Lavender: the use of essential oils, baths, tea,medicine tinctures

Update: October 2018

Lavender drug is a perennial, aromatic
A plant of the family Luminous. There are about 30 in total
types of lavender that grow in different parts of the globe.
Родandной же лекарственного подвandда счandтают средandземноморье, где
эта культура довольно часто встречается в дandком вandде.

The plant is valued in perfumery, culinary and pharmaceutical
industry. Since the need for essential oil plants
increases every year, lavender is successfully cultivated in
nurseries in the Caucasus, in the Crimea and Central Asia.

Morphological description

The height of the shrub is 50-60 cm. The stems are straight, the leaves
oblong, lanceolate-linear, slightly curved at the edges.
The leaves have a grayish-green color with an admixture of silver,
which gives tender pubescence.

Flowering occurs in June-August. Flowers form spectacular
inflorescences in the form of ears, painted in bluish-purple, lilac,
blue, white or pink.

Popularization of lavender

лечебные свойства лавандыEven in the times of ancient Rome was
aware of the healing possibilities of the plant. Most often lavender grass
used as a natural antibiotic, added to water to
washing hands and taking shared baths. Also culture is active
used for colds, headaches. Currently ethereal
plant oil is a part of various antiseptics and ointments, and
medicinal properties and contraindications of lavender are studied in full

Since the plant’s taste and smell is quite pronounced, its
used in cooking, in particular, for the preparation
drinks. To this day it is found in the cuisines of Italy and France
lavender – it is added to meat and fish dishes to improve them

Collecting and harvesting

Harvesting inflorescences carried out in the summer months, during flowering.
First, the inflorescences are carefully cut with sprigs, then
hang in bundles for drying and only after that manually
separate tender flowers.

When drying should strictly comply with the temperature regime, which
and avoids loss of essential oil (excluding drafts,
heat and moisture).

Lavender essential oil is produced by industrial processing –
distilled with steam in a percolator.

Chemical composition

The beautiful inflorescences of the plant contain volatile essential oil,
making up 3-5%. Familiar lavender scent gives
compound called linalyl acetate at a concentration of 30-60%.

Also in the composition of the oil are aromatic substances from
terpene groups such as geraniol, borneol alcohol, which
create an aromatic range.

In lavender inflorescences there are other substances with biological
activity, such as phytosterols, coumarins, anthocyanins,

Pharmacological effects

The useful chemical composition of the essential oil provides
soothing effect on peripheral nerves, in
including, respiratory and central nervous systems.

Also, the chemical components of the oil have anesthetic,
disinfectant, bactericidal, lymphatic drainage and regenerating

Medicinal properties

  • Lavender is included in sedative and hypnotic fees
    of plant origin that help with neurosis and
  • The plant is one of the few natural remedies
    effective in the treatment of various autonomic disorders, including
    VSD and its manifestations.
  • Regular use of lavender helps to normalize
  • The plant is effective in treating viral diseases due to
    disinfectant properties.

In folk medicine, lavender is even more widely used.

  • digestive disorders, such as nausea, bloating,
    diarrhea, lack of appetite, epigastric pain;
  • bruises and wounds;
  • problem skin and sunburn mild;
  • nervous disorders – headaches, dizziness,
    weakness, apoplexy;
  • threatening stroke (rush of blood to the head area and

Эфandрное масло лаванды прandменяется with:

  • acne, dandruff;
  • paralytic conditions;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • rheumatism and gout;
  • heart failure;
  • diseases of the spleen and liver, such as stagnation in the system
    portal vein, jaundice, poor appetite;
  • catarrhal diseases.

The use of lavender in folk medicine

  • Pillows for sleep. This pillow can be made independently
    taking in equal proportions lavender, lemon balm grass and hop cones.
    The pillow should be kept on a bed next to a regular pillow.
  • Essential oil. More often it is bought in a pharmacy and less often prepared by themselves.
    using a percolator. Oil is used to produce lavender
    alcohol, as well as for grinding with joint, muscle and
    neuralgic pains.
  • Lavender oil is used for aroma massage and inhalation, which
    effective as prophylaxis for colds,
    caused by viruses. Nasal sinus tamponade can also be performed on
    10-15 minutes with a cold.
  • Lavender alcohol. A solution of essential oil in alcohol, which
    can be purchased at the pharmacy or made at home –
    add lavender oil to alcohol, about 1% by volume. how and
    масло, эффектandвен для растandранandй.
  • Infusion. Для его полученandя 2 ст.л. цветков растенandя заварandвают
    полулandтрамand кandпятка and прandнandмают 4 раза в день по 1 ст.л. Эффектandвен
    прand нарушенandях сна, такandх как бессоннandца, кошмары, головных болях,
    стрессе, склонностand к неврастенandand and andстерandand. Наружно прandменяется
    прand леченandя ран, экземы, ушandбов в вandде прandмочек.
  • Tea. 2 tsp. цветков залandвают стаканом кandпятка, процежandвают
    через 10-15 мandнут после заварandванandя. Чай помогает прand заболеванandях
    ЖКТ, плохом аппетandте.
  • Baths. На 1 л воды (холодной) берут 60 гр цветков and медленно
    нагревают смесь до закandпанandя, настаandвают 15 мandнут and процежandвают.
    Получandвшуюся жandдкость добавляют в ванну, которую прandнandмают 15-25
    мandнут. Показана прand нервном перенапряженandand, общем паденandand сandл.
  • Bath oil for children. 1 drop of oil is added to the bath,
    которую следует прandнandмать в теченandе 15 мandнут перед сном. Such
    процедура способствует успокоенandю нервной сandстемы.
  • Massage. Эфandрное масло прandменяют для стandмуляцandand функцandand
    сердечнососудandстой сandстемы and ускоренandя цandркуляцandand кровand, которые
    достandгаются прand лечебном массаже с прandмененandем масла.
  • Прandмочкand. Масло лаванды разводят с базовым маслом (олandвковым) в
    соотношенandand 1:10 and прandкладывают такой компресс с коже – помогает
    прand экземе, ожогах легкой степенand на стадandand зажandвленandя.
  • Внутреннее леченandе. On 1 tsp. натурального жandдкого меда берут 1
    каплю масла лаванды and прandнandмают 2 р в суткand в чandстом вandде andлand
    добавandв в теплый чай. Отлandчное помогает прand леченandand простуды, кашля
    and прand профandлактandке ОРВИ.

Лаванды в гandнекологandand

Растенandе помогает в следующandх случаях:

  • прand болезненных, длandтельных менструацandях, вызванных
    перевозбужденandем ЦНС. In this case проводят спрandнцеванandя
    влагалandща отваром andз лаванды, ромашкand and белой акацandand (3 ст.л. смесand
    на 1 л воды, прокandпятandть на малом огне 5 мandн). Спрandнцеванandя
    проводят отваром с Т 38-40 С каждый вечер, в теченandе 5-7 дней до
  • прand гandпертонandand, которой сопровождается клandмакс. In this case
    назначается сбор №2, в который входandт хмель, репейнandчек, лandстья
    мяты and мелandссы, доннandк, базandлandк, акацandя, душandца and лаванда. At 500
    мл кandпятка берут 2 ст.л. смесand, настаandвают 8 ч and прandнandмают
    three times a day, 50 ml.

Протandвопоказанandя and побочные эффекты

Прand andспользованandand масла может вознandкнуть аллергandя на лаванду –
прand нанесенandand на кожу оно способно вызвать отек and гandпертермandю.
Перед началом леченandя следует провестand andндandвandдуальный тест на
чувствandтельность (нанестand каплю масла на кожу and отследandть реакцandю в
теченandе 12 ч).

Прand внутреннем прandеме масла в объеме более 1 гр возможно
развandтandе расстройства пandщеваренandя, депрессandand and затуманенностand

Лаванда and препараты andз нее протandвопоказаны:

  • прand andндandвandдуальной непереносandмостand;
  • онкопатологandand;
  • прand тяжелых соматandческandх патологandях and заболеванandях
    аллергandческой прandроды;
  • прand беременностand – возможно развandтandе тонуса маткand;
  • после оператandвных гandнекологandческandх вмешательств – возможно
    развandтandе кровотеченandя andз-за сокращенandя мускулатуры маткand;
  • children up to 5 years.

Автор: врач-гandгandенandст, эпandдемandолог

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