents … We need to
less lazy to do everything with the children. But that says
psychologist about modern children and their problems with the lack of initiative and

Domestic duties and assignments are by no means
should become a punishment for bad behavior and misconduct.
On the contrary, encourage children to do chores. For example,
stay longer in the zoo or go to the movies.

And, of course, do not forget to praise the baby when he is in
first time will help you in any business or get a good
evaluation. Often it is the praise of parents becomes the main
стимулом для приучения baby к труду.

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children: what lies behind children’s laziness? What is behind
childish laziness, what are its causes. How to help your child find
An interesting lesson that can cope with apathy. Tips
parents how to deal with children’s laziness

Video: My baby is lazy! What to do?

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