Lactational Amenorrhea: Method of Protectionof pregnancy

After childbirth a woman begins lactational amenorrhea. AT
this period it is possible, without fear of consequences, to have a sex life without
additional contraception. What is the effectiveness of protection
lactational amenorrhea? What conditions must be respected
to eliminate unwanted pregnancy?

The content of the article

  • 1 Lactational amenorrhea: everything you need to know about it
    • 1.1 What is lactational amenorrhea
    • 1.2 Duration of lactational amenorrhea
      • 1.2.1 ATозможно ли восстановление менструального цикла до
        feeding introduction
      • 1.2.2 Lack of menstruation after the completion of lactation
    • 1.3 Lactational amenorrhea as a method of contraception
      • 1.3.1 Advantages and disadvantages of the method
    • 1.4 Can lactational amenorrhea be confused with pregnancy
    • 1.5 LLA method of lactation amenorrhea

лактационная аменорея

Lactational amenorrhea: everything you need to know about it

Pregnancy and lactation – a large load on the female
an organism. Nature saves from its exhaustion. She doesn’t allow
повторной of pregnancy сразу после родов, вызывая у новоиспеченной
mothers lactational amenorrhea. ATыясним, что это такое, и почему риск
getting pregnant while breastfeeding is very small.

What is lactational amenorrhea

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation for several
menstrual cycles in a row. Lactational amenorrhea is
lack of menstruation with lactation (thoracic
AT первой половине менструального цикла у
women follicle maturation occurs. When it bursts out of it
egg comes out – ovulation occurs. And if while driving
ovum on the fallopian tube does not fertilize,
menstruation begins.

After the baby is born, the woman begins breastfeeding.
When a baby sucks a breast, a special hormone is produced –
prolactin. It promotes the formation of a sufficient amount
milk and inhibits the synthesis of hormones responsible for maturation
follicles. Follicles do not ripen – eggs do not leave. Not
ova – no ovulation. Not овуляции – нет менструации.

The duration of lactational amenorrhea

Menstruation does not resume while in the female body.
there is a sufficient level of prolactin. ATыработка этого гормона
depends on the frequency and duration of attachment to the breast.
Therefore, the duration of lactational amenorrhea is usually
6-9 months. It is at this age that one breastfeeding baby.
replaced by lure, and the usual mode of breastfeeding
is broken.

ATнимание! 6-9 months is average
the duration of lactational amenorrhea. But she can end
earlier (2-3 months after birth) or later (12-14).
The maximum limit of the norm is 1.5-2 years, provided
lactation during this period. If during this time menstrual
the cycle has not resumed, you need to visit a gynecologist and go through

ATозможно ли восстановление менструального цикла до введения
complementary foods

The first menstruation may begin immediately after recovery.
mucous membrane of the uterus: 2-3 months after childbirth. Usually this
happens if the following factors occur:

  • Large gaps between breastfeeding (more than 3-4
  • Between feedings, the baby satisfies the sucking reflex with
    using pacifiers;
  • Mom feeds the baby with a mixture or gives him water;
  • The baby is completely artificial

ATнимание! In women with high fertility
(the ability to reproduce offspring) lactational amenorrhea can
absent. If your mother, grandmother or other blood relatives
it was not, then the likelihood that it will not be and you, very
is high. AT таком случае частота и продолжительность прикладывания
baby to the breast does not matter.

No menstruation after lactation

If a woman stops breastfeeding, the level of prolactin
is falling. It promotes the production of hormones responsible for
созревание follicles. Therefore, after the completion of lactation
the menstrual cycle should resume within 1-2 months. If a
menstruation does not occur – this is not the norm. It happens when
hormonal imbalance that is easily corrected
through hormone therapy.

Tip! In the absence of monthly after completion
breastfeeding visit a gynecologist. He will give directions to
Ultrasound of the pelvic organs and a blood test to detect hormonal
background. ATрач также проверит, не связано ли это состояние с
наступлением новой of pregnancy.

Lactational amenorrhea as a method of contraception

Lactational amenorrhea suppresses ovulation. This means that
her time is impossible to get pregnant. Therefore, this period women
perceived as a method of contraception. However, high efficiency
предотвращения нежелательной of pregnancy он гарантирует только при
compliance with each of the following conditions:

  • The child is not 6 months old;
  • Baby does not suck a pacifier. Child who is satisfied
    sucking reflex, can suck breast less intensively;
  • The intervals between feedings do not exceed 3-4 hours even in
    night time;
  • Mom does not give the child water and not feeds it with a mixture –
    исключительно ГAT;
  • The first complementary feed has not yet been introduced;
  • Mom breastfeeds even if she is sick;
  • After delivery, no menstruation has not yet been;
  • If a у матери начинаются проблемы с грудью (застой молока,
    lactostasis, breast swelling), then the effectiveness of lactational amenorrhea
    decreases to almost zero

ATнимание! Breast feeding from
бутылочки не может препятствовать наступлению новой of pregnancy.
Straightening hands or using a breast pump does not stimulate the nipples
properly. Therefore, ovulation can occur at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Advantages of lactational amenorrhea as a method

  • Естественность. This method is presented by the
    nature, and it is safe for the baby;
  • Бесплатность. Not необходимости покупать
    special contraceptives in the pharmacy;
  • Simplicity. Know yourself, feed the baby and
    наслаждайся отсутствием месячных и of pregnancy;
  • Эффективность метода 98%. Same result
    provide only oral, injectable and barrier

Disadvantages of the method:

  • Короткий период действия. 6 months later
    after childbirth the effectiveness of this method of contraception
  • Необходимость соблюдения всех условий. With
    violation of even one item from the list of conditions that provide
    the effectiveness of the method, you can no longer rely on it;
  • Отсутствие защиты от половых инфекций.
    Only barrier methods of contraception can protect against STDs.

ATнимание! With возобновлении менструального
first cycle ovulation occurs, and only then – menstruation.
Therefore, the first ovulation remains unnoticed. ATот почему так важно
Comply with conditions that prevent eggs from ripening. With
doubt the efficacy of lactational amenorrhea, consider other
способы предохранения от нежелательной of pregnancy. AT период
lactation can use barrier and some types of oral
contraceptives that are prescribed by the attending physician.

Is it possible to confuse lactational amenorrhea with pregnancy

No contraceptive method provides 100% protection against new
of pregnancy. Risk of getting pregnant during lactational amenorrhea
is 2-3%. The trouble with this phenomenon is that
pregnancy in this case is the last thing a woman falls on
suspicion. Often she learns about her position only at 16-20
the week when the first movements of the fetus begin.

If a во время аменореи женщина ведет половую жизнь, то ее должны
alert the symptoms of early toxicosis. This is a good reason to visit.
gynecologist. The most accurate way to find out if a woman is pregnant is
detection of the level of hCG in the blood together with ultrasound. Early
diagnostics will help to decide in time to preserve or
прерывании of pregnancy.

Lactational amenorrhea – physiologically normal
a phenomenon for a woman after giving birth if she is breastfeeding.
The duration of this period depends on the hereditary and
individual factors. With соблюдении некоторых условий в это
time is almost impossible to get pregnant. But, like all methods
contraception, lactational amenorrhea does not protect against
нежелательной of pregnancy на 100%.

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LLA method of lactation amenorrhea

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