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Update: October 2018 Lasolvan Inhalation Solution is
popular mucolytic drug that can also be taken
inside. Lasolvanom therapy softens dry cough, contributes to
productive sputum discharge, accelerates recovery from acute
course of bronchopulmonary diseases and shortens the periods of exacerbation
chronic pathologies.

Farmgroup: Expectorant and mucolytic drug.

Composition, physico-chemical properties, price

  • Dosage form: solution intended for
    inhalation and internal use.
  • Main substance: 7.5 mg ambroxol hydrochloride;
  • Auxiliary components: 2 mg citric acid monohydrate,
    4.35 mg of sodium dihydrate hydrogen phosphate, 6.22 mg of sodium chloride, 225
    mcg benzalkonium chloride, 98.9705 gr. purified water.
  • Physical and chemical properties: Clear solution,
    light brown or colorless, 100 ml.
  • Packaging: dark glass bottles, with polyethylene
    dropper and cup measuring.
  • Price: 350-400 rubles.

pharmachologic effect

Ambroxol hydrochloride activates secretory function
respiratory tract, enhances the production of surfactant (substances
lining the alveoli) and stimulates the motility of cilia
epithelial cells in the bronchi. These effects allow
to significantly improve the current and transport of mucus through the bronchi – discharge
sputum improves and coughing becomes less painful and more

During long-term observations, it has been proven that long-term therapy
Lasolvanum in patients with COPD leads to a decrease in the number
exacerbations, reducing the duration of the acute period and
antibiotic use.


раствор лазолвана для ингаляцийFor internal use
Absorption is almost complete and differs linearly.
from the dose taken in the therapeutic concentration range.
Active ingredient reaches maximum blood concentration
one and a half to two hours after ingestion. At maximum concentration
binds to plasma proteins by 90%. Moves quickly from
blood in the tissue and in the greatest concentration found in the pulmonary

A third of the dose taken is exposed to the so-called primary
passage through the liver tissue. CYP3A4 isoform is involved in
metabolism of ambroxol hydrochloride to dibromoanthranilic acid.
Two-thirds of the dose taken is metabolized in the liver by
partial cleavage to the metabolite dibromantranilic acid and
through glucuronidation. The half-life of the body through
10 hours.

Total clearance is 660 ml / min. After taking a single
doses of about 83% are excreted in the urine over the next 5 days.
Gender and age do not affect the pharmacokinetics of the current


Lasolvan drops for inhalation and internal administration are prescribed.
in chronic and acute pathologies of the respiratory tract, which
accompanied by cough with sputum difficult to separate:

  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • COPD;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • bronchiectatic disease.


The drug can not be used in the following groups of patients:

  • in case of hypersensitivity to ambroxol and auxiliary
    компонентам solution;
  • in the 1st trimester of pregnancy;
  • during lactation.

special instructions

It is used with caution in 2-3 trimesters of pregnancy, and
also with hepatic and renal failure. Preservative
benzalkonin chloride, which is contained in the solution, during inhalation
can lead to bronchospasm in highly reactive patients
respiratory tract – this should be considered when conducting

Effects on the reaction rate during internal and inhalation
application Lasolvan not noted.



In the instructions for use Lasolvana for inhalation for children
The following scheme is indicated:

  • Children up to 6 L: 1-2 inhalations per day, for which they are used by
    2 мл solution;
  • children from 6 l, as well as adults: 1-2 inhalations per day, for
    которых используют по 2-3 мл solution.

Lasolvan is suitable for use in inhalation with any
modern inhalers, except steam. To get a worker
solution Лазолвана детского для ингаляций препарат смешивают с 0.9%
rm sodium chloride in the ratio of one to one. In the same way
Prepare the drug and for use by adults.

Inhalation проводят в режиме обычного дыхания, поскольку глубокий
inhaling can trigger a coughing fit. Раствор (смесь физsolution
and lasolvana) must be slightly warmed up before inhalation. Patients have
who have bronchial asthma, inhalation should be carried out
after taking bronchodilators.

Internal reception

1 мл solution Лазолвана – это 25 капель. Drug is permissible
dissolve in water, juice, tea, milk and apply regardless of
food intake:

  • children up to 2 liters: 25 drops (equal to 1 ml) twice a day;
  • children 2-6 liters: 25 drops (equal to 1 ml) three times a day;
  • children 6-12 liters: 50 drops (equal to 2 ml) three to two times a day;
  • children from 12 liters and adults: 100 drops (equal to 4 ml) three times per

If symptoms persist for more than 4-5 days against the background
treatment with Lasolvan, the drug is canceled and turned to to the doctor.

Pregnancy, lactation period

The active substance penetrates well into the placental blood flow. AT
the course of preclinical studies conducted directly or indirectly
negative impact on the course of pregnancy and fetal development is not
revealed. Women who took Lasolvan after 23 weeks
pregnancy, no adverse effects on
pregnancy, childbirth and fetal development. Also ambroxol
excreted in mother’s milk.

Like any other drug, Lasolvan is prescribed with
caution both during pregnancy and throughout
period breastfeeding baby.

Side effects

Often from the gastrointestinal tract there is nausea and a decrease
sensitivity in the pharynx and oral cavity, at least – dry throat,
vomiting, diarrhea and epigastric pain. Nervous
system is often marked dysgeusia, in which occurs
violation of taste sensations. Allergic reactions can be expressed
skin rash, itching, anaphylactic phenomena.


With a significant excess of the recommended dose observed
reactions similar to side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea,
abdominal pain. Therapy of these non-specific conditions –
gastric lavage until symptoms resolve.

Drug interactions

Clinically significant adverse effect on efficacy
other drugs are not marked. When applied simultaneously with
cefuroxime, amoxicillin and erythromycin increase is noted
effect of the latter due to better penetration into the bronchial

Combine Lasolvan with antitussive drugs that
difficult to excrete sputum, should not be.


Solutions for inhalation with the same composition:

  • Amprobene;
  • Ambroxol;
  • Ambrohexal;
  • Bronchorus.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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