Laser removal of polyps in the nose is safe andeffective?

Update: December 2018

Removal of polyps in the nose with a laser is very popular today,
fairly safe and effective way of destruction of polyps with
help laser beam. This minimally invasive endoscopic procedure
used in nasal polyposis. This method allows
operate on patients who are contraindicated in traditional
technology, for example, individuals with bronchial asthma.

Low injury rate, progressive modern equipment
allow to achieve the best effect with the least consequences.
Under the control of the endoscope, the removal of polyps in the nose with a laser occurs
due to the destruction of the leg of the neoplasm, then it is produced
extraction and coagulation of the base of the polyp. In order to avoid complications and
further recurrence of the disease, such a procedure most often
make in a hospital with preliminary and postoperative
therapy, but it is possible and outpatient surgery.

What are nose polyps and why are they formed?

Polyps are benign growths
hypertrophied nasal mucosa that arise
due to structural changes in epithelial tissue. This pathology
recorded according to various data in 1-4% of the population.

The cause of polyps are considered anatomical
features of the nasal cavity – curvature of the septum, narrow nasal
moves as well as the most important triggering factor
allergic reactions – asthma, pollinosis, allergic
rhinitis, or in patients with cystic fibrosis, chronic
inflammatory processes – frontitis, ethmoiditis, antritis,

The danger of long-standing polyps is that they can
malignantly. Usually polyp growth occurs in the upper nasal
cavities and with an increase in neoplasm, gradually partially or
nasal passages completely overlap, making it difficult or blocking
nasal breathing that entails a number of symptoms and

  • Permanent or periodic nasal congestion, absence
    nasal breathing
  • The absence or reduction of smell, and therefore a change
    of taste
  • Constant rhinitis, sneezing, mucopurulent discharge
  • Sleep disturbance, headache
  • Impaired speech development in children, hearing impairment
  • Degradation of performance

The diagnosis of nasal polyps is made by endoscopic examination.
nasal cavity, according to x-ray of the paranasal sinuses, CT,
sometimes bacteriological, otoscopy or
pharyngoscopy. Immediately before laser surgery
To remove nasal polyps
blood clotting – coagulation, complete blood count,
X-ray or CT scan. Moreover, MRI is not considered the best
diagnostic method, rather than CT.

When removal of polyps is indicated

  • Полное отсутствие nasal breathing
  • With chronic frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, etmoiditis
  • Severe bronchial asthma, attacks of which are accompanied
    nasal congestion
  • Snoring, violation of smell
  • Nasal septum deviation
  • Offensive discharge from the nasal cavity

Modern methods of removing polyps – their disadvantages and

Today, modern otolaryngology can offer several
ways to remove polyps in the nose: laser, using polyphoid
loops, endonasal endoscopy, removal with liquid nitrogen,
радиоволновым методом, полипотомией.

The advantages of laser removal of polyps:

  • The possibility of ambulatory surgery or
    short stay in hospital
  • Local anesthesia
  • Almost bloodless procedure due to laser coagulation
  • In most cases, a single procedure is enough, relapses.
    possible in rare cases
  • Low invasiveness and speed of operation – no more than 20
  • The surgical process is always under endoscopic control.

The disadvantages and limitations of the method are:

  • Laser removal of nasal polyps is suggested to the patient when
    single neoplasms
  • For multiple polyposis, polypotomy or
    endoscopic removal
  • The possibility of re-growth of the polyp is due to the fact that
    the laser cannot eliminate the cause of the formation,
    because it is a deep internal disturbances in the body.

With nasal polyps, treatment may be conservative, but
only after removal of tumors, also in the absence of
allergies to medicinal herbs, you can use and treatment
nasal polyps with folk remedies or homeopathy. What are the methods
may be an alternative option instead of treating polyps in the nose
laser, consider them in more detail:

Revision of the maxillary sinuses

This method is performed only under general anesthesia, since
simultaneously with the removal of the polyp, the paranasal sinuses are also opened,
to remove the tumor there. This is quite a serious amount.
work for surgeons leading to surgical trauma and reuse
such operations are very risky. And also this is not
excludes further development of relapse.

Removal of polyps with a loop

This method is used most often, but it is enough
painful procedure, because most often the place of localization
polyp not available for local anesthesia. Procedure is performed
with the help of special forceps or polypholes, which the surgeon
grabs a polyp and rips it out. For patients with bronchial
asthma this method is very dangerous development of asthma attack
or even status. In this way, polyps are usually removed.
fell out of the sinuses into the nasal cavity. Since after removal
space for new polyps is released, there are cases that
literally in a few hours they fall into the nasal
cavity, which again leads to cessation of breath by the nose. therefore
sometimes this procedure can be delayed for 3-4 days to achieve
lasting result.

Удаление полипов в носу лазером

Endoscopic removal

Most otolaryngologists agree that the most gentle,
effective and modern method is functional
endoscopic endonasal removal of polyps. Since at the same time
endoscopic equipment is used, for the surgeon almost
there are no restrictions on access to the various departments of the sinuses and nasal
cavities, the advantage is endonasal access, which eliminates
tissue incisions. Removal is done with special tools –
microdebrider or shaver, they minimize injuries
healthy tissue and work with an accuracy of 1 mm. Bleeding
procedure is minimal, is used as a local anesthesia, and
general anesthesia. The patient spends in the hospital no more than 3-7 days.

Liquid nitrogen removal

When removed with liquid nitrogen, the destruction of the polyp occurs due to
ultra low temperature. This method has one big disadvantage
the features of cryosurgical equipment are such that it is not always
it is possible to freeze a polyp entirely, usually several
sessions, so this procedure is considered ineffective.

Who is contraindicated, who shows laser removal of polyps in

The main patients who most often remove nasal
laser polyps are patients with asthma, as well as those with
who discovered a single polyp. The danger of polyps in the nose
due to the possible rebirth of benign
neoplasms in malignant, frequent and aggravated seizures
бронхиальной астмы, а также тем, что отсутствие nasal breathing,
especially in children, can lead to severe hearing impairment,
mental retardation in children.

Disturbance of smell, nasal congestion, snoring, permanent
inflammatory process in the nasopharynx and sinuses can
eliminate only by removing polyps. Moreover, even with a curved
flexible laser light guide allows you to produce

Of course, during pregnancy, exacerbation of chronic
obstructive bronchitis, recurrence of asthma, as well as
seasonal pollinosis, exacerbation of allergic rhinitis, with acute
infections, severe diseases of internal organs, to produce
the operation is impossible. Even any malaise, increased arterial
pressure, colds, should be a reason for postponing
any surgery.

How does the surgery, treatment of polyps in the nose with a laser?

The process of treatment of nasal polyps with a laser is carried out by surgeons –
otolaryngologists in the hospital, without tissue incisions, under
local anesthesia. Mostly single small polyps are removed,
for large or multiple tumors, polypotomy is indicated.
or endoscopic endonasal removal. Before surgery
the patient must pass all standard tests, CT, he
desensitization therapy is prescribed.

On the monitor, the doctor can assess the prevalence
pathological process in the nasal cavity, under the control of optics
the laser light guide to the neoplasm and emit
radiation. Мощный лазерный луч за 2-3 minutesы прогревает полип до
100C, it can be a little painful, it happens at the same time
coagulation of vessels of the mucous membrane. The cut polyp is removed from
nasal cavity with tweezers.

The laser has two important functions — apart from deletion (as
with a surgical knife) of the main old polyp, it evaporates water into
surrounding polypous tissues, which minimizes further
sprawl. This procedure immediately leads to improved breathing,
eliminates bleeding and the formation of postoperative scars.
Чтобы удалить полип в носу лазером требуется 15-20 minutes, когда
there is a need for a re-session, it is produced through
a week

After surgery, the patient is subjected to quality control carried out.
endoscope method, as well as prescribe homeopathic,
drug or immunological treatment. If you remove the nasal
polyps, and the true reason for their formation is not to establish and not
eliminate, then of course, relapses and new growth may occur

Сколько стоит процедура лазерного удаления полипов в nose?

The price of services for the removal of polyps in the nose with a laser, the cost
procedures depends on the city of operation, taking into account
clinical picture of polyposis, as well as the number of required
sessions. On average, prices in Moscow range from 12,000 to 30,000
rubles, an average of 16,000 rubles. in clinics of large cities.

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