Laser wart removal: laserpainlessly and quickly

Update: October 2018

Warts are known to be of viral origin,
the possibility of infection, as well as the probability of their occurrence
directly depend on the state of the child’s immune system or
adult, as well as the presence of microtraumas on the skin of the hands, feet. With
the instability of the immune response in humans, the infection may
occur as with close contact with the skin of the virus carrier, and
indirectly – that is, in a household way, through common household items,
clothes In this article we will talk about the modern method of removal.
warts – laser.

How to remove a wart does not hurt, fast, safe?

Today, medicine has sufficient methods
rid of skin growths such as papillomas and warts

  • Chemically active substances, acids or alkalis, such as
    Verrukacid (metacresol and phenol), Super Cleaner (sodium and potassium
    гидроокись, по отзывам самое эффективное средство), азотная,
    acetic acid, oxalic acid, lactic acid (Solkoderm) is a procedure
    causes burning, soreness, there are also
    remedies like wartner cryo, cryopharm.
  • Natural extract and celandine juice may help.

Dermatologists suggest the removal of tumors by
modern methods:

  • Лазерное удаление warts — безболезненная или
    slightly painful procedure is performed using local
    anesthesia, fast, safe, delicate removal of growth
  • Удаление warts жидким азотом — криодеструкция, это
    painful process that requires anesthesia, with the possibility of repeated
    session and postprocedure marks on the skin
  • Removal of neoplasms by electrocoagulation method – under
    electric current
  • Surgical treatment with a scalpel today
    practically not used.

For проведения самого современного метода — лазерного выведения
neoplasms, the following lasers are used:

  • Carboxyd laser beam – it provides instant
    coagulation of blood, which prevents the spread of HPV (virus
    human papillomas) in the future.
  • The erbium laser – produces layer-by-layer evaporation of growths,

How best to remove a wart and How to remove
wart at home, read our articles.

Which warts can be removed with a laser and on which
body areas?

Любые виды warts, папиллом, родинок на лице, бородавки на
fingers, hands, feet, any part of the body can be removed with
laser therapy. This method is possible for:

  • Plantar warts – when horny develop on the foot
    solid layers with a rod in the center
  • Common warts – dense small rounded
    neoplasms slightly darker than the skin, the size of both a pea and
    with millet grain
  • Flat warts – flat nodules small from 1 mm to 1 cm,
    towering above the skin, usually have skin color.

Удаление warts

There are some obvious reasons why
This method is contraindicated:

  • Herpes rash, shingles, herpes
  • High blood pressure
  • A common cold recently suffered from ARVI, flu
  • High or low-grade body temperature
  • Pregnant women should refrain from any method.
    removal of neoplasms
  • Нельзя проводить лазерное удаление warts при наличии сыпи,
    skin irritation in the nearest skin areas
  • Malignant diseases of any localization
  • Systemic diseases
  • Endocrine diseases of the severe course – the thyroid gland,
  • Photodermatitis – sun allergy
  • Mental illness during exacerbations
  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Lung diseases with 3 degrees of pulmonary insufficiency
  • Severe renal or hepatic failure.

How is the removal and healing after the laser?

For проведения подобной процедуры применяется
high-tech surgical laser. The beam is bactericidal and
sterile, so the skin area is not further exposed
inflammation, do not remain scars and scars.

In any neoplasm under the action of a laser beam occurs
death of the pathogen. Bacteria and viruses that cause the growth of warts,
die from the heat of the beam. Therefore, after the procedure on
the place of growth does not occur inflammatory processes. Laser beam on
distance affects the skin surface without touching and not
traumatizing it, and the actual removal of the formation is obtained by
cause evaporation of his body.

The main advantage of this method is that the operator
laser apparatus can easily control power and depth
exposure to the beam. Therefore, overdose is almost impossible.
injury, but slight soreness of nearby tissues is possible.
In medical centers that offer this service
Always comfortable atmosphere, attentive staff.

After the procedure, the consequences, complications are not
arises. Of course, to restore the treated area
it takes a little time, but not more than 2 weeks. After deletion
a laser, instead of a build-up, forms a dry crust, under which
Healing occurs. This crust is not causes discomfort and
it will disappear on its own after about 10 days, after which
2-3 days on the place of the former growth there is a healthy skin, not
different from the surrounding.

During this time, for this area of ​​skin special care
practically not required except disinfectant treatment
means. The dark crust that remains after cannot
tear off, wet, solarize, process
cosmetics for 10-14 days, that is, you can not
access to the solarium, sauna, swimming pool.

The benefits of laser removal

Of course, in the age of oncological tension, any skin
education should first be differentiated from cancerous
neoplasms, as with mechanical damage any
viral warts, papillomas, it can be malignant. For
it is enough to consult a qualified
dermatologist, oncologist.

In other cases, most dermatologists tend to
consensus that today is the most effective and safe
method of ridding the patient of not beautiful moles, papillomas and
other entities, not oncological nature, is – laser
removal of growths and warts.

When the patient is worried about the warts on the foot, when there is an untimely
their removal, breeding, they often germinate inside, while
the discomfort increases, pains appear. when warts are formed
a callus that does not go deeper than the hypodermis, but pain
related to the fact that the area of ​​keratinization is deep and in contact with
nerve that gives when walking expressed pain. In some sources
It is indicated that the warts on the foot form a callus – this
delusion, since the callus is the result of a healed
fracture, that is, the place of accretion of bone fracture, but not
effects of warts.

With удалении подошвенных warts  — лазерный метод
is the best option because it is:

  • Effectively, effectively – one session is enough for
    elimination, the tissue of any tumor evaporates and does not
  • Virtually no contraindications, except acute inflammatory
  • Reasonably safe and painless method
  • In most cases, leaves no scars, scars, changes
    skin color because bleeding is excluded – other methods may
    leave traces
  • Easy recovery period – this method does not occur
    damage to the surrounding tissue, so the rate of tissue regeneration
    very high
  • Quick session – just a few, 2-3 minutes
  • Laser removal of warts is possible, but better after 5
    years old
  • Comfort when conducting a session on the latest equipment
  • A fairly stable result, in very rare cases possible.

Prices for such a procedure are quite high in various cities.
and clinics, they range from 150 to 3000 rubles. (autumn 2013) for
deletion of a single new order, with discounts depending on
the number of elements for elimination, their location, size,
nature, type, etc. For example, the cost of removing a flat
warts from 200-1500 rubles, on the face and body of 1500-2000 rubles,
plantar wart 2000-3000 rub. (prices in Moscow

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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