Laryngitis in adults – symptoms and treatment thatthis is the photo, the first signs of laryngitis

Laryngitis is a clinical syndrome of laryngeal damage caused by
inflammatory changes of the mucous membrane due to the development
infection of viral or bacterial etiology or other causes
manifested in the form of acute or chronic forms. Development
способствуют переохлаждение, дыхание через рот, запылённый
air, laryngeal overstrain, smoking and alcohol

The course of the disease depends on a number of conditions (age,
resistance of the body, the adequacy of the therapy, etc.).
How to treat laryngitis, what are the symptoms and first signs in adults, and
также про основные методы профилактики — мы более детально
talk in this article.

What is laryngitis?

Ларингит у взрослых

Ларингит – это заболевание дыхательной системы, при котором
поражается слизистая оболочка larynx In adults, the disease
accompanied by a change in voice, until its complete loss,
cough, respiratory failure. He is able to flow independently
or be a continuation of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the pharynx, nasopharynx
or nasal cavity in cases of acute respiratory diseases.

The fact is that when we talk, our vocal cords
begin to emit a vibration, due to which the sound appears. But at
this disease, the vocal cords swell and completely lose it
its unique property. The airways are also constricted,
it’s getting a little hard to breathe, another characteristic
disease may be the so-called barking cough.

ATажно вовремя осознать, что молчание — золото в буквальном
sense of the word. Better a few days to whisper than
suffer after long weeks.

ATиды заболевания

Существует две формы ларингита: острая, которая длится
всего несколько дней, и хроническая, которая сохраняется в
for weeks or months.

Acute laryngitis

Acute laryngitis сравнительно редко развивается как
independent disease. Usually he is
симптомом ОРATИ (гриппа, аденовирусной инфекции,
parainfluenza), in which the inflammatory process is also involved
the mucous membrane of the nose and pharynx, and sometimes the lower respiratory
pathways (bronchi, lungs). Acute laryngitis может возникнуть в
the result of excessive tension of the vocal cords for example
shouting, cheering, singing, or giving speeches.

Chronic laryngitis у взрослых

Chronic form arises from acute manifestation in the absence of
treatment or becomes the result of infection by
chronic sources of the pathogen (diseases of the inflammatory
characters in the nasopharynx). Often diagnosed in smokers
as the tobacco house negatively affects the epithelial state
layer and leads to its depletion, resulting in mucous
becomes susceptible to the effects of negative factors.

The outcome of chronic laryngitis in adults depends on its form.
With гипертрофическом и атрофическом хроническом ларингите полного
recovery does not occur. Prevention aims to eliminate
causal factors.

Sometimes due to the similarity of the clinical picture of this pathology
confused with pharyngitis, however, how to treat laryngitis in an adult and
что делать при фарингите, сильно отличаются. Therefore, before
exact diagnosis should not be taken

Also emit:

  • Катаральный ларингит – у больного першение, осиплость
    voices, feeling of rawness in the throat, coughing is inconstant,
    dry and little pronounced. The course is favorable and easy.
    Characteristic symptoms of laryngitis in adults: most often patients
    complain of dysphonia, hoarseness, tickling, soreness and
    dry throat at normal or subfebrile temperature.
    Sometimes there is a dry cough, which is further followed by
    expectoration of sputum.
  • Atrophic laryngitis is characterized by
    reducing the thickness of the mucous membrane. With this feature
    often in coughing marked discharge with blood marks.
    Characteristic – the formation of yellow-green or
    dirty brown crusts on the mucous membrane is
    distinctive feature.
  • Аллергический ларингит возникает у пациента с
    allergic reaction (allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis and
  • Hypertrophic laryngitis, unlike atrophic
    ларингита, характеризуется утолщением слизистой оболочки larynx
    Excessively thickened areas of the larynx in the form of whitish or
    transparent elevations may increase so much that they interfere
    the closure of the vocal cords.
  • AT случае дифтерийной формы развитие болезни происходит
    due to the spread of infection in the larynx with tonsils. Mucous
    the shell is covered with a white membrane that can separate and
    cause airway obstruction at the level of the vocal cords.
    A similar membrane can also form during streptococcal

Withчины возникновения у взрослых

ATозбудители ларингита делятся на две группы:

  • вирусы (вирус гриппа, парагриппа, кори и
  • bacteria
    (возбудитель скарлатины, дифтерии, коклюша, стрептококки, стафилококки, микоbacteria, трепонемы и

The main causes of laryngitis:

  • General and local hypothermia, ingestion of irritating food (most often
    very cold), cold drink, mouth breathing, excessive voice
    load (long, loud conversation, singing, cry) – all this leads
    disruption of local defense systems, damage to cellular structures
    mucous membrane and the development of the inflammatory process. AT
    subsequent accession of infection is possible.
  • Контакты с больными — коклюшем, ветряной оспой, гриппом
    или другим ОРATИ. The incubation period of infectious laryngitis
    origin can range from several hours to several
    days depending on the pathogen.
  • Spread of infections of the paranasal sinuses
    при синуситах, полости рта и других близлежащих
  • ATдыхание различных раздражителей — загрязненного пылью, сажей,
    chemicals in the air.
  • Constant or one-time strong tension of the vocal cords –
    a long loud conversation, as well as a cry, especially in the case
    adverse conditions specified in the previous paragraph.
  • Damage to the surface of the mucous membrane of the larynx –
    mechanical surgery (fishbone, attempt
    swallowing badly chewed food, crackers).
  • Alcohol abuse, smoking.
  • Laryngitis can develop if ingested
    contents in the larynx (gastroesophageal reflux). This state
    may develop in case of weakness of the esophageal sphincters, which in
    norm is prevented from entering the gastric contents into the esophagus,
    pharynx, larynx.

Symptoms of laryngitis

Signs of inflammation of the larynx in adults can be suspected
on their own. The following may indicate the development of laryngitis

  • Appearance of dry cough;
  • Hoarseness;
  • Sore throat and sore throat;
  • ATыраженная болезненность при глотании;
  • General malaise;
  • Rise in body temperature;
  • Повышенное количество лейкоцитов в крови.

Ларингит у взрослых обычно длится от нескольких дней до 2-х
weeks. Usually in 2-3 days the body temperature returns to normal.
general well-being improves. Then the voice is restored and
gradually dry cough becomes wet, and stops.

Throat picture with laryngitis


слева нормальная гортань, а справа горло при ларингите

AT первые семь-десять дней заболевание имеет острое течение. If a
the inflammatory process lasts longer, then doctors put
диагноз хронический ларингит.

Symptoms and signs in adults
Acute laryngitis
  • At first, a person’s general well-being deteriorates,
    headache, weakness.
  • Sharply decreases performance, there is a constant
  • AT это же время может повышаться температура, но происходит это
    not always, and rarely do the thermometer rise above
    subfebrile marks. Usually the temperature in laryngitis is kept at
    within 37.0 ° -37.5 °.
  • there is a sore throat, worse when swallowing, coughing and
    trying to talk;
  • dry cough in the form of attacks with the separation of scanty
  • runny nose and nasal congestion.
Chronic laryngitis Characteristic, often recurring symptoms of chronic form:

  • hoarse voice;
  • severe sore throat;
  • cough;
  • swelling and hyperemia of the mucous membrane.


The most common complication of laryngitis is
chronic bronchitis and tonsillitis. Often in the acute phase occurs
the danger of laryngeal edema and the appearance of false croup. With
in this state, a person begins to choke, the skin integuments
turn pale, appears cyanotic nasolabial triangle. If a
in this condition, the person does not urgently help, then he
may die.

Chronic laryngitis также может привести к развитию осложнений

  • tumor formation in the larynx benign
  • proliferation of polyps, the formation of cysts or granulomas;
  • laryngeal cancer development;
  • laryngeal stenosis;
  • mobility of the larynx.


Определение симптомов и лечение ларингита у взрослых должно проходить
under the supervision of a physician

AT процессе диагностики врач изначально изучает анамнез, проводит
physical examination and interviews the patient about the nature of the onset and
development of the disease. A thorough study of the sound of the voice as well
vocal cords promotes the selection of the right approach to treatment

In addition to general medical examination, the doctor can apply and
additional research methods, especially in chronic
laryngitis or prolonged acute course:

  • laryngoscopy;
  • blood test;
  • x-ray of a difficult cell;
  • bacteriological examination of swabs, smears from the larynx and

To a person without medical education, to diagnose
laryngitis alone can be, but the probability of error is very high.
Pathology, though it has characteristic symptoms, but in some cases
can take a “blurry” current. Some signs may
absent altogether.


ATы должны обратиться к отоларингологу если:

  • ATаши симптомы не улучшаются в течение 2 недель;
  • You have a sudden severe pain (especially in
    ear), difficulty swallowing or expectoration of blood;
  • Suspect the presence of another diseases;
  • There is a suspicion that laryngitis may turn into chronic

Treatment of laryngitis in adults

Treatment of laryngitis involves compliance with a benign regimen.
(patient needs rest) and elimination of the factors whose action
may increase inflammation (quitting smoking, acute, cold and
hot food).

The general scheme of treatment:

  • elimination of possible causes – reducing the load on the larynx and
    vocal cords (silence);
  • elimination of food irritating mucous – carbonated
    drinks, salty, spicy dishes;
  • complete refusal of smoking, taking alcoholic beverages, including
    the number of beer, alcoholic cocktails;
  • plentiful warm drink – teas, infusions, decoctions, milk, jelly,

If a развился ларингит, лечение у взрослых можно проводить путем
prescriptions for the following topical and systemic drugs

  • External drugs basic treatment: aerosols – Camfomen,
    Ingalipt, Thera Flu; пастилки и рассасывающие таблетки — Исла,
    Strepsils, Neo-Angin;
  • expectoration: Mukaltin, Prospan, Gdelix, Eukabal,
  • drugs that can relieve cough: Kofex,
  • antiallergic drugs (antihistamines): Loratadine,
    Zodak, Suprastin;
  • antibacterial antibiotic: spray Bioparox;
  • antibiotics directional: Ampicillin, Amoxicillin,
    Oxacillin and cephalosporins;
  • antiviral drugs: Fusafungin, Fenspirid;
  • improving the immune defense and strengthening the body – the compounds on
    basis radioli, aralia, pantocrinum, eleutherococcus.

Antibacterial drugs (antibiotics) are prescribed
with laryngitis only if confirmed bacterial nature
pathology. For этого выполняется бактериальный посев и выявляется
causative agent of infection. If a этого не сделать, лечение может
prove ineffective due to lack of sensitivity
Some strains of bacteria to certain types of antibiotics.

The use of physiotherapeutic methods gives a good result.
treatment. ATзрослым пациентам могут быть назначены следующие

  • electrophoresis with novocaine;
  • УATЧ;
  • microwave therapy;
  • UFO.

Чем лечить острую форму ларингита?

In adults, the treatment of acute laryngitis should first
queue to be directed to the elimination of the problem that
provoked the disease.

  • Withменяют местные антибактериальные препараты в виде таблеток
    for resorption, aerosols, sprays, such as Strepsils, Geksoral,
    Tantum Verde et al.
  • With сильных болях в горле назначаются НПATП – нестероидные
    anti-inflammatory drugs: Nimes, Nise, Nurofen. They
    effectively eliminate all symptoms associated with inflammation – pain,
    voice disturbance, etc.
  • For стимуляции активности метаболических процессов и увеличения
    activity of immunity are assigned adaptogens (tinctures
    eleutherococcus, pantokrin, ginseng, pink radioli).
  • Excellent remedy for laryngitis – lubrication throat solution
    Lugol. This remedy helps protect the laryngeal mucosa.
    from the effects of pathogenic flora. 3-4 days of illness can be replaced
    lubrication solution Lugol on sea buckthorn oil. This substance
    contributes to the rapid recovery of the mucous membrane.

To ensure complete peace of the larynx, a person is not recommended
talk for about a week. If a это невозможно, разговаривать
you need as quietly and gently as possible.

Before the restoration of the mucous membrane of the larynx the doctor is obliged
appoint a strict diet, during which you should eat
exclusively sparing food. With этом она не должна быть чересчур
cold or hot.

 An accurate list of drugs and recommendations for their use,
and also about the advisability of inhalation, is given by the attending physician.
With условии соблюдения назначенной терапии, к нормальному состоянию
the patient returns within 10 days.

Как лечить ларингит хронической формы у взрослых?

Fully getting rid of chronic laryngitis almost
impossible, but remission can be achieved and its manifestations reduced
to a minimum. It is worth noting that with particularly pronounced inflammatory
the process and development of complications may require treatment in
hospital With лечении обострений хронического ларингита особое
Attention should be paid to the treatment of chronic infections that contribute to
this aggravation.

Too long its course can disrupt the voice function
and completely change the voice of the patient. And people suffering
chronic laryngitis, are at risk for cancer
larynx Therefore, it is necessary to treat this disease in a complex and
be sure to complete recovery.

For взрослых терапия ларингита будет состоять из следующих

  • Withема лекарственных средств и витаминов;
  • Alkaline and antibiotic inhalations;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Methods of traditional medicine.

Of great importance in the treatment of chronic inflammation of the larynx are
non-drug methods:

  • to give up smoking;
  • voice rest;
  • Gentle food (warm, soft, neutral to taste food,
    elimination of hot, hot and cold dishes, carbonated
  • plentiful drink (alkaline mineral waters (“Naftusya”, Borjomi),
    warm milk with honey);
  • preventing hypothermia;
  • airing rooms in which the patient lives for 10
    minutes every hour;
  • adequate microclimate (temperature and humidity) in
    the room.


Effective with laryngitis inhalation. It is better if it is
ultrasonic inhaler, and the patient will breathe infusion
herbs like chamomile.

Inhalation therapy may be by steam inhalation with
herbs (chamomile, oregano, sage and others), potato steam,
alkaline inhalation. It can be inhaled with a nebulizer.
(with mineral water or drugs prescribed
a doctor). Inhalation проводят от 3-х до 7 раз в сутки.

But know that steam inhalations should not be carried out in the following

  • at elevated temperature
  • with purulent processes in the nasopharynx,
  • intolerance drugs used for inhalation,
  • adults with exacerbation of asthma and other
    breathing problems
  • prone to nosebleeds,


Proper therapy means a comprehensive approach to treatment.
diseases can not be managed solely by medication
treatment. It is important to follow a specific diet. With laryngitis
Adults are strictly forbidden to use:

  • all alcoholic beverages;
  • carbonated water;
  • seeds, nuts;
  • чеснок, перец, горчицу, лук, хрен;
  • seasonings, spices, spices.

Food should be liquid or frayed, not too hot, and not
cold It is advisable to exclude fried, fatty foods, and meat, fish
готовить на пару.

In the fight against inflammation and irritation of the larynx will help
vegetable oils that can be instilled a few drops in
nose or lubricate their throats. Fresh fruits, vegetables, juices will bring
tremendous benefits in the treatment of laryngitis, but they should be in the form of
mashed potatoes.

Drinking with laryngitis should be warm (not hot) and sufficient
plentiful. All means should be drunk small sips.
Borjomi, milk and sage will help to cope with the disease.

Folk remedies

Before using folk remedies for laryngitis, it is recommended
consult with your doctor.

  1. At the first manifestations of laryngitis, it is desirable to use more
    warm drink. Tea should be caffeine free, as caffeine
    has a dehydrating effect.
  2. Two teaspoons of calamus pour a glass of boiled water, insist in
    for 5 hours, use for gargling. 3 teaspoons
    chopped onion peel poured 0.5 liters of water, allowed to boil and
    insist for 4 hours, filter and use to
  3. For the treatment of laryngitis at home are great
    gargling with blueberries, beet juice and solution
    homemade apple cider vinegar. With a false croup baby
    hot foot baths are shown (procedure duration – 3-5
  4. Eggnog. For cooking two yolks beat with
    tablespoon of sugar, then add a tablespoon
    melted butter and mix thoroughly. It is believed that
    use of this remedy for 4-5 days twice a day
    helps restore voice.
  5. Adults from laryngitis are recommended to use the following.
    рецепт: в 1 литр молока варят до готовности 3 нарезанные мелко
    carrots, decoction can be rinsed and taken orally.
  6. To 100 ml of vegetable oil add protein from chicken eggs,
    to stir thoroughly. Drink in small sips for
    of the day
  7. Vitamin teas from linden, mountain ash, black elderberry, which can
    drink twice a day. Indispensable frozen viburnum, which also
    add to tea or eat in pure form.
  8. Another good folk remedy is ginger tea and honey.
    root rubbed on a fine grater and added to tea, about 2
    a teaspoon of freshly-grated ginger per 200 ml of boiling water, we eat honey, but
    just when it is wet, do not add to boiling water.

When treating, and especially at home, it is important
listen to your body! If you feel significant
inconvenience and worsening symptoms of laryngitis, it is better not to experience
fate and change the treatment method to a more proven one.

Prevention of laryngitis

Prevention of laryngitis у взрослых подразумевает предупреждение
factors leading to the development of the disease.

  • Remember that even some drugs can cause
    dry mucous membranes, so before drinking, read
  • Timely treatment of colds and chronic infections
    bacterial foci.
  • In the event of ARI or ARVI, compliance with the regime (home
    regimen, plentiful warm drink, voice sparing – speak softly
    whisper, do not be nervous, do not walk, eliminate physical
  • The fight against bad habits (smoking, alcohol).
  • Do not forget about simple things like wet
    room cleaning: dust is paramount, which can be annoying
    absolutely any mucous membrane.
  • Sports activities.

Laryngitis does not apply to serious diseases, but it is neglected
cases, sometimes, require and surgical intervention. For
prevent this, treats it must be timely and to the end. For
This is recommended at the first sign, refer to

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