Laser polishing of the face: the pros and cons

Update: October 2018

Laser resurfacing of the skin of the face, the second name of which is laser
peeling is a cosmetic procedure, during which with
laser equipment removes dead epithelial cells.
Also during the procedure, you can get rid of various defects.
skin such as fine wrinkles, age spots, post-acne, dark
circles under the eyes, enlarged pores, unaesthetic moles, scars
from migrated chicken pox and tattoo. Laser therapy allows
get rid of the marks that remain on the skin from acne, and
from scars on the face. After laser polishing, an active
restoration of skin cells.

At this stage of cosmetology development, the technique is considered the most
safe and quite effective way of rejuvenation and correction
various skin defects.

Preparation for the procedure

To maximize the effectiveness of polishing the skin
the procedure should go through simple training, which is assigned

  • broad-spectrum antibiotics (Azizin, Sumamed);
  • antiviral drug (Famciclovir);
  • cream for everyday care with retinol, glycolic acid,
    who are appointed in about a month for the procedure. These funds
    reduce the thickness of the upper layer of the skin, which will allow the laser beam
    easier to penetrate the dermis.

The essence of the procedure

Лазерная шлифовка лицаThe laser beam is actively absorbed very
a thin surface layer of the dermis and transmits a huge tissue
amount of energy in the shortest amount of time. Due to
This is a microexplosion and evaporation of tissue, which received
laser energy. Neighboring layers of skin do not have time to heat up and burns
going on.

After evaporation of old cells, active regeneration begins and
derma renewal. Small wrinkles are eliminated by improving
blood circulation, destruction of fibrous fibers and the formation of new
elastic fibers. Also increases the resistance of the dermis to

For the procedure, two types of laser are used: erbium and
carbon dioxide. The choice of laser depends on the indications for the procedure,
both types are often combined in the same patient. what
As for efficiency, carbon dioxide laser removes scars better.
and fine wrinkles, but requires a longer rehabilitation (up to 14

Sequence of procedure

  1. On the area of ​​the face to be exposed to,
    anesthetic cream is applied;
  2. The nozzle on the laser is selected individually, depending on
    size of surface treatment.
  3. The skin is treated with a laser for 5-30 minutes, during which it is removed
    the cornified layer, and the young cells are not damaged;
  4. Apply ointment with dexpanthenol on the treated skin.
    accelerating healing;

Immediately after laser polishing, the skin acquires a red color, which
is a normal occurrence. There is also a slight swelling.
Both symptoms gradually disappear in about 4-5 days.

Skin healing lasts 4-6 days after an erbium laser and 10-14
days after carbon dioxide. In places of laser exposure skin
covered with crusts (dead areas), which should fall away
on their own. If they are deleted forcibly, they will form
scars. Apply wound healing ointment with decantenol, which
Must be used independently within 10-15 days.


On average, the recovery period is 5-15 days. During
this time cannot be:

  • use cosmetics;
  • be in the open sun (otherwise ugly will be formed

Avoid direct sunlight for 3 months.
after the procedure. Also be sure to use sunscreen
creams during this time.

Positive effects and benefits of laser peeling

  • Visible narrowing of the pores, smoothing of fine wrinkles;
  • Significant reduction in the size of major skin defects;
  • Stimulation of collagen formation, due to which
    the restored skin becomes more elastic and
  • Activation of cell metabolism – new cells are formed
    more active, so healing will not take much time.

The effect of grinding with a laser has an increasing character. First
positive results occur after 2-3 weeks, and
the final result can be seen in 3-6 months – exactly
then it is permissible to compare the photo of the face before and after laser polishing.
Smooth skin lasts for several years.

Among the advantages of laser peeling should be noted:

  • possibility of exact, necessary in each case
    device settings. Radiation duration and required depth
    Impacts are set on the device before the procedure and may
    adjusted during skin treatment;
  • painless technique. Laser exposure is easy to carry.
    and does not require serious anesthesia;
  • gentle way to rejuvenate and eliminate skin blemishes. Highly
    important positive point is that the laser acts
    only on the affected skin without affecting healthy

The disadvantages of the procedure include the fact that prices for laser
face grinding are high, an average of 45,000 (and in some cases
will require several sessions) and the fact that at home her
impossible to hold.

Laser polishing of the face: contraindications and complications

This procedure has no age limit, however
It is recommended to carry out such correction after 18 years, when the skin
the cover was finally formed.

Medical contraindications to the procedure:

  • diabetes;
  • scleroderma;
  • Vitiligo (pigmentation disorders);
  • skin neoplasms;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologists;
  • laser intolerance.

Complications after the procedure – an infrequent phenomenon, but may
be observed in a number of patients:

  • significant erythema of the skin that is associated with local
    inflammatory reaction and immaturity of the new layer of epithelium.
    Redness of the skin can persist up to 4 months;
  • hyperpigmentation more characteristic of dark-skinned people
    associated with the death of melanocytes and the release of pigment into the skin;
  • the occurrence of scars. Such an unpleasant complication can be
    due to lack of specialist qualifications and improper
    laser dosing;
  • activation of dormant skin infections;
  • acute infectious process. Acne after laser polishing,
    inflammation of the treated lesions are due to skidding

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

The method of fractional grinding was patented in 2004
well-known company Palomar Medical Technologies. Fractional
impact involves the separation of the laser beam into
A large number of microbeams. The laser has a peculiar
net effect on the skin, penetrating to a depth of 0.1 cm, which
provides the highest efficiency of the procedure.

  • Fractional beam minimizes damage – areas remain
    intact skin, of which is healing;
  • The resource of the regenerative function of the skin is saved, which
    provides fast recovery;
  • In one session, it is possible to treat a large area of ​​skin;
  • Skin condition improves, hyperpigmentation is removed;
  • Acceptable treatment of sensitive areas around the eyes,
    neckline and neck;

With all the safety of the method, laser peeling is
unnatural intervention in the body and, like any procedure,
carries its own risks. The human factor is also not excluded, therefore from
The qualifications of a cosmetologist depend very much. Leave
laser face resurfacing reviews and an opinion about performance
this method.

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