Laying babies to sleep: secrets from TracyHogg

How to quickly put the baby to sleep without tears and whims? Nurse
Трейси Hogg знает ответ на этот вопрос. Her methods may seem
unusual and unusual, but believe me, it’s worth a try.

Young mothers will be interested to learn about unusual methods
укладывания спать ребенка до года от медсестры Трейси Hogg. They
will get acquainted with the regime of the day of the baby depending on his
individual temperament, whispering techniques, timer,
bedtime rituals, etc.

укладывание ребенка спать

Why should you get acquainted with this experience?

Книги Трейси Hogg «Секреты высыпающейся мамы» и «Чего хочет ваш
baby “gained enormous popularity around the world. Methods on how
to build relationships with the baby, described in the books “Secrets
a spilling mom ”, and also“ What does your baby want? ”are unusual.
It is recommended to read books during pregnancy for understanding
correct building relationships with the baby.

Кто такая Трейси Hogg

Трейси Hogg – медсестра с 25-летним стажем. She worked with
completely different babies and their parents, and this experience is worthy
to know about him. She is often referred to as “spellcaster”.
newborns with an individual approach to each family.
The specialist believes that the child is a person from the beginning of his
birth, so mom should listen carefully to
him respecting his wishes.

Daily regime

The mode of the baby is in direct proportion to his personal
temperament. For any child, rituals are meaningful.
actions occurring during the day. For example, turning off the light
or a lullaby should be taken as a baby
signal to fall asleep. С точки зрения Трейси Hogg, режим дня должен
have a strict alternation:

  • nutrition;
  • activity;
  • sleep;
  • freedom.

Food and sleep can not be combined. It is also forbidden to change
sequence of actions. Under these conditions, approximately
after 14 days there will be results in a peaceful sleep
baby and the appearance of free time with their parents.

Whispering reception

укладывание младенца спать


Tracy believes that swaddling infants up to 4 months of age
allows them to feel more secure. therefore
recommends swaddle baby up to 4 months.

Whispering can be applied to an absolutely healthy baby.
5 month of life.

Процедура зашептывания: малыш должен лежать на
the shoulder of an adult who hisses quite loudly and monotonously in
eyelet. At the same time, you should lightly clap the baby on the back in time.
his heartbeat. When he starts to fall asleep, you need to put the child
in the crib, without ceasing to publish hissing and clapping now
on the bed until the baby finally falls asleep.

The most important thing is that the child
I did not fall asleep in your hands. If this condition is fulfilled later
certain time the baby will be able to sleep independently in his
crib. We also read: 
Приучаем ребенка
sleep in your crib apart from mom (video, real

Reception “timer”

It can be used for children from 9 months of age.
Many mothers dream to wean the child from feeding before bedtime. how
do this? First, the baby is fed, as usual, the mother gets
будильник на 10 минут, показывает его ребёнку и говорит: «how
only it will ring, the milk will end. ” And does as she said.
The baby will first cry for 40 minutes and demand food, but mom
must be adamant. Let persuades to go to bed, reads
books and sings songs. how только ребёнок успокоится, надо положить
him in bed After some time, the timer switches to less
number of minutes. Thus, the baby gradually completely refuse
eat before the daytime sleep, and then before the night.

Picked up, put in the crib

If all your previous attempts failed, it remains
tough approach At the same time, all bedtime rituals are preserved –
bathing, lullaby or a fairy tale. You explain to the child that it is time
sleep and put him in the crib. If he cried a lot, take on
hands, use a whisper, and again put in bed, leaving
hand on his back. When he calms down, you need to remove it. By method
can be used from four months, but for each child time
getting used to falling asleep without help can

Многие мамы считают методы Трейси Hogg достаточно стрессовыми.
They are comfortable to sleep in the same bed with the baby and put all night
him to the chest.

Scientists have still not come to a common opinion about the fact
which dream is better – separate or joint, and is it so important
constant day regimen. therefore каждый родитель должен опираться на
your desires and priorities. Importantly, do not forget to respect your
child, watch him and draw conclusions.

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