Laxatives for constipation for children under 1of the year

запор у новорожденного ребенка

The baby’s first months of life, the digestive system is not yet
until the end is formed, this explains the frequent
dyspeptic disorders. A newborn baby may suffer
from flatulence, loose stools or constipation (About constipation:
signs and causes of constipation in an infant). Impossibility
emptying the intestines completely leads to abdominal pain, crying and
естественно, что каждый родитель ищет лекарство от запора для

What to do with constipation

First you need to understand exactly what constitutes
constipation. Some mothers believe that if their child is three to four days
did not empty the intestines, then this is a serious problem with which
must consult a doctor. In fact, this is not quite true.
some babies rare bowel movement is considered an option
norms and if it does not suffer overall health, the baby is cheerful,
eating well and sleeping, you can postpone your anxiety. (How many
just gotta be a baby)

To true constipation include a condition in which the baby,
making all his efforts, that is to say, straining and grunting
cannot get rid of accumulated feces. With this he
cries, presses the legs to the stomach, worries, refuses

Impossibility опорожнения кишечника can беспокоить как раз в
several days, and every day, it depends on the physiological
characteristics of the body and on what you feed the child – nursing
milk or mixtures.

кал характерный для запора у новорожденных


With запоре выделяются твердые каловые массы, иногда с примесью
mucus or blood streak. During a bowel movement, the baby is crying, from
His little face turns red, there is great anxiety and this
lasts as long as the intestines are not completely

You should not immediately run to the pharmacy after the first constipation and
искать слабительное для новорожденных, любое лекарство это
all the same chemistry and it is unlikely to be useful for the body of the baby.
First you need to deal with the child’s diet and eliminate
detected errors.

Pediatricians are often advised to adhere to young mothers
following recommendations:

  • If the baby eats mother’s milk, then you need to be especially careful.
    approach to the preparation of your diet. Do not advise to use
    firming foods, nutrition should be diversified by plant
    components (Food nursing mothers).
  • Baby, both artificial and breastfed
    needs extra portions of boiled water. everyday
    it is necessary for the baby to be given several times in the intervals between feedings.
    sips of water with a small spoon.
  • The kid must move actively – daily charge and easy
    tummy massage has a positive effect on the intestinal condition. From
    constipation helps well and putting it on the stomach.
  • Babies first months of life with problems with the chair need
    give some dill or a few drops of broth

If all the measures taken do not help, then
visit a pediatrician – the doctor will assess the general condition of the child and suggest
одно из самых безопасных слабительных для newborns.

Recommended and approved laxatives

Слабительные средства для детей первых месяцев жизни
Available in several dosage forms and most often it is
syrups, solutions or suppositories.

лекарственные средства и свечи от запора для новорожденного

Most often with rare problems with emptying and for rendering
quick help tummy pediatricians advise resort to use
rectal laxative candles, you can buy them in any

  • Ректальные свечи действуют на местном уровне,
    therefore, they do not adversely affect the entire body as a whole.
    Candles with glycerin are considered the safest, they can
    use from the first days of the life of the baby, so the expectant mother
    can stock up on them in advance. For newborn babies with
    Constipation should be used 1/8 of the candles, for children from a month and
    Older dosage is doubled. Candles
    слабительные размягчают кал, делают дефекацию безболезненной и
    It is only necessary to remember that any medicine
    it is used only in extreme cases, otherwise the intestines will get used
    work through his stimulation.
  • Syrups and solutions. Pharmacological
    The industry produces a wide variety of tools for
    facilitate bowel movement. Moms need to remember what you need
    choose only where the child’s age is indicated and fully
    painted instruction.

    • Прелакс – основным действующим веществом сиропа
      is lactulose, improving intestinal motility and
      positively affecting its microflora. Prelaks is used and how
      prophylactic against constipation, the effect of its first
      The application begins to manifest within an hour. More about
    • Duphalac препарат относится к слабительным средствам,
      produced on the basis of natural components of whey.
      A tasty syrup can be given to a baby from the first days of life;
      remember that the maximum effect of its use most often
      develops the next day. In the first days of taking the baby can
      increased flatulence, after a few days usually passes. Duphalac
      positive effect on the normalization of intestinal microflora, it
      leads to stabilization of his work. Article about Duphalac
    • Нормолакт – еще одно слабительное средство на основе
      lactulose. The drug is started with high doses, then with
      achieving the desired effect they are gradually reduced. Лекарство can
      apply for a long time.
  • Микролакс – препарат нового поколения,
    acting like microclysters. The effect of its use comes
    pretty quickly, the only thing stopping many moms from
    purchases – quite a high price. Details about Microlax –
    instructions for use, pros and cons, price

Микролакс от запора

Самостоятельно выбранные medication от запоров для новорожденных
should only be an emergency aid. With frequent constipation.
родителям малыша необходимо обратится к врачу, это поcan выявить
some hereditary or congenital bowel disease. With
constipation in the first weeks of the child’s life young mothers do not panic
worth it – the baby’s body adapts to the changed for him
living conditions and adapts to food.

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