Laparoscopy ovarian cysts – preparation,recovery after surgery

Update: December 2018 When a woman is diagnosed –
ovarian cyst, to determine the tactics of the patient is very
important is the diagnosis of the type, nature, structure of this
neoplasms, since the choice of the drug
treatment or surgery. Also important to choose
treatment is the age of the woman, the risk of malignant
the rebirth of education, and the need to preserve
reproductive function. This article will discuss such an operation.
like laparoscopy ovarian cysts.

What is an ovarian cyst and its varieties

Ovarian cyst is a benign neoplasm, cavity,
which is formed in the ovary, and filled with liquid contents. Cysts
may be numerous (polycystic) and single, large and
small. The reasons for their occurrence are hormonal
imbalance, chronic inflammatory processes of female genital
organs. Cysts яичников бывают нескольких видов:

  • Functional – is follicular or luteal (cyst
    yellow body of the ovary) – they are caused by hormonal disorder and
    usually self-absorb within 2 menstrual
  • Cystic – mucinous, serous, dermoid cyst. These cysts
    ovary to be removed by surgery
  • Endometrioid cyst, also to be removed.
  • Parovarialnaya – cyst of the supradyal appendage

Surgery to remove an ovarian cyst – laparoscopy

To date, laparoscopy of ovarian cysts is very
a popular, often performed operation due to the fact that
is the most effective, not difficult and gentle in comparison with
abdominal operations. Just a few decades ago for
removal of ovarian cysts women performed abdominal surgery,
after which the recovery period is longer, and
more complications. However, with malignant character
neoplasm laparoscopy cyst is contraindicated. For
laparoscopy direct indications are:

  • Dermoid, endometrioid cysts
  • Large size cysts, the risk of their rupture, torsion or
    ovarian deformities
  • There is a tendency to increase cyst
  • High risk of malignancy, that is, malignancy

According to the results of a thorough examination – ultrasound, tumor markers,
a blood test, CT scan or MRI may be other indications for removal
ovarian cysts. The study of the tumor marker CA-125 may be
informative for women in the premenopausal period (see the first signs
menopause) because in young women with chronic diseases
appendages, with endometriosis, this indicator can be increased, and
not be reliable evidence of an oncological process. BUT
Here MRI and CT – diagnostic methods that clarify the size
neoplasms, и структуру, доброкачественность, контуры,
the relationship of the cyst with the nearest organs, as well as the contents

Anesthesia during laparoscopy of ovarian cysts is usually common, in rare
local cases. This surgical operation occurs in 2 stages:
examination and direct emptying of the cyst, excision
pathological tissues.

Лапароскопия кисты яичника

How do laparoscopy? Surgical intervention begins
from the fact that on the anterior abdominal wall produce 3 small
notch, not more than 1.5 cm, they introduce a mini-video camera with
lighting fixtures, and special tools for

Incisions are made on both sides of the navel for special
instruments, and at the navel – for the camcorder. To produce
procedure, see and successfully perform the operation, you need
fill the abdominal cavity with special gas.  Belly with it
inflated, the intestine shifts, freeing access to female
genitals. Since there is no strong cut, this
the operation is considered to be less traumatic, and visual inspection
allows it to be very effective.

Contraindications for laparoscopy

Laparoscopy cannot be performed in the following conditions:

  • Exacerbation of heart disease
  • Diseases of the respiratory system, SARS, flu, exacerbation
    bronchial asthma, any catarrhal and infectious diseases,
    only a month after recovery, it is possible to
  • Depletion of the body
  • High blood pressure
  • Blood clotting disorder
  • Accurately diagnosed or seriously suspected
    Oncology of any organ of the reproductive system
  • If there is a pronounced adhesions, in which
    проведение laparoscopy невозможно
  • Severe obesity

Подготовка к laparoscopy кисты яичника

Laparoscopy, even with ease of holding, like any
surgery requires careful preparation.
Какие анализы обязательны для laparoscopy?

  • BUTнализ крови на свертываемость — коагулограмма
  • Standard common urine and blood tests (valid 10
  • Blood biochemistry – bilirubin, total protein, glucose, urea
  • BUTнализы на сифилис, гепатиты, ВИЧ (действительны 3 месяца),
    blood type
  • A smear on flora from the vagina (see elevated leukocytes in
  • Fluorography or X-ray of the lungs
  • ECG
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs MRI or CT scan

Before the operation, the woman gives a written consent to the operational
the intervention is carried out with the anesthesiologist. To prepare for
laparoscopy обязательно проведение очистительной клизмы вечером
накануне и утром в день проведения operations. The usual condition is also
is that the last meal should be no later than 6
o’clock in the evening, and after 10 o’clock you can not drink, nothing on the day of surgery
neither drink nor eat can not. A woman should shave her crotch hair
and lower abdomen. Before surgery is recommended
wear anti-varicose stockings (see underwear for varicose veins),
которые следует носить еще в течение 1-2 недель после laparoscopy.
This should be done in order to minimize
risk of microthrombus development in the veins of the legs and their entry into the blood vessels
heart and lungs.

Возможные осложнения, последствия laparoscopy кисты

Whatever this procedure is gentle, less traumatic, yet
this is a real operation, with general anesthesia and postoperative
recovery. In any case, it takes time, albeit less
than abdominal surgery, but it takes time to complete
recovery, and the fact that a woman is discharged for 3-5 days does not
means that it can dramatically return to the normal rhythm of life.

Every clinical case, every woman’s body is unique, not
can be the same situations and sensations. Young women after
laparoscopy кисты яичников без последствий и осложнений,
can really feel normal for 2-3 days, and if
older woman or surgery was difficult cyst
was large in size or the woman has a lot of other chronic
diseases, then the rapid recovery of speech is not. More
Moreover, in 5% of cases, laparoscopy can lead to complications,
consequences such as:

  • Postoperative bleeding
  • In cases of poor visibility of the abdomen, perhaps
    the occurrence of injured nearby organs and tissues
  • Injury of blood vessels near the puncture area

The consequences can be attributed to such cases as the expansion
объемов operations. If bleeding occurs during
laparoscopy, которое невозможно остановить или при плохой
visualization of uterine appendages – the volume of the operation expands to
laparotomy (for this, before the operation, take a written consent

Восстановление после операции laparoscopy

After surgery, after 3-4 hours a woman can get up. On
следующий день после laparoscopy женщине рекомендуется увеличивать
its activity, it is necessary to move and eat fractional. The discomfort
in patients after such an operation, it is often associated with the fact that gas,
which is introduced into the abdominal cavity, remains in a minor
quantity and then slowly absorbed, it can cause
pain in the press, the muscles of the neck, lower legs, therefore it is important to
день после laparoscopy двигаться и нормализовать работу

But everything should not be sharp, gradual, a woman should
listen to your body. Боли после laparoscopy кисты
women describe the ovaries quite ambiguously, again by
reasons for different pain threshold, complexity of the operation, age
women, the nature and size of the cyst. In some cases, women are very
they are quickly restored and painkillers are given only in
1-2 days, other times during the week of the patient
experiencing pain of varying intensity.

As a rule, incisions heal within a week and the pain also disappears. With
uncomplicated successful operation even the next day a young woman
may be discharged from the hospital, but this is more of an exception. Usually
discharged on the 5-6 day. In any case, over the next
месяца, а возможно и 2-3, у женщине после laparoscopy кисты идет
The rehabilitation process, therefore, should follow the following

  • During the week, handle the incision sites with disinfectants
  • You can not take a bath for a month, you should use
    only a shower, the more you can not visit the pool, bath, beach
  • В течение 2 — 4 недель после laparoscopy следует исключить
  • Within a month it is worth limiting any physical activities,
    Do not lift weights for 3 months.

If you follow all the recommendations of the attending physician, be careful
в послеоперационный период после laparoscopy кисты, а также
carry out further maintenance therapy – homeopathic
treatment, herbal medicine, then recovery will be easy (see cyst
ovary – treatment of folk remedies without surgery, homeopathy).
Very good help in the improvement of the body methods of self-hypnosis,
pronouncing positive moods on recovery, meditation,
yoga classes.

Planning pregnancy after surgery

Usually после laparoscopy по поводу кисты яичника врачи советуют
do not rush into pregnancy and wait at least 3 months, and better
6 months. Read more about the planning, preparation, flow
беременности после laparoscopy читайте здесь.

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