Lacunar angina – causes, photo, symptoms andtreatment in adults

Лакунарная ангина — острое инфекционное заболевание с
local inflammation of one and sometimes several components
lymphadenoid ring of the pharynx. Compared with catarrhal and
follicular forms of sore throat, lacunar flow is most difficult
– the patient suffers from severe sore throat, fever and other
unpleasant symptoms. Among all known forms of tonsillitis,
This species is considered the most dangerous.

Consider in more detail what the disease is, why it is important
start treatment and what symptoms are typical for adults.

Features of lacunar tonsillitis

Лакунарная ангина

Lacunar angina is a disease of bacterial etiology,
related to infectious, occurring with the defeat of the tonsils and
involvement in the pathological process of lymph nodes that
located directly in the neck.

When the lacunar form affects the pharyngeal, palatine, lingual,
tubal tonsils, unlike follicular (when formed
small purulent formations), the lacunae are completely filled

In the photo – lacunar tonsillitis in the main phase of its development:

The disease may occur as a result of airborne
infection or due to adverse external conditions. More often
вспышки заболевания лакунарной ангиной возникают в
autumn-winter period, when the air temperature drops,
body resistance decreases. The source of the disease can be
sick person and sometimes the items that he uses in
everyday life.

Lacunar angina is characterized by the following objective
signs of:

  • hypertrophy of tonsils with redness;
  • the appearance of white bloom (pus) on the tonsils;
  • odor from the mouth (due to bacterial
  • swelling of the submandibular lymph nodes.

The reasons

In practice, acute and chronic lacunar angina is distinguished.
The first acts as a primary process, developing on the background
penetration of infection in the tissue of the tonsils. The second is considered
due to chronic tonsillitis.

In adults, the development of angina occurs with the following

  • The presence of an infectious agent.
  • Reduced overall immunity.
  • Decrease in local immunity (nasal mucosa).

The disease is easily transmitted by airborne droplets and domestic,
therefore, it is very easy to get infected.

The primary form of the disease is caused by:

  • Streptococcus group A;
  • pevmokokki;
  • staphylococcus;
  • viruses (some types);
  • meningococci;
  • fungi;
  • hemophilic wand.

Predisposing factors of the disease:

  • inflammation of the oropharynx and nasopharynx;
  • caries and periodontal disease;
  • hypothermia;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • unfavorable ecology.

With strict adherence to bed rest and all
doctor’s appointments, lacunar tonsillitis in adults goes through 7-10
days Prescribing antibiotic therapy speeds up the process
recovery and prevents the occurrence of serious

Symptoms and photos

The incubation period for lacunar tonsillitis is most often short and
длится всего лишь несколько часов, однако, иногда может
reach in duration and 2-3 days. Any particular
the clinic is not typical for him, most often a sick person is not
experiencing no symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms of lacunar angina in adults:

  • Lump standing in tonsils, constant tickling, increase
    lymph nodes, which feels great;
  • pressure in the throat and pain, aggravated by glands
    on each other and foreign objects (swallowing, palpation);
  • sudden onset of fever – fever (up to
    38–39 degrees), accompanied by symptoms of intoxication
    (severe chills, nausea, vomiting possible, headache, absent
  • aches in all joints and muscles (myalgia);
  • tachycardia.

The main symptom of the disease is expressed in the fact that most often patients
complain of severe sore throat, especially when swallowing hard

It is worth noting that in rare clinical situations lacunar
sore throat can flow without increasing temperature. it
really possible because every person’s body
is individual and in his own way reacts to the introduction of infectious

When examining the throat of a patient with lacunar tonsillitis in the eye immediately
extensive ulcers on tonsils rush. In the photo they are good

Лакунарная ангина у взрослого


Для лакунарной ангины у взрослых характерно
the formation of yellow-white raids on the tonsils, as with purulent
form. They are localized in the mouths of the lacunae. Raids can merge each
with a friend, covering the free surface of the tonsils. These raids are easy
removed with a medical spatula.

As a rule, the disease also proceeds quite brightly, but,
nevertheless, in contrast to childhood, the burden of the clinic
somewhat weakened, the duration of the temperature increase
approximately about 2-3 days, the recovery period also comes
somewhat rather.

Already at the final stage of the disease, pieces of necrotic
epithelium begins to lag behind the surface of the tonsils. Where they are
they come off completely, the mouths of the lacunae are exposed, which look like
deep wounds. it не страшно, и такие повреждения quickly
tightened regenerative epithelium.


The shortest and most reliable way to complications
lacunar tonsillitis is ignoring the symptoms of this
illness, delayed recourse and self-help

Complications that can cause sore throat:

  • sinusitis;
  • bronchitis
  • otitis;
  • nephritis;
  • pneumonia;
  • rheumatism;
  • myocarditis;
  • inflammatory diseases of all internal

The dangerous effects of an infectious disease can also
стать абсцессы, флегмоны, паратонзиллит, медиастинит,
sepsis. To ensure complete recovery after
lacunar tonsillitis, at the end of treatment is recommended to pass twice
general clinical blood and urine tests, as well as an ECG. it
will help eliminate the above complications from the joints,
heart, kidney.


Lacunar angina – which doctor will help? When the first
symptoms of this disease should be promptly sought
consultation to such doctors as an infectious disease specialist, otolaryngologist.

A standard diagnostic plan includes:

  • history taking;
  • primary inspection;
  • palpation of lymph nodes;
  • clinical blood test;
  • general urine analysis;
  • blood biochemistry;
  • throat swab and its further bacteriological examination.
    Method of diagnosis, which makes it possible to identify
  • immunological study;
  • ECG;
  • pharyngoscopy and laryngoscopy.

On examination, reddening, swelling, an increase in
size of the tonsils. Redness extends to the soft palate,
bows. Submandibular lymph nodes are palpable,
painful. Tonsils covered with yellowish bloom
concentrated near the mouths of the lacunae. In the analysis of blood at
lacunar tonsillitis are noted:

  • Increasing the number of neutrophils to 12-15 * 109 / l;
  • ESR up to 30 mm / h;
  • Moderate stab shift left.

Treatment of lacunar tonsillitis in adults

The only effective treatment for lacunar tonsillitis is, like,
however, and other clinical forms of sore throat, is the reception
antibiotics. No rinsing, rinsing, inhalation, compresses,
local antibacterial agents to cope with this pathology
will not be able to. They will only reduce symptoms and sore throat,
but will not eliminate the main cause of the disease – the pathogen.

Complex treatment plays an important role in successful treatment of angina.
The approach includes 3 main areas:

  1. First, it is necessary to destroy the infection – the cause of the disease.
    For this purpose, antibacterial drugs are used.
  2. Secondly, to speed recovery
    act directly on the site of infection. To this end
    antiseptics are used in the form of throat sprays,
    rinses, etc.
  3. Помимо этого, в лечении лакунарной ангины активно
    Symptomatic drugs are used – antipyretic
    and painkillers that can significantly improve well-being
    the patient.


В комплекс лечения также входят антибиотики: Цефалексин,
Sumamed, Gramoks, Ampicillin, and others. Taking antibiotics for
lacunar tonsillitis lasts at least 7 days, even if the condition
the patient is greatly improved.

Proper selection of antibiotics provides:

  • Полное уничтожение pathogen;
  • Elimination of side effects for various associated angina
  • Balance of effect and safety of antibiotic.

Within 3 days, the effectiveness of antibacterial
therapies – lowering fever, pain, and general improvement
the patient. Therefore, it is mandatory that the patient visits the first 3 days.
doctor. In the absence of an antibiotic effect, it is replaced.
drug from another group.

It is very important to know that, in order to avoid the development of dysbacteriosis
intestine, it is necessary in parallel with the treatment and 1-2 weeks after
treatments (depending on how long you have it
manifest) take probiotic preparations: bifidumbacterin,
Lactobacterin, Linex, etc.

Other medications:

  1. Antihistamines. Antihistamines are also recommended.
    drugs – Suprastin, Tsetrin, etc., they contribute to the reduction
    swelling of the tonsil, thereby improving breathing and soothing pain while
  2. Irrigation of the throat. Для этого используют препарат гескорал, он
    has an antimicrobial effect, disrupting the metabolism
    bacterial cell. As its substitute
    применяют стопалгин, который дополнительно оказывает
    enveloping and antifungal effect. Drugs are available in
    as a spray, it is recommended that they be taken twice a day for
    course of treatment of lacunar tonsillitis.
  3. Local treatment. Resorption of drugs such as
    Faringosept, Strepsils, Lizobakt, Gramicidin.
  4. To lubricate the lacunae, the doctor prescribes a patient Lugol. Lugol
    smear throat depending on the stage and severity of the disease from 3 to
    6 times a day. To lubricate the throat take a wooden stick and
    sterile cotton swab or disc. The swab is wound on a stick and
    abundantly moistened with lugol. Next, moistened stick produce
    procedure for lubrication of the pharynx and larynx.
  5. Antipyretic. When the body temperature rises above 38
    degrees should be taken antipyretic drugs.  To them
    относят ибупрофен и его аналоги, парацетамол,
    acetylsalicylic acid, metamizole sodium.
  6. Antiviral agents (Kagocel, Rimantadine,
    �”Cycloferon”) are appointed if confirmed viral origin
    tonsillitis With this course of the disease often joins
    runny nose
  7. The use of immunomodulators justified for all types
    pathology. Doctors recommend Likopid, Polyoxidonium and others


Rinsing removes pus and tonsils from the lacunae.
necrotic content. It is recommended to carry out the procedure 3-4
times a day. Для полоскания применяют отвары ромашки, шалфея,
2% soda and / or saline solution.

  1. Thanks to its thick and fleshy leaves, Kalanchoe juice is very easy.
    get, so if this miracle remedy grows in a house, then problems
    will not be. Those who do not possess such a plant can buy juice
    Kalanchoe in the pharmacy. To rinse the tonsils it is necessary to dilute the juice
    warm water until smooth consistency in a ratio of one to one.
    You can gargle with this tool every three hours.
  2. Beet Juice Grind grated fresh beets, add 1
    Art. spoon 9% vinegar, let it brew and strain. Before the start
    rinse dilute juice with warm water. Use from 5 to 6
    once a day.
  3. Broth oak bark for gargling. For cooking broth
    понадобится 1 Art.л. chopped dry oak bark and 0.5 liters of boiling water.
    Oak bark is poured with boiling water and set to boil for 30 seconds.
    minutes After the time the broth is removed from the fire, wrapped and
    insist 2 hours.


It is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. A very important point in the treatment of lacunar tonsillitis is
    ensuring maximum drinking regimen, since performance
    this condition contributes to the speedy recovery of the person
    removal of all streptococcal toxins from
  2. Соблюдение постельного режим. It is important to isolate the patient
    from other family members, provide personalized dishes, items

With timely access to a doctor and a responsible approach to
treatment of lacunar tonsillitis is successfully cured and does not give


To prevent the re-development of lacunar tonsillitis should
do its prevention:

  • eat well, do not forget about fruits, vegetables and other
    fortified food;
  • harden;
  • be physically active;
  • avoid hypothermia;
  • cure teeth, restore the health of the nose, gums, etc .;
  • monitor oral hygiene;
  • try not to contact with patients with angina.

In order to lacunar tonsillitis is not turned into a chronic form,
you must constantly monitor your health, have a moderate
exercise and give up bad habits.

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