Lay down, crumble, break nails: why veryтонкие ногти, лечение, что делать в домашних conditions

Update: October 2018

Arms человека могут многое рассказать как об аккуратности, так и
about the health of their host: reading skin, smooth, pinkish nail
the plates are aesthetically attractive and have to man.

Fragile, exfoliating nails give the hands a look of untidiness and
untidyness, forming a certain complex and depriving of confidence in
to myself. Not everyone knows that often this situation is not only
cosmetic problem, and maybe some kind of evidence
deviations in the state of the body.

Nail foliation is a form of dystrophic change.
homogeneity of the nail plate structure with thinning and splitting
her on separate scales. Distinctive features: increased fragility,
dullness, breakage, dryness, surface roughness of the plate,
slow growth In medical terminology, this condition is when
exfoliate and break nails; they belong to onychodystrophies.

Layering, brittle nails – causes of the symptom

To understand why the nails exfoliate, you should know the structure
the nail. The nail plate consists of thin, tightly pressed to each
friend of the horny plates, keratin, responsible for the density, and
layers of water, giving the nail elasticity and healthy shine. AT
The composition of the plates has many trace elements – calcium, sulfur,
chromium, zinc, etc. The growth of the nail plate occurs when dividing
germ cells in the matrix – the light part of the base of the nail in
crescent. Growing nail platinum in the direction of the free edge
nail, pushing the old cells forward.

Under the influence of a number of factors between the stratum corneum are formed
the smallest cracks and gaps that further form
cavity stratifying plate.

ATнешние причины

Aggressive effects of chemicals and environmental factors
dehydrating nail plate:

  • When the nails are exfoliated, the reason may be in contact with
    household and industrial chemicals, alkalis, hot water without
    use gloves (see also the causes of cracks in the hands).
  • Use formaldehyde-containing nail polish.
  • The use of acetone solvents for nail polish removal,
    breeding thickened varnish.
  • Nail extensions.
  • Violation of artificial nail removal techniques.
  • Хроническое переохлаждение и пребывание в conditions
    dry air.

Mechanical damage to the nail plate:

  • Improper manicure and pedicure techniques.
  • Nail injury due to professional
    деятельностью: музыканты, операторы ПЭATМ, гитаристы и др.
  • Ушибы, сдавление the nail.

ATнутренние причины

  • Unbalanced nutrition deficient in protein, vitamins A, E,
    D, calcium, magnesium sulfur, phosphorus, selenium. Common cause of this
    conditions in a child.
  • Pathology of the digestive tract, liver, endocrine system, biliary
    the ways in which the metabolism of minerals is disturbed, and
    distribution of micro and macronutrients in the body.
  • Iron deficiency anemia: iron deficiency negative
    affects the condition of the nails.
  • Skin diseases and pathologies in which the skin is affected,
    since nails are skin derived, they are prone to
    pathological changes in these conditions:

    • Eczema;
    • Lichen planus;
    • ATрожденный эпидермолиз;
    • Psoriasis;
    • Dermatomycosis – fungal diseases of the skin and nails.
  • Hormonal changes during puberty and menopause, when
    there is an excess or deficiency of certain hormones.
  • Pregnancy – minerals coming from food are needed
    developing fetus, and in case of mineral nutritional deficiency, the fetus takes
    them from the reserves of the mother’s body.
  • Intoxication with heavy metals, drugs that replace
    is the normal mineral composition of the nail plate.

Psychological causes and psychogenic pathologies

  • ATредная привычка грызть ногти, стучать ногтями по твердой
    surfaces, etc.
  • Onychophagy – intrusive, uncontrollable biting
  • Onychotillomania – a pathology consisting in the desire
    patient to destroy their nails with any tool or
    own nails.
  • Stress, depression.

Characteristics of exfoliating and brittle nails


Characteristic Sheet symmetrical or median cleavage of the nail
plates in the transverse direction only the free edge of the nail without
damage to the main part. Can grow without breaking, but with
thinned free edge.
ATедущие причины
  • alkaline occupational nail disease
  • aggressive environment, including nail polish
  • exposure to polishing tools used when
  • recurring injuries
  • wrong manicure
  • poor quality varnishes
  • observed in congenital epidermolysis
  • x-ray dermatitis
Nail color Sometimes there is a discoloration of the nail plate on
grayish or off-white color.
What nails are affected It is more often observed on index, average and nameless
Treatment Длительный прием витамина A, инъекции витамина B12, внутрь
10% gelatin solution for a long time.


Characteristic Trophic nature of the nails when the nail
plate separated from the nail bed. Complete or
partial detachment of the nail plate, starting from the free edge
or side.
ATедущие причины
  • injuries (occupational injuries)
  • exposure to alkalis, acids
  • skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, streptoderma, etc.)
  • fungal infections
  • endocrine pathology
  • syphilis
Nail color The detached part of the plate acquires a whitish-gray
What nails are affected One or more nail plates on any fingers, including
Treatment AT зависимости причины и выраженности симптомов — удаляется (с
using scissors) separated the nail from the bed for a week
dressing with synthomycin emulsion is applied, bed is lubricated
liquid Castellani, a course of vitamin A and gelatin.


Characteristic Longitudinal grooves starting from the free edge of the nail with
further splitting in the longitudinal direction. Complicate
глубокими трещинами the nail.
ATедущие причины
  • Eczema
  • lichen planus
  • psoriasis
  • avitaminosis
  • diseases of the digestive tract.
Nail color Affected nails have a striped appearance with intermittent light
and dark stripes.
What nails are affected One or more nail plates on any fingers, including
Treatment ATитамин A курсом 1 месяц

Fragility of nails

  • Breaking off the free edge of the nail plate with destruction
    all or just the top layer.
  • Formed irregular edge in the form of irregular fringe.
  • Often accompanied by damage to the nail shaft.
  • When cutting off the free edge, your hands will look healthy.
  • But when the plate grows back, thin and brittle
ATедущие причины
  • Wrong manicure
  • exposure to chemicals and low temperatures
  • endocrine pathology.
Nail color Nail color не меняется, за исключением свободного края, который
becomes transparent or white in places with visible chipped nail
What nails are affected Чаще поражены все nails

Treatment слоящихся и ломких ногтей

When nails are exfoliated, treatment should begin with a visit.
mycologist and dermatologist, and in some cases – a gastroenterologist with
endocrinologist. Only in this case, the therapy will be targeted,
selected according to the cause of the pathology. ATрач при
need assigns a study of the nail plate on
trace elements, fungus, as well as biochemical analysis of blood, blood on

Drug treatment

ATитаминно-минеральные комплексы и БАДы, которые помогают
eliminate the imbalance of vitamins, macro – and micronutrients in the body.
It should be noted that a positive effect is observed when
course taking the drug for at least 1 month.


A diet full of protein foods, enriched with fruits and
vegetables (see foods rich in vitamins A, C, E), and
products containing calcium: dairy products, sesame, nuts,

Salon and physiotherapy

  • ATосковые и парафиновые аппликации, которые улучшают
    blood circulation in the tissues and contribute to the speedy growth
    здорового the nail. The softened and warm wax or paraffin is applied on
    ноготь и мягкие ткани близ ногтя и выдерживают 15-20 minutes
    Подобную процедуру можно проводить и в домашних conditions.
  • Spa manicure combining aromatherapy, various nutritional and
    strengthening baths and masks, paraffin therapy and hand massage.
    Professional care allows you to return the nails healthy look.
  • Japanese manicure. Manual massage of hands is performed in nails.
    Jojoba oil is rubbed in, followed by a water massage of the hands.
    The procedure ends with the application of a mineral mask and a special
    polishing powder with beeswax.
  • Салонное запечатывание nails. It is shown when strongly exfoliate
    ногти на руках и необходимо полное обновление ногтевой plates.
    The procedure includes a salt bath, processing of the nail plate
    grinding file, rubbing in the nail fortified oil and
    natural wax. The effect of the procedure lasts about 3 months.
  • Diathermy – warming up the distal hands to activate
    blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Ultraphoresis of vitamins A and E, delivering vitamins directly to
    tissue. Conduct exchange rate sessions of 10-15 procedures, after 1 month
    can be repeated.
  • Hand massage, which is primarily aimed at improving
    tissue trophism and acceleration of metabolic processes that promote growth
    nail plates.

If your nails exfoliate, what can you do at home

By the way, so that the nails do not exfoliate and do not break, and
The usual hand creams that every woman uses. the main thing
Do not forget to rub the cream into the area of ​​each nail and cuticle.
The optimal composition of creams, rich in vitamins, minerals and
natural plant extracts, with proper and regular
application allows you to improve the appearance and promotes growth
здорового the nail.

  • Lowlife cream, price 150 rubles
  • Cream balm for nails “Folk healer” price 90 rub
  • Cream DiaDerm price 75 rubles

ATоски для ногтей

Чтобы ногти не слоились в домашних conditions, используют воски
для nails. ATсе они имеют в основном составе натуральный пчелиный
wax and can be used as an alternative to salon
sealing. Jar price 100-150 rubles

Healing varnishes

If the nails become brittle, you can use medicinal varnishes:
series of medical varnishes from Eveline, Dance Legend, FIONA. Contain
vitamins and growth promoters, safely seal damaged
plate, protecting it from external influences. Some varnishes may
be used for decorative purposes. Price 100-250 rubles.

Healing mud

Silty, muddy, peaty, rich in minerals and biologically
active substances. Dirt is diluted in hot water until viscous.
consistency and set to 40-37 C, then apply a thick layer
on the nails, incubated for 15 minutes, then washed and rinsed
hands in salted sea salt water. Do such procedures
daily for 7 days, after a 10-day break you can
repeat the course.

Traditional medicine – how to strengthen the layer of nails in the home

Herbal masks for hands and nails

All masks are prepared by grinding the components on
blender or grated and blending. Apply masks on the distal
phalanxes of fingers and nails for 10-15 minutes, preferably after
warming bath or light massage. Mask options:

  • potato and cabbage from fresh vegetables with the addition of
  • banana;
  • carrot with the addition of a couple of drops of olive oil and
    lemon juice;
  • curd sour cream.

Wax mask film

Melt the wax in a water bath and cool to acceptable.
temperature, put the tips of the fingers and nails into it and take them out,
letting wax stick to your fingers. The procedure is performed at night in the morning.
wash off the remaining wax with water. Repeat 2-3 times weekly.

Healing baths

Baths with the addition of sea salt and essential oils,
improves tissue trophism by activating blood circulation and
strengthening the nail plate. 1 l of warm water is enough 2
st.l. sea ​​salt and a couple of drops of oil (myrrh, tea tree,
bergamot, patchouli, pine, lemon, ylang-ylang, cedar), which
first dissolved in a small amount of vegetable oil. Arms
incubated in the bath for 20 minutes, simultaneously massaging each nail.
Repeat 3 times a week.

Mask of clay, olive oil, iodine

For the health of the nails recommended blue clay, a small
the amount of powder which is diluted with warm olive oil and
a couple drops of tincture of iodine, applied to the nails and stand 20
minutes Recommended course procedures for 7 days.

Therapeutic oils

Oils that nourish dry and brittle nails: sea buckthorn, olive,
avocado, castor, sheep, lemon, jojoba. Rub a couple
drops of warm oil in each nail and surrounding fabric on

Food Gelatin Jelly

Make a strong gelatin jelly and boiled water, take
1 st.l. during each meal for 1-4 months, until
normalization of the nails.


  • Avoid contact with aggressive media.
  • Follow the rules of manicure using quality tools.
    Nail clipping should be done with special sharp scissors, and
    filing – only with glass or ceramic files in one
    direction from edge to center.
  • Use high-quality nail polishes and care fluids.
    Prior to the application of decorative varnish, special
    protective covering.
  • Enrich the diet with dairy products, vegetables and fruits.
  • Do not neglect gloves in the winter season.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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