Lactation teas

As we already know, lactation, that is, the production of breast milk –
hormone-dependent process. Every young mom for sure
heard about how effective teas can be effective for
increase lactation. The share of truth in such councils is in fact
there is, however, tending to improve lactation

  1. Any warm drink causes a release of oxytocin, a hormone,
    which is responsible for the rate of flow of milk from the breast, therefore
    after tea to feed the baby easier. The chest itself is not
    overflows and the amount of milk does not increase.
  2. Breast milk consists of water, too.
    the amount of fluid in the body affects lactation. Fluid should
    enough to meet the needs of my mother’s
    organism and feed the baby.
  3. Some substances really enhance the feeling of hot flashes.
    milk They are useful not only for mom, but also for children,
    since they penetrate into breast milk. Some teas help solve
    problems with the baby’s tummy, soothe, improve

чаи для лактации

Herbal Tea Homemade Recipes

Lactogonic tea every mother can cook at home
conditions. Such drinks are decoctions of various herbs.
Plant seeds and herbs needed for brewing are sold in
pharmacies. But classic black tea with added milk or
even brewed in milk can hardly be called good to increase
lactation. It affects the amount of breast milk no more than
a glass of hot water drunk before feeding, but on
quality composition may have a negative effect. The fact is that
cow’s milk contains animal protein that can cause allergies
in babies. Whole cow’s milk is not recommended for children
кормящим мамам (См статью: можно ли давать коровье молоко

The most popular and effective teas that cause
Increased lactation are as follows:

  • Fennel (dill) tea. For a drink needed
    seeds of these plants, which are made by boiling water (1 tbsp. spoon
    dry seeds for 1.5 cups boiling water). After cooling, the drink is ready.
    You can divide it into several portions and stretch for the whole day.
    In addition to fennel and dill, you can use aniseed or cumin seeds.
    These plants are related and their effect is about the same.
    These teas are especially popular during colic in the crumbs, because
    have a carminative effect.
  • Chamomile tea. This is a decoction of flowers
    chamomile pharmacy. Chamomile flowers are filled with hot water from
    calculating 1 tbsp. spoon in a glass of boiled water and heated in a water bath
    15 minutes. Then you need to drain the broth and cool. Chamomile
    soothes, has anti-inflammatory effect, but for the baby
    �“Chamomile” milk may be unsafe, as this plant
    considered an allergen.
  • Ginger tea. Ground ginger root need
    boil for a few minutes and cool slightly. AT
    the classic version of this tea add honey and lemon. Nursing
    mom should be more careful with these products because of the possible
    allergies in a child, however, if it is already known that allergies to honey and
    no citruses – you can make tea according to the classic recipe.
    Ginger tea warms up, increases the rush of milk, invigorates and
    tones up, improves digestion.

Tea from the store

Much faster to brew tea in bags or soluble
granules. Teas for nursing mothers have many manufacturers
therefore, you can choose a drink to your taste.

  • Humana. Universal drink that helps not
    only improve lactation, but also speed up the recovery of mom after
    childbirth. Humana is a granulated tea containing extracts
    растений и витамин С. ATсе компоненты чая натуральные, основными
    among them are hibiscus, fennel, blackberry and verbena extracts
    (Read more about Humana tea).
  • HiPP. Another granular drink for
    lactation, which is based on extracts of anise, fennel,
    cumin, lemon balm and nettle. The latest components have
    soothing effect. Tea Hipp will be useful and the baby, because it
    major components found to be very effective against colic
    (Read more about Hipp tea).
  • Nestik. More budget option soluble
    чая для lactation. Its composition is similar to the previous ones.
    options, in addition, contains rosehip juice and chamomile.
  • Laktavit. This drink of those that require
    cooking time. Tea is a mixture of fruit
    dill, fennel, cumin and nettle leaves. AT отличие от своих
    granular and sweetened “colleagues”, Laktavit does not have
    приятным вкусом (Подробнее о чае Лактовит) .
  • Grandmother’s basket. A series of packaged teas
    для кормящих мам очень полюбилась многим женщинам. Among
    tea options to enhance lactation there is aniseed tea and tea from
    rose hips. Very comfortable brewed, pleasant to the taste.

You can choose and buy teas in the online store Babadu
— (также узнать
prices, read reviews and properties of teas for lactation)

Of course, one tea cannot solve the problem of milk shortage, because
increased lactation is the result of properly adjusted
of natural feeding but not eating or drinking mom but
it is quite advisable to use tea as an auxiliary measure.
If you do not expect a miracle effect from tea and really appreciate the possibilities
of this method, it is possible to really establish the production of milk and
improve health, because vegetable decoctions are useful for
weakened body of a young mother.

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ATНИМАНИЕ! Watch the video: tea for nursing mothers

ATрачи рекомендуют перед употреблением чая для лактации, снять
sample and wait a day. Proper tea for lactation should
contain no more than five herbs. The ideal ingredients are fennel,
dill seeds, anise, lingonberry, cumin or bearberry.

Useful video:

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