Lactation tea Laktovit

чай лактовит

Phyto tea Laktovit – useful and effective molokogonny
product. He helps a nursing mommy deal with the problem
lack of breast milk.

The benefits of phyto tea Laktovit

  • Completely natural herbal tea;
  • Crushed fruits and herbs are packaged in a special filter –
    packages that are convenient to brew in a mug or glass;
  • Unlike instant teas (like Hipp), there are no
    foreign additives;
  • Low compared to other lactating teas cost –
    50 – 70 rubles.

And what’s in the bag?

In the small filter bag fit the following shredded
seeds and herbs:

  • Dill odorous (or fennel). Strengthens the property of the mammary glands
    produce more milk. Having got with a mother’s milk in an organism
    baby, improves appetite, helps gas to escape from the intestines,
    removes colic;
  • Fruits of caraway and anise. Increase lactation, stimulate work
    digestive organs of mummy and baby. Effective and how
    relieving irritability, sedatives;
  • Nettle leaves. In a mixture with the already mentioned herbs enhance
    tide of milk. Strengthen the body, improve the composition of the blood.

How to brew herbal tea?

  1. One filter – bag put in a glass or ceramic
    Mug, in a thermos, pour boiling water (200 ml).
  2. Cover, let stand 15 – 20 minutes.
  3. Drink the infusion in half a glass (100 ml).
  4. Take during breakfast and dinner.

The finished drink retains the properties no longer than two days.
It is recommended to store brewed tea in the refrigerator.

Reception duration is from two to four weeks.


  • It is forbidden to take tea to pregnant women!
  • If a rash, other allergic manifestations occur immediately
    stop drinking tea and consult a doctor.
  • Recently, phyto tea Laktovit was re-registered and replaced
    title. Now it is called Lactofitol.

Practice Tips

Some mommies say that the greatest effect is manifested
The first week – two doses, then weakens. If it happened,
you can take a short break, then start drinking again

Not everyone likes a bit tart taste of the drink. To soften it
add milk well to tea. This will further enhance the lactation properties.

Enough breast milk, well-fed and cheerful baby.
What mommy does not dream about it? Help your dreams come true.
ready tasty and healthy phyto tea Laktovit.

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