Laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes

Update: December 2018

Fallopian tubes or fallopian tubes are the main organ
whose function, participation in the process of conception, they connect the uterus with
the ovaries. In the event of various diseases of the uterus,
as well as ectopic pregnancy, with the spikes of pipes, with infertility
due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, according to indications
laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes is possible. Besides
Moreover, it is possible to carry out the ligation of pipes using
laparoscopic instruments, it is used for sterilization,
that is, when a woman no longer wants to have children.

Indications for laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes

The main indication for diagnostic laparoscopy –
this is infertility. This method will allow and establish an accurate diagnosis, and in
in some cases immediately eliminate it. Indications for her

Peritubar adhesions

After the inflammatory process in the appendages, after the STI, especially
chlamydia, as well as tuberculous salpingitis, after abdominal
operations in the pelvic area always occurs adhesions,
which can lead to infertility. Therefore laparoscopy adhesions
маточных труб проводится при лечении бесплодия, во время
операции спайки коагулируются электрическими щипцами, а потом
cut with scissors.

ATнематочная беременность

AT большинстве случаев это трубная беременность. It happens
по причине того, что плодное яйцо располагается в просвете
uterine tube. This situation requires emergency surgical

With the development of ectopic pregnancy 2 methods are used –
complete removal of the pipe or the option of preserving the organ. During operations
ectopic pregnancy uses 2 methods-complete removal
the fallopian tube in which the embryo developed, or when the tube is cut –
удаление эмбриона из просвета.

But most often resort to the first option, because,
независимо от сроков беременности, считается, что труба уже
seriously affected and future pregnancy will again

Violation of the patency of the fallopian tubes

Laparoscopy for obstruction of the fallopian tubes is also indicated, but
not in all cases. If the tube is blocked near the ovary,
also adhesions are not pronounced, then after surgery in 30%
pregnancy may occur in the coming months after



This disease occurs when accumulated in the cavity of the pipe.
fluid, which leads to its obstruction, in addition, this fluid
– A great environment for the development of bacteria. It is with hydrosalpinx
laparoscopy with removal of the fallopian tube is shown, since
hydrosalpinx affected pipe is constantly inflamed, is not
functional, prevents the onset of pregnancy, worsens
endometrial quality.


For women who no longer wish to have children, this is possible
type of protection from unwanted pregnancy as a surgical
contraceptive method. Previously, the laparoscopic method was used more often.
just for that. Since this method is reliable, it
is also irreversible, that is, after it,
there is no way back. The procedure is to cross and
cauterization of the fallopian tubes. It is produced only for women.
after 35 years old with at least 2 children.

The advantages of laparoscopy before abdominal surgery

  • Rather fast recovery compared with cavitary
    surgery – 3-5 days of inpatient stay. When abdominal incision
    walls, the healing of the seam proceeds within 10-15 days.
  • If we take into account the aesthetic appearance of postoperative sutures,
    after laparoscopy, only slightly visible 3 scars remain, no more than 1.5
  • Great informativity of any endoscopic operations in that
    that they are produced under the control of a video camera, displaying the image
    on the screen and increasing it up to 10 times.
  • As the image increases many times, the operation
    considered to be very effective, gentle, not affecting healthy

How does the surgery, preparation and complications

Before any surgery, doctors carefully examine
patient and discuss preparation for laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes.
For the operation it is necessary to conduct the following examination
and test for laparoscopy:

  • Fluorography or X-ray of the lungs
  • General blood and urine tests, biochemical blood tests
  • Hemostasiogram
  • Анализы на гепатиты, ATИЧ, сифилис
  • Blood type and Rh factor
  • ECG, therapist consultation
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Мазок на ИППП и флору из влагалища
  • Immediately before surgery, a woman should shave.
    crotch, in the morning and in the evening make an enema and refuse to eat
    after 6 pm
  • You should also inform your doctor about taking medications.
    if you use them, oral is especially contraindicated
    contraceptives and aspirin.

The procedure takes place under general anesthesia, first 3
надреза 1-2 см, затем их  углубляют тупым зондом, во избежании
injured internal organs. After that, the surgeon introduces sterile
surgical instruments, and through the hole in the navel is introduced
carbon dioxide.

This is necessary in order to cracked down the walls of the abdomen and
inspection of internal organs was more accessible. Remaining holes
Used for the introduction of a video camera and surgical instruments. AT
If ectopic pregnancy develops, this operation helps
remove the embryo adhering to the wall of the tube. After the
of all actions, the doctor removes the instruments and stitches.

This operation is quite benign and the consequences arise extremely
rarely is this:

  • Damage to nearby healthy organs
  • Bleeding of operated organs
  • The development of postoperative salpingitis, with not untreated or
    chronic infection (tuberculous salpingitis, chlamydia in women and
  • Stroke, heart attack, pneumonia (see the first signs of pneumonia in
    children and adults)

AT каких случаях лапароскопия наиболее эффективна?

With obstruction of the fallopian tubes in severe cases
laparoscopy is not a method of choosing the best treatment and
IVF is recommended for women. This applies to cases where
the adhesive process is inside the pipe, then the efficiency
laparoscopy of the fallopian tubes is no more than 10%, if
adhesions are around the pipe, then restoring its fertility
possible in 60% of cases.

How to plan a pregnancy after laparoscopy of the appendages?

This operation is used for both diagnosis and treatment.
many diseases of the female genital sphere – adhesions, cysts, myomas,
endometriosis, reconstruction of the fallopian tubes. But basically this method
used in gynecology for the treatment of infertility. Moreover, doctors
recommend pregnancy planning immediately after laparoscopy
appendages in subsequent months after a successful operation.
It is believed that the greatest chance of becoming pregnant after surgery in
for 2-3 months, maximum of half a year, then they decrease to zero,
since after surgery, adhesions may develop.
Read more about planning a pregnancy after.

Moreover, during this period, women should be especially carefully
follow the time of possible pregnancy,
timely to do tests, because with partial obstruction
tubal ligation even after surgery
ectopic pregnancy that requires the provision of emergency
medical care. Also, in addition to surgery, the doctor may prescribe
various medicines, according to history, hormonal
background woman and general health.

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